Noopendant II. Improving external interactions

Noopendant II. Improving external interactions


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Technologies are extensions of reality and possibilities of movement in space.


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Neocolor IIis a new high-tech product technology SEM. The pendant connect blocks service daemons that are the base for the programs of the second level and which are loaded from the program library in user's personal Cabinet. The software library includes today more than 33 programs, the program list will be supplemented.

Programs from the library are available to the user for download to the pendant after their purchase. To by the library can be simultaneously with the purchase of Nuculana II or later personal account management Neocolonial.

4 mode neocolonialLevel II

For all modes starting with medium addedthe system function of opening and closing one or another variant of the line. The function is quite simple, through the point of impact (this is essentially the point on the function) on the space.

It is known that their conscious or unconscious choice each time the operator takes a particular variant line. But this is conditional, because GAIP uniform and has the structure, some points are key, influencing on which you can adjust the current variant line. It is possible to do it from the past (2nd level timeless), but with the attached program of the recapitulation.

In the mode of power II level extended manual configuration access level. This allows you to dynamically change the boundary between “internal” and “external” space.

The fourth mode is also available for mode, power settings allows you to managesoftware distributionuser. While increasing this parameter increases the scope of available probability of the variant lines. Not to be confused with the extension of the integral field. Default is the lowest level that is common and familiar to the operator.

This setting is recommend to be treated with caution, the base to control this parameter, the Clouds, the Intuition and the Microcosm. Mostly to this setting, should go to those who feel at least some control in my life, in other words, made purification from virtual programs and can move from one variantoj line to another to a certain extent, consciously.

Two programs: Naturalness and Vitalityalready connected, complete with neocolonial II level.

Library programs (base set):

1. Program - Atlant (Merkaba)

A package of programs aimed at facilitating the implementation of the energy operator functions as a person in our world. In addition to implementing their individual paths as karmic realities, the person performs a certain energy function, which in practice are associated with the transmission, mixing and transformation of two opposing flows: upflow (Earth energy) and downward (energy of Heaven), or streams of positive and negative atmospheric ions.

Figuratively, these functions were depicted like ancient Atlas holding the vault of heaven: on the basis of the Earth to support the Sky. At the software level implementation of natural energy functions of the person is manifested as the connection to the integrated field of the operator specific access keys to high levels. These access keys do move operator in search space practically unimpeded, i.e. the integral operator field becomes natural towards the environment.

The operator can feel the operation of the package Atlant balance: male and female, of the natural resources and develop the material and the spiritual, etc.

Work package applies to all levels: the physical (bodily), emotional, mental, energy structure, etc., Atlanta is the center of the World, because performing a natural energy function, it interacts with the base, the most powerful energy flows that exist on a completely physical level, but to mix and transform can only work because of certain energetic structures.

On the physical level of the ascending and descending flows are correlated with the movement of atmospheric ions: positive ions (lost an electron) or negative ions (joined electron).

The movement of ion fluxes is due to the electromagnetic processes between the Earth's surface, having a negative charge (an average of 0.5*106 coulombs), and the ionosphere of the Earth: the negative ions move in the direction of the Earth's ionosphere, and positive in the direction of the Earth's surface. Moreover, due to the presence of a constant magnetic field that prevents positive ions to settle on the surface of the Earth and discharge, the movement of these flows is continuous and has a spiral look.

The geometry software functions package Atlant – two interpenetrating tetrahedrons. Package program implement: forming a direct and inverted tetrahedra in the structure of man to the possibilities of interaction and transmission of ion fluxes and the formation of two planes: the Earthly and the Heavenly, the unwinding of a bi-directional spiral motion of each of the tetrahedra, forming a common axis connecting both the tetrahedron and allow you to mix the energy of both flows, the formation of two points of “entry” and “exit” divergent energies, the cyclical nature of capture and transmission of energy, the formation of two Polukarov (hemispheres), the formation of the sphere, forming a single center transformation energy and trim threads.

Software package for information double (infotopia):

2. Program - "Natural"

The essence of the work program the course – up to infotopia information about natural potential, which is manifested as a balance of internal and external, natural and timeliness of manifestations of feelings, emotions, expressions, actions, ideas.

All actions of the operator, the most vivid, unusual and absurd, will be perceived not just positive, but worthy of emulation. Particularly suitable for operators of “white Raven,” and operators who do not accept the standard model of behavior.

3.Program "Vitality"

The basic program of saturation of the second level. Often, reaching a certain level of development, the operator may feel a lack of incentives for action and a lack of motivation for everyday tasks, despite the overall high level of energy. The main distinguishing feature of the program Vitality is the energy saturation of the inner nature, as a consequence, the possibility of creating a reserve energy capacity for performing a particular action.

