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Technologies are extensions of reality and possibilities of movement in space.


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Personal account for automatic switching of noopendant modes. The switching of operating modes of noopendants in automatic mode does not occur immediately, on average it takes 10-15 minutes. (in some rare cases - up to 30-40 minutes)

To switch modes, you need:

1. Register.
2. Link the product ID to the registered name.
3. Change the mode for the corresponding product in the corresponding section.

For all modes, starting from Medium, a system function for opening and closing one or another variant line has been added. The function works quite simply, through points of influence on space (in fact, these are points on functions). It is known that by his conscious or unconscious choice each moment of time the operator occupies one or another variant line. But this is conditional, because. The GEIF (Global Energy Information Field) is heterogeneous and has a structure, some points are key, by influencing which you can correct the current variant line. It is possible to do this from the past (II level - timeless), but with the recapitulation program connected.

In Power mode, manual access level settings have been expanded. This allows you to dynamically change the border between "inner" and "outer" space.

The 4 mode, in addition to the settings available for the Power mode, allows you to control the user's program area. With an increase in this parameter, the probability sphere of available variant lines expands. ! Not to be confused with integral field extension. By default, the low level is set, that is, normal and familiar to the operator. We recommend that you take this setting carefully, the basis for managing this parameter is Clouds, Intuition and Microcosm. Basically, this setting should be switched to by those who feel at least some kind of control in their lives, in other words, they have cleared virtual programs and can switch from one line option to another to a certain extent consciously.

Two programs: Naturalness and Vitality - free of charge and connected in noopendant II level. They can be turned on and paused.

Each noopendant with programs is available as NOOCANAL. Connection and management is also carried out in the Personal account

Level II noopendant is a new high-tech product of SHEMM technology. Blocks of service control programs are connected to the pendant, which are basic for level II programs and which are loaded from the program library in the user's personal account. The program library currently includes 33 programs. After purchasing from the library, the programs become available to the user for downloading into the noopendant. You can buy library programs simultaneously with the purchase of noopendant II or later in your personal account.

The Level II utility manager block differs from Level I in its coding interface, which primarily enabled dynamic management of plug-in packages, as well as support for the use of 5D and 6D functions.

Level II domain has other laws of movement and transformation, compared to level I domain, it is more mobile and fluid. If the general action of programs in the I level domain can be described as the creation of the structure of the integral field of the operator, then the II level determines the content. For this reason, Level II programs are not packaged. All programs are available for connection for 3 months or indefinitely.

The main difference between the work of Level II programs is in the scope. If the programs of the first level work in the integral field of the operator in general (building or structuring work), then the scope of work of the programs of the second level is the continuous creation of reality by the operator (at the initial stages, rather maintenance). At the program level, the scope of work of Level II programs can be defined as interaction with the space program.

The space around us, the familiar world that we perceive, is to some extent an illusion and only a small part of reality, the "image on the monitor", which depends on the set of active programs or the integral field of the operator. The fact that a person himself occupies a certain volume in space is determined by the program of space. The fact that there is a movement of objects and their interaction is also determined by the program of space. And it is easy to imagine that it is possible to create a certain dedicated area where a strictly defined set of programs operates, which differs from the set of programs in another area.

Our Earth and the 3-dimensional space in which we exist are nothing more than some selected area in which a certain set of programs works. In particular, the appearance and possibility of the existence of an intelligent life form is also predetermined by this set of programs, namely the built-in control programs.

Naturally, the "image on the monitor" for two different people will be largely similar, which is determined by a common program set, but also somewhat different, since the integral field of each operator is unique. What is displayed on the operator's "monitor" determines all his actions, thoughts, attitude - this is his world. Needless to say, the quality of the display affects the quality of life of the operator. There are many ways to improve the quality of the display on the "reality monitor". Level II noopendants work in a certain part of the integral field, at the level of programs that form an image on the "reality monitor" or form the surrounding space of the operator, his world. There are a lot of quotes here so that there is an understanding that this is a program analogy and does not refer to visual perception, but to the continuous creation (maintenance) of its reality by the operator.

