Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal CITRINE

Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal CITRINE

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New beginnings, cleansing of the old, improving mental abilities, clarity of perception, harmonization of mutual relations, improvement of mood.


Chemical formulaSiO2

Color:yellow of different intensity and shades, from pale lemon to yellow-brown and brownish-yellow
System: trigonal
Matrix:|1 0 0|
|0 1 0|
|0 0 One|
Organization structure:positive
Impurities:Fe3+, (Al, Li)4+, Al (H)4+
Frequency:230 Hz.
Density:2.65 g/cm3
Body system:body voltagetion, a truncated body
Dominant perceiver channel:visual
Maximum activity:morning from 5.00 to 7.00

BRM Citrine is almost universal, as it refers to the Quartz code, butit is possible to allocate some directions of the intentions with which the BRMCitrineworks most effectively:

- everything is new, new beginnings, cleansing from the old (i.e. from the negative reflexes of the past);

- structuring of mental processes, improving mental abilities, clarity of perception;

- harmonization of relations with any sphere of society (family, work, etc.);

- balancing opposing desires and finding "the Golden mean", clarifying the situation;

- improving mood, getting rid of CFS, apathy, balancing the emotional background;

risky financial transaction.


Like all crystals, citrine has piezoelectric properties. Refers to the precious stone class IV (classification by ye Kievljanka). Natural origin citrine crystals is associated with certain energetically active zones of the Earth, where stands out the Brazilian field (one of the most energy-intensive States of Brazil — state of Bahia).

Of course, the place of production of these crystals is not limited to Brazil, but that's where they find those special properties that are attributed to them. Yellow citrine can have a natural origin, but rare in nature, so most stones on the market, get their color through heat treatment - hours of calcination at temperatures of 400 — 500 degrees.

BRM used in Citrine yellow citrine representing the maximum properties of this group, only natural origin.

Yellow citrine – energy-intensive stone, Sun stone, light, represents the vibrational spectrum of the rise and prosperity (element citrine - fire). Capable of energizing the human energy required for implementation intentions, perceived as "the sun inside". The energy of the stone is lightweight, but powerful like fire.

BRM Citrine – a powerful energy cleaner and regenerator. To equalize frequency characteristics of the thin field, removes the imbalance of the frequency characteristics. As a result, one of the objectives of BRM Citrine is harmonization of relations in all spheres (society in General, family, work, etc.).

BRM Citrin successfully used as a people of creative professions, as able to give a new perspective on things, stimulates creativity, and increases self-esteem and gives confidence in yourself, and the followers of the exact Sciences, as it promotes the structuring of mental processes and clarity of perception.

Like the sun that gives life, the space of citrine successfully resonates with the intention of starting and growing something new, whether a new house, job, relationships, appearance, new look at things, etc. Energy yellow citrine gave a slight liberation from the old, including able to get rid of being bogged down in negative situations (reflexes) from the past.

One of the signs of this type of BRM may be the loss of something – it is not necessary to be afraid and to resist, as for the emergence of a new need to free up space. Can not wait for the external manifestations, to produce “cleaning” of the same old things - it can serve as a powerful breakthrough to the realization of intentions. Responses GAIP can point out that needed to be eliminated, more details.

BRM Citrine often works as a "conductor", i.e. through someone else. When working with this type of BRM should be especially attentive to a change in environment, new people or renewed old contacts. Using BRM Citrine can "catch the tail of luck", but you have to be able to take the risk. Financial use BRM Citrine is possible to allocate the investments in hazardous and risky operations, which have fast but non-guaranteed income.

Psychological properties

BRM Citrine successfully relieves CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), fatigue, apathy, depressive symptoms, stress. Uplifting, brings joy and an optimistic Outlook on things.
Based on the internal geometry of the crystal, manifesting Citrine BRM good balancing properties. It is suitable for persons with increased emotional excitability, unbalanced, balanced emotional state. Strengths BRM Citrine is a balancing of opposing desires, when one is torn, for example, between the desired and the real, the ideal and the pragmatic, between relaxation and action, etc.

Macrocosmic properties

Macrocosmic projection of the crystal is the connection of Venus with mercury, which occurs in the frequency range of 230 Hz.

Magical properties

BRM Citrine works effectively with the intentions of foresight.

Physiological properties

BRM Citrine promotes functional maintenance of the body voltage (the skeletal system). It has a regulating effect on the Central nervous system, stimulates mental activity. Has a supportive action on the endocrine system, promotes rapid tissue regeneration.


| 1 0 0 |
| 0 1 0 |
| 0 0 1 |
The logic of language crystal simple and universal. The dominant channel of perception of information – visual. Your setting, the intention, the will should be explicitly and clearly presented, forming the desired pattern.

Automatic activation occurs through 64-72 hours.

The nature of translation – spiral, funnel.After activation, the tip of the funnel moves into the solar plexus (after activation you may feel a warmth, a slight tension in the solar plexus).The message intention is a picture of the desired - can be made directly from this centre.

Dominant perceiving the channel is visual.Can every activity of the CCM to reproduce the desired picture. The first "response" of GAIP come through 24-48 hours after activation.The maximum activity of the crystal of citrine from 05 to 07 in the morning, one of the activation options BRM Citrine - put for the night under the pillow (unless of course you don't get up before 7 am).

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