The program contributes to the Vitality of synchronization vitality with daily activities. Program Vitality allows you to enter daily activities in spiritual development and synchronize with external rhythms, which in turn allows you to become a full-fledged "master his life".

4. Program - "Style"

The essence of Style – in the recording program structuring in infotopia. Structuring infotopia is the next qualitative step in working with infotopia, it is recommended to use together with Natural and/or image of the true self.

Structuring infotopia allows the right way to combine, “link” data infotopia to create a unique image.

Program Style promotes mindfulness approach to recording data in InfoKey other words, to go from mechanical copying data from other infoscope. Importantly, the program Style encompasses not only the external image, but on thinking style, behaviour, speech, movements, etc.

5. Program - "Titan"

The entry in infotopia energy expansion. Causes people to take longer and more significant, including the actions and words of the operator, be better than others.

6. Program "Experience unconsciously"

Attention!The work program could lead to sharp jumps in the variant lines.

The essence of the program is to connect certain keys access to some “closed” terminals infotopia, which leads to a qualitative change in identity. In your image which we see every day in the mirror we put your vision, but the image is different. That's why I know better.

We can say that some part of us lives outside of our consciousness of his life which is not perceived by us, but perceived by other operators, and therefore carries some of the unused energy potential.

The program allows to look at ourselves and use the information infotopia, which is not realized by us in the ordinary state of consciousness.

7. Program - "the true Image I (Desert island)"

A comprehensive program, the essence of which is the removal of parasitic infotopia virtual programs. Allows the operator to remove the creating blocks in the energy body social masks, and also contributes to the energy recovery situation, when the operator operated on the basis of its natural potential, and to please or conform to the opinions of others, that is, of space-time points in which there was a virtual engagement program infotopia operator.

8. Program - "Sense"

9. The Program - The "Law Of Inverse Sine"

Good luck in the game. Mathematically calculated “theory of fortune”, which allows to manage random fluctuations. The program can be used by both professional players and anyone who decided to try yourself in the Game.

The game is not just attempts to control fortune or making money, is to promote kinetic model for the potential energy, Miroslava with sensual feeling of participation in the process of Life. The program takes into account different aspects of the Game, from the operator to the interactions with other players.

10. Program - "Tantra"

The joy of life, enjoyment of life, relaxation, purification and refinement of the senses, the fullness of everyday practices, increased sensitivity, suppleness.

Absorption of energy through emotions, sexual interaction, food, movement, breathing, and contemplation.

Program cleaning:

11. The program "Elimination of software dependency"

The main method of education software are based on emotions – emotional experience from knowledge. This forms a dependence on all information generated that the virtual program.

Relatively speaking, having vivid emotional experience from certain information, the person begins to look for source of information, and reflex return to the program again and again, while it may no longer to such an emotional outburst. Software dependencies forms a reflex behavior, when a person does the same repetitive action, although not understand why, for what, and what it receives from this.

In the presence of software dependencies, we are not dealing with the brain and with the brain response to certain information.

12. The program - "jade purity"

The transformation of the energies of space and protection from geopathic zones.

This is a basic universal Converter working on the principle of absorption of destructive personal force field. The absorption is due to resonance tuning to certain frequencies “jade” – because the frequencies correspond to the frequencies of crystal jade.

The main advantage is that cleaning has a broad spectrum, and average power, is like a basic “sieve” in the wide cell, screening the main damaging personal effects, so it is effectively used including for the protection of the operator when in geopathic zones, with devastating effect.

It is recommended that operators with a wide range of communication and interactions, with the rapid pace of life, in the absence of sufficient time to practice, immersion in itself, and a General recapitulation of situations with the General lowering of vitality and CFS, in principle, recommended to all as a basic cleaning.

Security software:

13. Program - "Flywheel"

The program creates a "sphere of invincibility" around the outer areas of the operator, all the negative effects are swept by centrifugal rotational force.

14. The program is a "Black hole"

The program generates a shell of a universal absorber, the essence of which is the rotational centripetal force that sucks in and absorbs any to operator negative effects.

15. Program "Protection in the inner circle of the field integral (PI)"

The inner circle entrepreneur is our inner circle: relatives, friends, close people. At the software level, the notion of intimacy, a relationship defines free software exchange. This exchange has its pros and its cons, the cons are that the software natural immunity doesn't work in the inner circle PI, and hence we share with loved ones including “software viruses”. Protection program in the inner circle PI software locally increases the immunity, preventing the parasitic virtual exchange programs.

16. Program - "the energy in the inner circle entrepreneur"

Also in the inner circle FE happens free exchange and access to energy. “Private” field is to some extent “public”, which can lead to energy parasitism in a field that has greater power capacity in comparison with other members of the inner circle BG. The program blocks attempts energy conscious/unconscious “energy vampirism”, not affecting the overall positive background of close relationships.