Since the modern information content of the space program is mainly represented by virtual programs, the modern space lowers the level of a person or hinders his improvement. That is, in order to improve now, a person has to constantly fight with something and overcome something. But there are some observations that indicate that this is a relatively recent and more or less artificial programming process. On the one hand, this is reassuring, on the other hand, modern man found himself in conditions of insecurity, because. natural software immunity has not yet managed to develop an "anti-virus" for current software processes.

In other words, if earlier, without making efforts to improve, a person was at least at the same stage and could engage in purely contemplative work, now, without making targeted efforts to increase his level, self-improvement, he can roll back a few steps due to modern program space parameters.

Level II programs can be divided into three main parts:

  • Interaction with the physical layer.
  • Software interaction with other operators.
  • Interaction with the structural parts of the space program.

The division is somewhat arbitrary, but necessary for understanding the areas of work of Level II programs. Let's consider them in more detail:

1. Interaction with the physical layer

The geometry of the operator's interaction with the physical space is a spiral. Such a geometry arose due to the specifics of the work of firmware programs (the level of instincts), or rather, the interaction of the level of instincts with the level of consciousness. This geometry determined two ways of human interaction with the physical space: an unwinding spiral (from inside - out) and a twisting spiral (from outside - in).

The current characteristics of the space determine the dominance of the second path: the usual motivation for activity comes from external parameters. In other words, a person first looks around and sees that, for example, he has an old phone (directing his attention outward, setting the start point of the process in external space), I want a new phone (the spiral starts to twist inward), what do I need to do for this? (direction inward). That is, a person (voluntarily!) creates dependencies for himself on the external space, on which he has fewer points of influence, or he voluntarily establishes a connection through which the external space can influence a person.

The first way (developing consciousness, not exploiting) and the programs associated with it are now in short supply, since they are extremely unprofitable for the work of most common virtual programs. The first way is to create a difference in energy potentials between your "inner" and "outer" space. Let's take the same example. A person directs attention inward and feels some deviation from balance, a desire to change something. He accumulates energy for action (the moment of transition to intention), saves energy (unwinding of the spiral), and since the potential difference is created (there is energy, but there is no discharge), the person created this not dependence, but an energy vacuum between his inner and outer space, to which the new phone will be attracted, since nature does not tolerate emptiness and energy always strives to equalize. Or something else, anything, depending on what point of the beginning of the action - the unwinding of the spiral - the person asked.

The most important thing is that this point is located in the inner space, which means that dependence on external energies is not created, and this point can be controlled at will. At the same time, it does not matter whether a person initially builds an understanding of the source of desire, as a deviation from peace, balance or not. He can formulate his intention in the subtlest affirmations or completely trust his "inner voice" - the result will be the same, since the working mechanism of the first path is the same: unwinding the spiral from the inside and out by creating a difference in energy potentials between the inner and outer space.

2. Software interaction with other operators

Interaction with other operators, as already mentioned, occurs through the “information double” - an infocopy, which is formed by other operators, as an image of a person. Information twin is a conditional concept. This is information that exists at the software level. On the one hand, all thoughts, deeds and actions of a person affect his informational twin, on the other hand, the informational twin is formed by the work of other operators.

It is possible to call the information double - the "info-image" of the operator, acting in his interests at the program level. The information twin exists at the program level, that is, it is higher in the hierarchy of programs and has more advanced access than the operator himself, and can have access to information that would take a person much more time to get access to.

This image can be strikingly different from the one he sees every day in the mirror, and this is important for a person, since the informational double significantly affects the person himself. And, by the way, the person himself also to some extent forms the content of the infocopy with the help of reflection in the mirror. It is easy to notice this even when a person puts on clothes that are unusual for him in style or color, or makes a new hairstyle. Moreover, before he looked at himself in the mirror or another person saw him, the person does not feel any changes. And the point here is not even in belonging with the help of clothing to a particular community, such changes instantly change the content of the infocopy.

3. Interaction with the structural parts of the space program

Physical space and assembler space do not always express individual energies. Often this or that person or even the smallest object is a conductor for certain spatial structures. Interaction with spatial structures has different laws and other programs than interaction with physical space and assembler space, although most often they contain the first and second.

Program Library:

1. "Atlant (Merkaba)"

A package of programs aimed at facilitating the implementation of energy functions by the operator, as a person in our world. In addition to the realization of one's individual path, as karmic givens, a person performs certain energy functions, which in practice are associated with the transmission, mixing and transformation of two differently directed flows: an upward flow (Earth energy) and a descending one (Heaven's energy), or flows of positive and negative atmospheric ions .

