Multiphase correlator. Frequency generator

PSI-ЕM PRO. Multiphase correlator. Frequency generator —
PSI-ЕM PRO. Multiphase correlator. Frequency generator
Повышает работоспособность человека и уменьшает его потребность во сне и отдыхе (без ухудшения самочувствия) при работе в экстремальных условиях.
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Attempts to influence a person with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to obtain unusual and rarely encountered psychic abilities have been undertaken for a long time and in many countries. On the Internet, there are many references to the use of microwave ultra-high frequencies and extremely high frequencies radiation for these purposes.

In 2006-2007 In the process of working on a number of research projects in the field of electronics, several EMR ranges were found whose frequencies, when combined with simultaneous exposure to a person, produce unusual but well-repeated effects that can be successfully used to treat a wide range of various diseases and pathological conditions, as well as qualitative improvement and development of existing extrasensory and magical abilities in people.

Based on the detected effects, since 2006 almost 50 modifications of devices have been developed, which have been successfully tested by researchers around the world. This series of devices is called PSI-E:

PSI-E. Correlator model without built-in microphone.

PSI-EM. Model with built-in, mute microphone. The use of a microphone enhances the effect of the device, concretizes it and makes it more focused.

PSI-EM PRO. A model with a built-in, mute microphone and the ability to work in several modes.

Devices are several generators of emitters of electromagnetic waves with complex spectral characteristics, which are adaptively and parametrically adjusted during operation, adjusting in such a way as to ensure maximum efficiency of the device.

The frequencies emitted by the correlator affect the objects of the surrounding reality, biological objects, the human body and cause-effect relationships. The device can act directly on the human brain.

First of all, the correlators of the PSI-E series are devices for achieving inner peace and providing human operator access to the hidden capabilities of the brain and psyche. The use of PSI-E devices increases a person's working capacity and reduces his need for sleep and rest (without impairment of well-being) when working in extreme conditions.

Effects that appear when using PSI-E devices:

- sleep improvement
- Removing muscle and headaches
- fatigue relief
- Sedative and antispasmodic effects
- Increasing visual clarity
- Reduced swelling after injuries
- Improving short-term and long-term memory
- Stopping a hangover syndrome
- Improvement of hemological parameters
- Improving the adaptive properties of the body
- Normalization of the water-salt balance of the body
- Improving cerebral circulation
- Acceleration of the regeneration of organs and skin after injuries.

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