17. Program - "The Hermit" ("Privacy")

Create a “cocoon”, partially blocking exchange of information from both sides, helps to alone, to be in a state of inner peace, detachment, redefining experience, proper rest and replenish resources, helps to go deeply inside yourself.

18. Program - ”Silence”

Reducing internal dialogue.

Software package for the energy body:

One9. Program - "Conscious movement"

20.Program - "Integrity"

Is the companion of centrality, but they are made in two programs due to location at different levels in the geometry of GAIP, or rather, integrity is naturalnym level of the program of the centrality. In other words, there are certain details (conditions) that must come from the program integrity, to create conditions for work of the program of the centrality.

In this sense, can be called the integrity of the next step of alignment, while integrity can be achieved in other ways, correct the condition (incoming data) will be integrity based on centrality. In other words, integrity can be assembled on the basis of any center, but then there will be symmetry and the correct geometry. Take for example, aggressive, defensive person. Seers can see that at this moment works program integrity, but there is no centrality.

The integrity of EN. body can be defined as the collected internal energy (internal resources). It is the willingness to do something. Look at the man, preparing to jump – it's coherent, that is, gathered all my energy together for performing energy consuming actions. The fact is that the average person can not keep this state for a long period of time, the nervous system operates in the mode of maximum energy savings: if you do not have energy-intensive operation, energy is scattered.. is there a good term "slack". Right, why collect all of your resources, if anything dangerous around here?

Integrity, manifested in the normal state, immediately implemented, that is the accumulated potential employees immediately and spends. Program integrity helps keep the state of discipline, readiness for a long time, not only in cases of extreme danger. The package integrity includes several interesting programs vertical energopodachi. Holistic people are more stress resistant, assembled, working, has the ability to fill and save energy, responds correctly to any external impulses.

21. Program - "Centrality"

Helps build energy centrality relative to the center of the body - the single-celled embryo, which develops fragmentation in the human embryo.

First and foremost characterises the orderliness of the emotional and energetic processes in the SP, the physical body, of EN. the body and all subtle bodies. The essence of the work program of the centrality in the presence of a single Manager of software center, which has its physical and energy localization. If such centers are many and/or they are not where it should be, then there is a software conflict, which is felt by man as large and small internal conflicts.

The centrality on the psycho-emotional level is felt primarily as the absence of internal conflicts. Potentiana energy EN. the body can be in different places. For example, the most common and a dead end for many users the conflict – the conflict of right and left hemispheres of the brain. Same small internal conflicts can occur between the head and the abdomen, arm and leg etc. If the operator feels a doubt, frequent fluctuations, difficulty in the implementation of choice and doubt after making a selection, it is recommended that this programme of the centrality.

At the software level of the centrality can be described as the construction and improvement of geometry software area. The centrality is the focus adjustment (accuracy) of the movement in the variant lines. In other words, there are events and people who affect us, and not always positive. Due to various circumstances, the man begins to implement its variant of the line to join the alien, not realizing and not realizing why would he personally need it. The motivation for such inclusion can be desires, emotional impulses, low awareness, etc.

On the energy level of the body movement looks like the movement from a single center. Look at the children up to 3 years – they are centered. All the movements are derived from a single center, to be exact, it is the center of the abdomen, where is the cage from which I began to form a human embryo. The centrality provided built axis may lead and is the primary symmetry.

22. Program - ”Richness”

The program allows to create conditions for the development of sensual abilities of filling any actions. Not to be confused with emotional intensity (program intensity). Sensitive content action allows you to fill up any, even the most simple and small everyday actions that can be called the fullness of life itself or quality of life.

Without the content people are looking for external sources to fill the “inner void” that leads to dependence on them: it may be dependence on the Internet, from a mobile phone or other gadgets, search for a person and at least talk with someone from the news, TV, movies, and TV shows, dreams, “smart gum”, sex, entertainment, adrenaline addiction, etc., etc

It is recommended that anyone who feels “empty inside,” even the active life of intense action.
For practitioners the program is recommended with the aim of providing the content for practice and care from depending on external forms of practice, in other words, for the purpose of practice was not itself a regular “ritual” repetition of certain acts and movements.

23. Program, the "Thirteen methods of body position (13 monads)"

The position of the body in space expresses the principle, or the method of interaction with the surrounding space. The position of the body can be disorganized, chaotic, or to Express one of the 13 efforts that are available in our 3-dimensional space.

Chaotic or unfocused position of the body leads to the start of the destruction process at the program level. One of 13 body positions allows you to interact with certain energies of the surrounding space, and is a comprehensive package, as each method is applicable in a given situation, how personal, spatial and temporal conditions.

In General, the program can be described as allowing the operator to develop harmoniously from the perspective of the laws of our space.