Figuratively, these functions were captured by the ancients - like Atlas, holding the vault of heaven: leaning not on the Earth, he supports the Sky. At the program level, the realization of the natural energy functions of a person manifests itself as a connection to the integral field of the operator of certain access keys to high levels. These access keys make the movement of the operator in the space of options practically unhindered, that is, the integral field of the operator becomes natural in relation to the environment. The operator can feel the work of the Atlant package as a balance: male and female, natural given and developed, material and spiritual, etc.

The work of the package extends to all levels: physical (bodily), emotional, mental, the level of the energy structure... Atlas stands in the center of the World, because, performing natural energy functions, it interacts with the basic, most powerful energy flows that exist on on a completely physical level, but they can mix and transform only due to a certain work of the human energy structure. At the physical level, the ascending and descending currents correspond to the movement of atmospheric ions: positive ions (having lost an electron) or negative ions (having gained an electron).

The movement of ion flows is due to electromagnetic processes occurring between the Earth's ionosphere and the Earth's surface, which has a negative charge (0.5*106 coulombs on average): negative ions move in the direction of the Earth's ionosphere, positive - in the direction of the Earth's surface. Moreover, due to the presence of a constant magnetic field, which prevents positive ions from settling on the surface of the Earth and being discharged, the movement of these flows is continuous and has a spiral shape.
The geometry of the program function of the "Atlant" package is two interpenetrating tetrahedra. The package programs implement: the formation of straight and inverted tetrahedra in the human energy structure for the possibility of interaction and transmission of ionic flows and the formation of two planes: Earth and Heaven, the unwinding of the multidirectional spiral movement of each of the tetrahedra, the formation of a single axis connecting both tetrahedra and allowing mixing the energy of both flows, the formation of two points of "entry" and "exit" of differently directed energies, the cyclical capture and transmission of energies, the formation of two half-cocoons (hemispheres), the formation of a sphere, the formation of a single center of energy transformation and the balancing of flows.

Programs for the information twin (infocopy)

2. "Naturalness"

The essence of the work of the "Naturality" program is copying information about the natural potential into an infocopy, which manifests itself as a balance of internal and external, in the naturalness and timeliness of the manifestation of feelings, emotions, expression of actions, ideas. All actions of the operator, the most striking, non-standard and absurd, will be perceived by others not only positively, but worthy of imitation. Particularly suitable for "black sheep" operators and operators who do not accept standard behaviors.

3. "Vitality"

Basic program of energy saturation level II. Often, after reaching a certain level of development, the operator may feel a lack of incentives to act and a lack of motivation for daily activities, despite the overall high level of energy. The main distinguishing feature of the "Vitality" program is the energy saturation of the internal nature, as a result, the possibility of creating a reserve of energy potential for performing one or another action. The Vitality program promotes synchronization of vital activity with daily activities. The program allows you to fit everyday activities into spiritual development and synchronize them with external rhythms, which, in turn, allows you to become a full-fledged "owner of your life."

4. "Style"

The essence of the work of the program "Style" is in the recording of the structuring program in an infocopy. Infocopy structuring is the next qualitative step in working with infocopy, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with the "Naturality" and / or "Image of the True Self" programs. Infocopy structuring allows you to properly combine and "link" infocopy data to create a unique image. The "Style" program contributes to the awareness of the approach to writing data into an infocopy, in other words, to avoid mechanical copying of data from other infocopies. Important! - the work of the "Style" program extends not only to the external image, but also to the style of thinking, behavior, speech, movement, etc.

5. "Titanium"

Entry in the infocopy of the energy expansion program. Causes people to take longer and more significant, including the actions and words of the operator, be better than others.

6. "Experience of the unconscious"

Attention! The operation of the program can lead to sharp jumps along the variant lines.

The essence of the program is to connect certain access keys to some "closed" infocopy terminals, which leads to a qualitative change in self-identification. In our image, which we see every day in the mirror, we put our vision, but from the side the image is completely different. That's why they say - it's more visible from the outside. It can be said that some part of us lives outside our consciousness with its own life, which is not perceived by us, but is perceived by other operators, which means that it carries some unused energy potential. The program allows you to look at yourself from the outside and use infocopy information that is not realized by us in the normal state of consciousness.

