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Increased sensitivity to “subtle” energies, increases in the frequency, the refinement of energy.


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Increased sensitivity to “subtle” energies, increases in the frequency, the refinement of energy.

In fact, this change in the speed of program. At the programmatic level, increases in the frequency can be considered a change of information range of IP operator. It is known that the operator does not perceive the whole range of reality, but only the one that corresponds to the current program settings (including pure software, and physical aspects).

The mechanism of the multi-tiered program involving the packet filters of perception, since the transition from a software level to the bodily cascade occurs across multiple levels (in a conventional architecture GAIP).

Let's start with the straightforward, lower, material, in this case, bodily level. The increased frequency at this level can be defined as raising awareness, shifting the focus of attention (“light spots of consciousness”) in the body, the action seems simple, which is accompanied by a change in the frequency of the brain.

This in turn is due to the change of speed of “coding contact” in the body, more specifically, the speed change transmission of nerve impulses, and thereby it becomes possible to capture information flows that used the nervous system were not perceived. Here to communicate with the software level it is necessary to consider the principle of functioning of the nervous system and brain of man from the point of view of program management.

Software level is naturalnym “sensors” to collect information – perifericheskikh nerves – this includes “sensors gathering information” senses. What codes coming from these sensors after passing through the filters of perception, and are input to the control programs of the organs of perception. That is, the process of perception occurs at the software level, and the presence of the physiological aspect is necessary only for protection from the connection to the management body of any other “programmer”.

With increasing frequency there is a change in the speed of operation of these programs and as a consequence the change of the information range. If in the ordinary state of consciousness, the speed of the program is limited by the rate of passage of backward neural connections in the so-called extrasensory mode allows direct software control of the level and perception of range, impossible (seemingly) normally.

In other words, ordinary perception is a transformation of the work programme on the physical level, and as filters of perception are at the program level, program-Sens can say simplifies the process of perception, although the definition of this process for the average person are something out of this world and carry the prefix "super-", "extra", etc., in fact, the process of perception at the program level is more natural and familiar to humans: a software “language” is universal, whereas the translation into the language of the physical senses is a kind of distortion.

Naturally, there are certain restrictions in the “acceleration-speed” for human beings, and they are dictated by the program that generates the biomolecules.

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