Program Integrity

Program Integrity

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Helps keep the state of discipline, readiness for a long time, not only in cases of extreme danger.


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Is the companion of centrality, but they are made in two programs due to location at different levels in the geometry of GAIP, or rather, integrity is naturalnym level of the program of the centrality. In other words, there are certain details (conditions) that must come from the program integrity, to create conditions for work of the program of the centrality.

In this sense, can be called the integrity of the next step of alignment, while integrity can be achieved in other ways, correct the condition (incoming data) will be integrity based on centrality. In other words, integrity can be assembled on the basis of any center, but then there will be symmetry and the correct geometry. Take for example, aggressive, defensive person. Seers can see that at this moment works program integrity, but there is no centrality.

The integrity of EN. body can be defined as the collected internal energy (internal resources). It is the willingness to do something. Look at the man, preparing to jump — it's coherent, that is, gathered all my energy together for performing energy consuming actions.

The fact is that the average person can not keep this state for a long period of time, the nervous system operates in the mode of maximum energy savings: if you do not have energy-intensive operation, energy is scattered.. is there a good term "slack". Right, why collect all of your resources, if anything dangerous around here?Integrity, manifested in the normal state, immediately implemented, that is the accumulated potential employees immediately and spends.

Program integrity helps keep the state of discipline, readiness for a long time, not only in cases of extreme danger. The package integrity includes several interesting programs vertical energopodachi. Holistic people are more stress resistant, assembled, working, has the ability to fill and save energy, responds correctly to any external impulses.

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