7. "Image of the true self (Desert Island)"

A complex program, the essence of which is to remove virtual parasitic programs from the infocopy. Allows the operator to remove social masks that create blocks in the energy body. It also contributes to the return of energy from situations where the operator acted NOT from his natural potential, but to please or conform to the opinions of others, that is, from spatio-temporal points at which the virtual program was engaged with the operator's infocopy.

8. "Sens"

Increasing sensitivity to "subtle" energies, increasing frequency, refinement of energy.

In fact, this is a change in the speed of the programs. At the program level, an increase in frequency can be called a change in the informational range of the operator's Integral Field. It is known that the operator does not perceive the entire range of reality, but only that which corresponds to the current program settings (including both purely software and physical aspects). The mechanism of the program's operation is multi-level, involving packets of perception filters, since the transition from the program level to the body level occurs as a cascade transition through several levels (in the conditional architecture of the GEIP).

Let's start from the most understandable, lower, material level, in this case, the bodily level. An increase in frequency at this level can be defined as an increase in awareness, transferring the focus of attention ("a bright spot of consciousness") into the body. The action seems to be simple, which is accompanied by a change in the frequency of the brain. This, in turn, occurs due to a change in the speed of the "coding connector" in the body, to be more precise, a change in the speed of passage of nerve impulses, due to which it becomes possible to capture information flows that were not perceived by the nervous system before. Here, in order to connect with the program level, it is worth considering the very principle of the operation of the human nervous system and brain from the point of view of program control.

The software level is a superlevel of "sensors" for collecting information - peripheral nerves - this includes the "sensors for collecting information" of the sense organs. It is the codes coming from these sensors after passing through the filters of perception that are the input data for the control programs of the organs of perception. That is, the process of perception itself takes place at the program level, and the presence of the physiological aspect itself is necessary only to protect against connection to the control of the body of some other "programmer".

With an increase in frequency, the speed of these programs changes and, as a result, the information range changes. If in the normal state of consciousness the speed of the program is limited by the speed of the feedback neural connection, then in the supersensory mode it is possible to directly control from the program level and perceive a range that is (seemingly) impossible in the normal mode. In other words, ordinary perception is already a transformation of the program’s operation to the physical level, and since the perception filters themselves are at the program level, the Sens program simplifies the process of perception, although all the definitions of this process for an ordinary person are something transcendent and carry prefixes " super-", "extra-", etc. In fact, the process of perception at the program level is more natural and familiar to humans: the program "language" is universal, while the translation into the language of the physical senses is already a kind of distortion. Naturally, there are certain limitations in the "acceleration of speeds" for a human being, and they are dictated by the program that forms biomolecules.

9. "Arcsine's law"

Good luck in the game. Mathematically calculated "theory of fortune", which allows you to control random fluctuations. The program can be used by both professional players and anyone who decides to try his hand at the Game. The game is not just an attempt to control fortune or earn money, it is the promotion of a kinetic model, potential energy, the creation of the world with a sensual feeling of participation in the process of Life. The program takes into account various aspects of participation in the Game, from the state of the operator to interactions with other players.

10. "Tantra"

Joy of life, enjoyment of life, relaxation, purification and fine tuning of all senses, fullness of daily activities, increased sensitivity, emancipation. Absorption of energy through emotions, sexual interaction, nutrition, movement, breathing, contemplation.

Cleaning programs:

11. "Elimination of software dependencies"

The main way to form a program addiction is emotions - emotional experiences from knowledge. This forms a dependence on all the information that a particular virtual program generates. Relatively speaking, having received vivid emotional experiences from certain information, a person begins to look not for a source of information, but for a reflex of returning to the program again and again, although he may no longer receive such an emotional outburst. The presence of program dependencies forms a reflex type of behavior when a person does the same repetitive actions, although he does not understand why, for what and what he gets from it. In the presence of program dependencies, we are not dealing with the work of the brain, but with the response of the brain to this or that information.

