Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal

A crystal-based bioresonance modulator (BRM) is your own conductor, which allows you to directly affect the information space that has an electromagnetic component, modulating electromagnetic radiation with subtle vibrations of human thoughts, attitudes and intentions.

BRM is essentially the link between the Global Energy Information Field (inorganic consciousness) and man (organic consciousness). This is the key that opens the door to the wonderful world, not visible by the eyes, but having a huge impact on the whole modern world.

The use of BRM has become possible thanks to the scientific discoveries of recent years, as well as the already known unique properties of crystals. It is known that crystals are the most ordered, as well as the simplest form of matter in the universe. Crystals can be called natural energy resonators. The key parts of the BRM are a natural crystal with special properties and a resonant dipole antenna.

BRM uses natural crystals grown in strong places of the earth. Only such crystals are able to effectively enter into resonance with human energies and human consciousness, have different qualities, as diverse as the qualities of different people.

The uniqueness of BRM lies in the careful selection of natural crystals, which, due to their structure, ignore negative information (which is leaked out through the unconscious mind of any person) and actively accumulate positive information (happiness, success, prosperity, love, self-development, etc.) .

The basis of the BRM operation is the properties of the crystal to “hear” human consciousness (the development of intuition, mental abilities and concentration, business and career growth, creative development, etc.), to store a large amount of information and to “translate” information into the language of digital devices.

Despite its individuality, any BRM can be used repeatedly and for various purposes, unlike amulets, talismans and other sources of charged energies. You can use any type of BRM for any tasks, but an accurate selection of parameters will make the realization of your intentions most effective.

Crystal bridge LSS 1.1. Product BRM crystalline bridge Lunar-Solar stone integrated with Svetlitsa - Super.The combination of two powerful technologies - the technology of the Laboratory of Information Structures and the technology of Bioresonant modulators. The properties of LSS are determined by the circulation of energy in the exchange field of two oppositely directed (symmetrical) and energies of the “Sun” and “Moon” that are opposite in quality. Energies enter into active interaction, start an endless cycle of energy movement, reinforce each other.

Crystal bridge LSS 1.2. Product BRM crystalline bridge Lunar-Sunstone integrated with Svetlitsa - Super AU.

Rauchtopaz, smoky quartz. To increase cash flow, prosperity, business development, increase sexual attractiveness, self-esteem and self-confidence, poise, calmness, getting rid of anger, developing creativity and imagination, avoiding everyday life, joy of life, receiving information from the SEI, developing direct vision, maintaining endocrine system, stress management, pain management ...

Amethyst. Family harmony and well-being, resolving conflict situations in the family, physical improvement, balance, calm, leveling the biofield, controlling emotions, opening a heart center, working with voice and fear of public speaking, opening a throat center, relieving stressful, neurotic and anxious conditions, fighting insomnia, increased clarity of thinking, awareness of the current situation and the development of intuition, the tasks of improving health, increasing vigor, vitality, physical rejuvenation ...

Citrine. New undertakings, cleansing of the old, improving mental abilities, harmonizing relationships with any sphere of society (family, work, etc.), balancing opposing aspirations and finding a “golden mean,” clarifying the situation, improving mood, getting rid of apathy, balancing psychoemotional background, risky financial transactions ...

Crystal bridge Garnet - Amethyst (G-A BALANCE). Leadership development, dominance, initiative, development of willpower, independent thinking, increasing self-esteem, career growth, creativity and self-realization, energizing, replenishing internal resources, activity, wealth and material achievements, finding a sexual partner, loyalty, passion, inciting the extinct feelings, updating relationships, opening an emotional center, developing oratory skills, increasing the attractiveness of voice and words, opening a voice center, increasing tendency, blood purification, maintenance of the cardiovascular system ...

Beryl. The transformation of negative energy into positive, positive changes in the current situation, the harmonization of human space and biofield, the development of vision and extrasensory abilities, predicting the future, the qualitative development of attention, memory, thinking, the search for a new interesting job, career, training, including language, travel, water structuring, body rejuvenation, increased muscle elasticity, blood purification ..

Schorl. Strengthening the psychic power of the operator, power and dominance, expanding the sphere of influence, protecting against suggestions and psychoenergetic attacks, searching for people and objects, developing direct vision (“brain vision”).

Chrysoprase. The monetary sphere, obtaining and maintaining wealth, operating with large sums of money, obtaining and holding power, expanding in one sphere or another, powerful protection against negative energies, especially from direct psychoenergetic attacks, powerful cleaning, both on the physical and mental levels , withdrawal from depressive states, positive thinking, calm, active energy exchange with the environment ..

Rubellite, red tourmaline. Creating a focus of attention and attracting energy from the surrounding space, popularity, self-realization, demand, gaining a partner, strengthening sexual energy and sexual harmony with a partner, opening a heart center and emotional balance ..

Dravit. The development of superconsciousness, the discovery and development of various superpowers, the intensification of intuition, the activation of the work of the upper centers, the purifying psycho-energetic action, especially the return of energy from situations of the past, getting rid of addictions, foresight and direct receipt of information from the SEI ...

Verdelite. Synchronization of the activity of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, energy supply, the creation of a protective sphere, being in the cash flow, material stability, building and developing a business, career growth, being in favorable conditions, changes ...

Nephrite. financial sphere, career growth, the beginning and development of one's business, protective sphere, intentions of beauty, preserving youth, skin tightening, improving hearing and vision, “corrector of fate”, luckiness, sexual sphere, increasing libido, successful marriage, harmonization of relations, new beginnings , getting rid of old reflexes and habits, life from scratch ...

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