Candle «Metamorphosis». Harmonization of subtle energies

The main purpose of the product is to enter an altered state of consciousness and work with information flows through the structure of the candle.

The main purpose of the product is to enter the ASC (altered state of consciousness) and work with information flows through the structure of the candle.

The information structure of the product is multicomponent, created in the interaction of 4 basic elements. Depending on the task and with the help of directed attention, one or more elements can be included. To do this, there are a number of techniques for working with the Metamorphosis candle.

The artifact is very sensitive to the state of the operator, it allows you to receive almost instantaneous responses to altered states, mental messages, intentions, thus, it can also be used as a tool to study yourself and your subtle states.
Basic elements: Wax (Hyparxis space), Tourmaline (candle working field), Wick (Axis), Time (Rhythm space).

Candles of the Metamorphosis series with independent radiation work “on their own”, can work with operator programs, and the series also has candles with crystals programmed using SHEMM technology (carrier - tourmaline).

Candle Metamorphosis. Without a program. With independent radiation, it works “by itself”, it can work with operator programs.

Candle Metamorphosis. The program - Oracle. Allows you to receive information in the process of work, or navigate through information flows.

Candle Metamorphosis. The program - 7 bodies. Responsible for maintaining the integrity and functional state of subtle bodies, i.e. high-quality and full-fledged performance by them of both exchange and protective functions, as well as maintaining the balance and proportion of 7 subtle human bodies.

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