12. "Nephrite purification"

Transformation of the energies of space and protection from geopathogenic zones. This is a basic universal neutralizer that works on the principle of absorbing forces that destroy the personal field. Absorption occurs due to resonant tuning to certain frequencies, "jade" - because the frequencies correspond to the frequencies of the jade crystal. The main advantage: cleaning has a wide range of action and medium power, it is like a basic "sieve" with a wide cell, sifting out the main influences that destroy the personal field. That is why it is effectively used, among other things, to protect the operator when he is in geopathic zones with a destructive effect. Recommended for operators with a wide range of communication and interactions, with fast rhythms of life, in the absence of enough time for practice, immersion in oneself and general recapitulation of situations, with a general decrease in vitality and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). In principle, it is recommended to everyone as a basic cleaning.

Protective programs:

13. "Flywheel"

The program creates a "sphere of invulnerability" around the outer sphere of the operator, all negative impacts are swept away by centrifugal rotational force.

14. "Black hole"

The program forms a shell from a universal absorber, the essence of which is a centripetal rotational force that sucks in and absorbs any negative impacts directed at the operator.

15. "Protection in the inner circle of the integral field"

The inner circle of the integral field is our close environment: relatives, friends, close people. At the program level, the very concept of proximity, close relationships determines the free program exchange. Free software exchange has its pros and cons, the disadvantages are that natural software immunity practically does not work in the inner circle of the integral field, which means that we exchange "software viruses" with loved ones. The protection program in the inner circle of the integral field locally increases program immunity, preventing the exchange of parasitic virtual programs.

16. "Energy protection in the inner circle of the integral field"

Also in the inner circle of the integral field there is a free exchange and access to energy resources. The "private" field becomes "public" to some extent, which can lead to energy parasitism in the field, which has a higher energy saturation compared to other members of the inner circle of the integral field. The energy protection program blocks attempts of conscious/unconscious "energy vampirism" without affecting the overall positive background of close relationships.

17. "Hermit (Seclusion)"

It creates an information "cocoon" that partially blocks information exchange from both sides, helps to be alone with oneself, to be in a state of inner peace, detachment, promotes rethinking of experience, proper rest and replenishment of resources, helps to go deep inside oneself.

18. "Silence"

Reduced internal dialogue.

Programs for the energy body:

19. "Conscious movement"

20. "Integrality"

It is a satellite of the "Centrality" program, but they are placed in two programs due to being at different levels in the geometry of the GEIF, or more precisely, "Integrity" is a superlevel of the level of the "Centrality" program. In other words, there are certain data (conditions) that must come from the work of the program "Integrity" in order for the conditions for the work of the program "Centrality" to appear.

In this sense, "Wholeness" can be called the next step of "Centeredness", although "Wholeness" can be achieved in other ways. The correct condition (incoming data) would be "Integrity" based on "Centered". In other words, "Integrity" can be assembled on the basis of any center, but then there will be no symmetry and correct geometry. Take, for example, an aggressively defensive person. The seer can see that at this moment the program "Integrity" is working, but there is no "Centrality".

The "integrity" of the energy body can be defined as the collected internal energy (internal resources). It is the willingness to do something. Look at a person preparing to jump - he is whole, that is, he has gathered all his energies together to perform an energy-consuming action. The thing is that an ordinary person cannot maintain this state for a long time - the nervous system functions in the mode of maximum energy saving: if there is no energy-consuming action, the energies are dispersed .. there is a good term "loose". That's right, why collect all your resources if there is nothing dangerous around?

"Integrity", which manifests itself in ordinary states, is immediately realized, that is, having accumulated potential, a person immediately spends it. The "Integrity" program helps to maintain a state of composure, readiness for a long time, and not only in case of extreme danger. The "Integrity" package includes several interesting programs for vertical energy supply. A holistic person is more stress-resistant, collected, efficient, has the ability to fill up and save energy, and responds correctly to any external impulses.

21. "Centeredness"

It helps to build energy centering relative to the center of the body - that one-celled embryo that develops into a human embryo by crushing. First of all, it characterizes the orderliness of psycho-emotional and energy processes in the integral field, physical, energy body and all subtle bodies of a person. The essence of the work of the "Centrality" program is the presence of a single control software center, which has its own physical and energy localization. If there are many such centers and/or they are not located where necessary, then a program conflict occurs, which is felt by a person as numerous large and small internal conflicts.

