Mind machine. The device of audiovisual brain stimulation

Mind machines are designed:

- for self-knowledge and self-improvement,
- to improve memory and intellectual functions,
- enhance physical and mental performance,
- to enhance learning and creative opportunities,
- correction of psycho-emotional states,
- deep relaxation,
- normalization of sleep,
- safe achievement of altered states of consciousness,
- rehabilitation after severe physical and emotional stress,
- correction of psycho-physiological conditions in sports,
- leveling the effect of dysynchronosis when flying to another time zone.

Mind machine NAVIGATOR. A comprehensive device for self-development and self-improvement. Production Russia-USA. A clear menu, convenient settings and various features of the device - the choice of sound and light signal parameters, a built-in audio player / recorder with the ability to synchronize with the mind machine, a timer / alarm clock, MP3 and WAV file playback, combined sessions and much more will satisfy even the most demanding professional and researcher . In addition to the Navigator Mind Machine, you can purchase universal Color or White glasses (for both closed and open eyes).

Mind machine NovaPro 100. A technical tool with almost unlimited possibilities for working on yourself. Production USA, company PHOTOSONIX. 100 built-in sessions with the ability to download an additional 100 programs. The microphone input makes it possible to superimpose the voice on the device signals in real time! A useful innovation for hypnotherapists and practicing psychologists.

Mind machine Lumina. The latest development from the company PHOTOSONIX (USA), equipped with popular sessions of LightWeave technology, which uses pulsating light that blinks in intensive mode. This allows the eyes to remain in a more relaxed state.

In addition to the Mind machine NovaPro 100 and Lumina, you can purchase glasses ColorTrackPremium or open-type pvStim.

Mind machine Kasina. Manufacturer MindPlace. A compact, easy-to-use device, it has a color LCD console display, a built-in mp3 player and an 8 GB microSD card, with more than 50 audio-visual sessions with various background sounds - from nature sounds to space compositions, with built-in binaural beats and isochronous pulsations.

Mind machine. Audiovisual brain stimulation — in the online store mindmachine.ru

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