Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal RUBELLITE (redtourmaline)

Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal RUBELLITE (redtourmaline)

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Activation of the heart center, strengthening of sexual energy, establishing sexual harmony.


Color:pink, red
Transparency:translucent, opaque
Density:2,90 – of 3.26 g/cm3
Maximum activity:on the growing moon

Some areas of intention, in addition to GeneralTourmaline code,which BRM Redtourmaline effectively works:

  • create focus and attraction of energy from the surrounding space;
  • popularity, self-realization, the demand for it;
  • finding a partner;
  • the increased sexual energy and sexual harmony with a partner;
  • opening the heart center and emotional balance.

BRM Redtourmaline with tourmaline pink, cherry pink-red (rubellite), containing ions of manganese.

BRM Rubellite especially successfully manifests itself in the emotional sphere and the sphere of relationships, in particular:

  • activation of the heart center;
  • harmonization of the relationship;
  • the attraction and retention of a partner;
  • the increased sexual energy – a natural aphrodisiac and improving potency
  • establishing sexual harmony;
  • improving the ability to manage emotions;
  • finding your personal attractiveness and enhancing charisma;

The use of a pair of BRM two people in the beginning of the relationship and setting General intentions are capable of making the Union a harmonious, strong and mutually beneficial.

BRM Rubellite contributes in the creative fields, working effectively with the intent of recognition, popularity, relevance. BRM Rubellite is able to attract the attention and energy of other people: in the energy pyramid of the interactions in any group of people, the operator will easily be in her top. Develops imagination and intuition, gives the creative force that brings inspiration. Promotes concentration and improves memory.

Psychological effect
BRM Rubellite successfully manifests itself in getting rid of depression and apathy. Able to return the joy of life and the fullness of the experience. Contributes to search of inspiration. BRM Rubellite has expressed a balancing quality that resonates well with the acquisition of emotional stability and emotional control. Can be used to mobilize domestic resources, increase personal power and gain charisma.

Magical effect
BRM Rubellite creates a focus on the operator and actively attracts energy from the surrounding space. Not recommended to people who feel uncomfortable being in the spotlight.

Physiological effect

BRM Rubellite has a high bioenergetic activity. Improves functioning of entire reproductive system, has a positive effect on potency. Improves blood circulation. BRM Rubellite has a positive effect on the entire digestive system.

BRM user manual_ENG (pdf)

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