RAD 2400HD. Radionic with a powerful generator of life energy

RAD 2400HD. Radionic with a powerful generator of life energy

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The RAD 2400 HD is a Super Heavy Duty Power Radionics™ Device. 

It has a built-in powerful heavy duty Chi Generator®, the same as in the LPOG 2400 HD and Performer 2400. 

It features a stick pad of orgonite® and 8 dials. Use three dials to set the rate for the target, three dials to set the rate for the trend, or desired action. The other two dials set the pulse of the built-in LPOM module (Low Pulse Orgone Module).

The addition of pulsed life energy (orgone, Chi) to radionics makes it a reliable and effective tool to help in your achieving success. The built in Low Pulse Module has 6 low pulse frequencies, plus the option of continuous settings. More about orgone that is pulsed in brain wave frequencies, see the description below:

Theta 3.5 HZ -- for Super Learning, especially of Languages

Theta 6.3 Hz -- for Super Learning and to Boost Memory 

Alpha 7.83 Hz -- Earth Resonance! For Invention, Creativity

Alpha 7.0 Hz -- to enhance ESP (Extra Sensory Projection)

Alpha 10.0 Hz -- for Centering Yourself and for general Purpose

Beta 14.1 Hz -- Efficiency in daily activities, mental and physical energy

Continuous Settings, approx. 0.5 - 900 Hz 

The back panel has input and output jacks for exterior stick pads and exterior wells. These jacks can also serve to connect several Orgon Radionics devices to each other for more power and versatility.

The other two jacks: the power jack to the right of the switch, and the "input EPU" jack for an exterior pulse, for instance coming from the EPM - Exterior Precision Module which more than doubles the output - see below.

This awesome new technology adds continuous and very powerful life force to your radionic settings for the most rapid success possible! For increased flexibility and at least tree times the combined power, you can connect the exterior module (the PCHD 2400)to the second orgone generating unit inside the RAD 2400 HD!

A built-in Voltage Regulator eliminates the "ripple" from the AC-DC converter and keeps the voltage at a steady 8V DC. Elimination of the "ripple" is ideal when it comes to energizing your body!
Power supply: AC-DC converter, 12V, 200mA or higher.

Use astrology-based filter cards or the CD Manifestation Program or the Supermanifestation Program to provide any activity you desire with maximum versatility and effectiveness.

Since January 2007, the RAD 2400 HD has the capability to produce living water the same way as the RAD 5 and the ATGS 3000.

The TC 99 transfer couple (included for free): 

 For smooth transfer of life energy. Both parts are made of super orgonite®. You can put one transfer in the center of the RAD 2400 HD and carry the other one with you for secure energy transfer at any distance. You can put the transfer, which you carry with you, onto a key ring.

If you lose one of the disks the whole pair must be replaced.

download user manual for radionic(.pdf)

video instructions for use

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