"Centeredness" at the psycho-emotional level is felt, first of all, as the absence of internal conflicts. Uncentered energy in the energy body can be in different places. For example, the most frequent and dead end conflict for many users is the conflict between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The same minor internal conflicts can occur between the head and the stomach, the arm and the leg, and so on. If the operator feels doubts, frequent fluctuations, difficulty in making a choice and doubts after the choice is made, then the Centeredness program is recommended.

At the program level, "Centering" can be defined as the construction and improvement of the geometry of the program area. "Centering" is the setting of the focus (accuracy) of movement along the variant lines. In other words, there are events and people that influence us, and not always positively. Due to various circumstances, a person begins to realize not his own variant lines, to be included in alien processes, not understanding and not realizing why he personally needs it. The motivation for such inclusion can be desires, emotional impulses, low awareness, etc.

At the level of the energy body, "Centeredness" is felt as a movement from a single center. Look at children under 3 years old - they are centered. All movements are derived from a single center, to be precise, this is the center of the abdomen, where the cell from which the human embryo began to form is located. "Centering" under the condition of a lined up axis is the basis of symmetry.

22. "Pithiness"

The program allows you to create conditions for the development of the ability to sensual content of any action. Do not confuse! with emotional fullness (program energy intensity). Sensual filling of actions allows you to be filled with any, even the most simple and insignificant everyday actions, which can be called the fullness of life itself or the quality of life. Without meaningfulness, a person looks for external sources to fill the "inner emptiness", which leads to dependence on them: it can be dependence on the Internet, mobile phone or other gadgets, search for an interlocutor and chatting with at least someone, on news, TV, films and series , dreams, "intellectual chewing gum", sex, entertainment, adrenaline addiction, etc. Recommended for anyone who feels "inner emptiness" even with an active life full of action. For practitioners, the program is recommended in order to fill the practice with content and avoid dependence on the external form of practice. In other words, so that the goal of the practice does not become in itself a regular "ritual" repetition of some specific actions and movements.

23. "13 methods of body position (13 monads)"

The position of the body in space expresses the principle or method of interaction with the surrounding space. The position of the body can be disorganized, chaotic, or express one of the 13 forces available in our 3D space. A chaotic or unassembled position of the body leads to the launch of the process of destruction at the program level. One of the 13 body positions allows you to interact with certain energies of the surrounding space and is a complex package, since each method is applicable in a given situation, both personal, spatial and temporal conditions. In general, the work of the program can be described as allowing the operator to develop harmoniously from the standpoint of the laws of our space.

The first method - generating

the second - generative

the third - changing

fourth - preserving

fifth - collecting

sixth - connecting

seventh - expressing

eighth - reinforcing

ninth - perfect

tenth - deducing

eleventh - transforming

twelfth - evolutionary

the thirteenth - timeless.

The methods make it possible to implement the basic principles of building the energy body (relaxation of the whole body for the free flow of energies, tension of the back in two planes, as a condition for harmonization of the main energy centers located along the spine, intake of the Earth’s energy through the perineum, its preservation and pumping upwards, relaxation of the main centers of origin blocks that interfere with the circulation of energy, especially its flow in the limbs, integrity, the ability to move the energy body separately from the physical body, finding energies in a state of rest, suspension of the crown, maintaining the movement of energy by inertia, natural helicity of the flow of energy, transformation of energy in the body and some others).

24. "Yin"

Feminine beginning.

25. "Yang"

Male beginning. Basic energy directed from the axis outward, to the periphery of the energy sphere. If you look at the famous Taoist symbol of the monad, it becomes obvious that the energies of Yin and Yang are in a proportional balance and to attribute gender qualities to them - delusion and profanity. It is recommended to connect the Yin and Yang I programs to everyone, regardless of gender, since at different periods, depending on the time of year, external processes and even the state during the day, one or another energy may be in imbalance.

26. "Marriage chambers of the Emperor"

Activation of male sexual energy.

27. "Marriage chambers of the Empress"

Activation of female sexual energy.

