Program - Atlant (Merkaba)

Program - Atlant (Merkaba)

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A package of programs aimed at facilitating the implementation of the energy operator functions as a person in our world.


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A package of programs aimed at facilitating the implementation of the energy operator functions as a person in our world. In addition to implementing their individual paths as karmic realities, the person performs a certain energy function, which in practice are associated with the transmission, mixing and transformation of two opposing flows: upflow (Earth energy) and downward (energy of Heaven), or streams of positive and negative atmospheric ions.

Figuratively, these functions were depicted like ancient Atlas holding the vault of heaven: on the basis of the Earth to support the Sky. At the software level implementation of natural energy functions of the person is manifested as the connection to the integrated field of the operator specific access keys to high levels. These access keys do move operator in search space practically unimpeded, i.e. the integral operator field becomes natural towards the environment.

The operator can feel the operation of the package Atlant balance: male and female, of the natural resources and develop the material and the spiritual, etc.

Work package applies to all levels: the physical (bodily), emotional, mental, energy structure, etc., Atlanta is the center of the World, because performing a natural energy function, it interacts with the base, the most powerful energy flows that exist on a completely physical level, but to mix and transform can only work because of certain energetic structures.

On the physical level of the ascending and descending flows are correlated with the movement of atmospheric ions: positive ions (lost an electron) or negative ions (joined electron).

The movement of ion fluxes is due to the electromagnetic processes between the Earth's surface, having a negative charge (an average of 0.5*106 coulombs), and the ionosphere of the Earth: the negative ions move in the direction of the Earth's ionosphere, and positive in the direction of the Earth's surface. Moreover, due to the presence of a constant magnetic field that prevents positive ions to settle on the surface of the Earth and discharge, the movement of these flows is continuous and has a spiral look.

The geometry software functions package Atlant – two interpenetrating tetrahedrons. Package program implement: forming a direct and inverted tetrahedra in the structure of man to the possibilities of interaction and transmission of ion fluxes and the formation of two planes: the Earthly and the Heavenly, the unwinding of a bi-directional spiral motion of each of the tetrahedra, forming a common axis connecting both the tetrahedron and allow you to mix the energy of both flows, the formation of two points of "entry" and "exit" divergent energies, the cyclical nature of capture and transmission of energy, the formation of two Polukarov (hemispheres), the formation of the sphere, forming a single center transformation energy and trim threads.

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