Svetlitsa EUREKA. Illumination and mastering new knowledge

The SVETLITSA-EUREKA mask coordinates the human knowledge system with other knowledge systems.

It helps to construct new knowledge, creating the prerequisites for insight.

- increases the adequacy of the perception of new information;

- relieves stress and fatigue during training;

- makes it possible to more successfully master new knowledge;

- facilitates connection to various knowledge bases and bio-networks ("bio-Internet");

- helps to establish a relationship between teacher and student; - simplifies the perception of new paradigms;

- increases fantasy and eccentricity of thinking;

- allows you to go beyond stereotypes and forms unique personality traits due to the versatility of presentation.

With its help, you can become a generator of fresh ideas and non-standard solutions. SVETLITSA – EUREKA helps with any type of information generation. During the acquisition of knowledge, it accelerates learning. In the process of creating new knowledge, it helps their birth - enlightenment.

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