Programs for meditative states:

28. "Deep Meditation - release of endorphins"

29. "Meditation of Inner growth"

30. "Meditation Life"

The principle of operation of the program can be described as a spiral twisting, absorption and assimilation of the productive forces of the universe into a person's personal field. One can now describe for a long time the manifestation of this power in all living things, from crystals to humans, but this will be a departure. It is important to understand the principle itself: the force of life is one of the main and key shaping forces for a person in our space. This force, due to which there is a living form in our world, or a force that gives continuity to the circulation of energy in a living form. The manifestations of the work of the program are diverse - this is the dissolution of blocks, energy supply, creative activity, alignment of rhythms with the surrounding living world, but the most interesting will be the adjustment of consciousness to productive forces, which allows you to cultivate a "live" or creatively active consciousness.

31. "Meditation Educability"

"Educability" is a socially demanded and important program. At the program level, learning can be described as an increase in the ability to search for and connect to the necessary programs. Not surprisingly, the choice was intuitive. Usually, by learning, at best, a person understands the ability to memorize a large amount of information. The paradox is that "Educability" primarily involves information unloading, that is, the release of "RAM" for fundamentally new mechanisms (responding, perception, processing ... in general - building new neural connections). Therefore, the program belongs to the meditative section of the programs. Educability is a slow and difficult process that requires a fairly global restructuring of temporal, mental, and social processes. The package includes the following aspects: the direction of learning, spatial interactions, increased lability of the nervous system, information unloading, restoration of the sphere of secondary images (the sphere of images and imagination, including the emotional aspect), activation of the beta range of brain waves, a package for restoring mental functions and some others. This program is highly recommended to be combined with emerald essence or beryl essence - the necessary frequency settings that will prevent "information breaking".

32. "Egregorial passionary harmonization"

The program works with external structures according to the principle of harmonization (leveling) of energy saturation. In this period that has begun, this is an important program, the essence of which can be described as "a change in the format of operating space." Egregor is essentially formed by a mass of people, a common vector of their energy interactions. The way a person places himself in relation to this vector determines what this mass will become for him. In our space, there are several ways of operating or several angles of interaction with this vector - from vertical (eternal struggle) to horizontal (go with the flow). Therefore, by its original nature, a person can have an increased level of program energy saturation ("passionaries") and with a reduced level of energy ("oppressed").

Extremes of both the first and second types are weak points of interaction with the outside world, because express a systemic imbalance with external structures (egregors). The former are characterized by increased social activity and seek to remake external structures for themselves, the latter usually feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in the social environment. Such violations of the exchange of the microcosm with the macrocosm are often encountered due to the prevalence of certain virtual programs, and such an energy state of a person in the modern world has become normal and is even promoted.
The program equalizes the level of program energy saturation, based on the desired (necessary) position of the operator and building the necessary interactions (external structural links) for maximum resonance with space. The program is multi-level, its work can be tracked in the integral field of the operator, at the energy level (structuring the external sphere), at the psycho-emotional level, the creative sphere, etc.>

33. "Inner joy (Anahata)"

A multifaceted program for adjusting and fine-tuning the sensory-emotional sphere. "Inner joy" is more than an emotion, it is a departure from reaction and reactionary type of consciousness. From childhood, the emotional center works more for contraction than for expansion, since expansion requires conditions (which must be created at the levels of object, energy, social, everyday, etc., which is far from always done), reflex compression is determined by nature itself.

Even special days were invented, on which external conditions are created for the disclosure of Anahata and the manifestation of inner joy - holidays. On weekdays, be kind - close (from yourself and the world), that is, the emotional center is constantly in a compressed state, which means it does not produce energy (bioelectricity). Being in a state of inner joy is a holiday every day, a state associated primarily with deep relaxation, comparable to relaxation in a dream.

On the physical level, the program "Inner Joy" is associated with the work of the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, removes many blocks not only emotional, but also physical and mental, promotes the normalization and circulation of energy. The regulation of the sensory-emotional sphere contributes to the correct understanding of Love, the discovery of such aspects as self-love, unconditional love, the discovery of the source of inner love, the regulation of the channel of giving and receiving energy, etc.

The energy aspect of the emotional center (Anahata) determines the level of a Human. It is the developed level of a Human that makes it possible to deal with individual rhythms, natural cycles and create knots of engagement with other dimensions. A well-developed Anahata determines the control of its manifestations as a person. At the program level, the operation of the program can be described as reducing distortion on the "reality monitor". The program "Inner Joy" also has emanation protective aspects.

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