The first method – forming,

the second – generating

third – changing,

fourth – preserving,

fifth - collecting,

sixth - linking,

seventh – expressing,

eighth – reinforcing,

ninth – perfect

tenth - outputting,

eleventh - transforming

twelfth - evolutionary,

thirteenth - timeless.

24. Program - "Yin"

25. Program Yang

26. Program - "Matrimonial chamberEmperor"

Activation of male sexual energy.

27. Program - "Marriage Empress"

Activation of female sexual energy.

Software package for meditative States:

28. Program - "Deep Meditation – the production of endorphins"

29. Program - "Meditation Of Inner Growth"

30. Program - "Meditation Life"

The principle of operation of the programcan be described as helical drilling, absorption and assimilation of the productive forces of the universe in a personal field of a person. You can now long time to paint the manifestation of this force in all living things, from crystals to human, but it will be care, it is important to understand the principle: the force of life is one of the main and key to the human formative forces in our space.

This force, which exists in living form in our world, or force, which gives the continuity of the circulation of energy in the living form. Manifestations of the operation of the program varied, this dissolution of blocks, energopodachi, creativity, attunement rhythms with the surrounding living world, but the most interesting is to adjust consciousness on the productive forces, which allows to cultivate a “live” or creatively active mind.

31. The Program - "Learning Meditation"

Learningsocial demand important program. At the program level to describe the learning as increasing the ability to search and connect to the right programs. Not surprisingly, the choice was intuitive. Usually, the training people in the best case, realizes the ability to store a large volume of information.

The paradox is that learning primarily involves information discharge, that is, the release of “RAM” for fundamentally new mechanisms (reaction, perception, General, of constructing new neural connections). Therefore, the program refers to the meditative section of the programs. Learning is a slow and difficult process that requires a global restructuring of time, mental, social processes.

Package includes the following aspects: the direction of learning and spatial interaction, increasing the lability of the nervous system, information handling, recovery the scope of secondary images (field of images and imagination, including the emotional aspect), activation of the beta range of brain waves, the package restore mental functions, and some others.

This program is highly recommended to combine with emerald essence or essence of beryl – the desired frequency settings that will prevent “information breaking”.

32. Program - "Egregorial passionate harmonization"

The program works with outside entities on the principle of harmonization (alignment) of saturation. In the beginning of the period it is an important program, the essence of which can be described as “change the format of the operating space.” The egregore is essentially formed by the mass of people, the General vector of their energy interactions. How a person puts themselves in relation to this vector, determines what will be his this weight.

In our space, there are several ways of operating one or more corners of the interaction of this vector from vertical (the eternal struggle) to horizontal (drift). Therefore his original nature, man may have a high level of software saturation (the so-called "passionaries") and low energy (so-called "oppressed").

The extremes of both the first and second type are the weak points of interaction with the surrounding world, as expressing the system imbalance with external actors (egregors). The first are characterized by high social activity and seek to alter the external structure by itself, the second usually feel in a social environment awkward and uncomfortable. Such metabolic of the microcosm with the macrocosm are common due to the prevalence of certain virtual programs, and such energy the human condition in the modern world has become normal and even promoted.

The program aligns the level of software saturation based on the desired (required) operator position for forming the required interactions (external structural relations) for maximum resonance with the space. The program is tiered, its work can be monitored in the PI operator on the energy level (the structuring of the outer sphere), on the psycho-emotional level, the creative sector etc.

33. Program - "Inner joy (Anahata)"

A multifaceted program of adjustment and fine-tuning the sensual-emotional sphere. Inner joy is more than emotion, it is a departure from the response and reaction of consciousness. Childhood emotional center works more in compression than in extension, as to extend the right conditions (which must be created at the levels of subject, energy, social, household etc. which is not always), reflex compression is determined by nature.

Was invented even a special day that creates the external conditions for the disclosure of Anahata and manifestation of inner joy – the holidays. On weekdays, if you please – cover up (from myself and the world), that is the emotional center is always in a compressed state, and therefore does not produce energy (bioelectricity). Stay in a state of inner joy – a holiday every day, a condition associated primarily with deep relaxation, comparable to the relaxation during sleep.

On the physical level, program Inner joy associated with the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, clears many blocks, not just emotional, but physical and mental and helps to normalize the circulation of energy. Regulation of the emotional sphere contributes to the proper understanding of Love, the discovery of such aspects as the love of self, unconditional love, the opening of the inner source of love, the channel adjustment recoil-energy etc.

The energy aspect of the emotional center (Anahata) determines the level of the Person. The developed Human level gives you the opportunity to deal with individual rhythms, the natural cycles and to create nodes of engagement with the other measurements. Crafted Anahata determines the control of its manifestations, as a person. At the program level the program can be described as a reduction of distortions in the “reality monitor”. Program Inner joy emanation also has protective aspects.

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