The program of Astro-dynamic implementation purposes (Astro-Dynamic Manifestation)

The program of Astro-dynamic implementation purposes (Astro-Dynamic Manifestation)

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In 2005, Karl Hans Welz (Karl Hans Welz) invented a revolutionary new technology that allows you to create customized designs for any astrological energy or to combine these energies and direct them at yourself, other people or areas. This technology astrodynamical the realization of the goals (Astro-Dynamic Manifestation), or ADM.

The invention of the generator of life energy made possible the birth of this effective technology, many times exceeding the capabilities of traditional astrology, the ancient astrologers who consider themselves "wise men, administering the stars"!

Thus, whatever your intentions:
- help people who are concerned about the unfavorable astrological predictions;
- to go beyond the capabilities of certain personal horoscope;
- to reconstruct the destiny of personality, "written in heaven"...
... ADM is just what you need!!!

The ADM filter and in a much more flexible program ADM will provide you with powerful technology that will help you to achieve stable change in the fate and to go much further beyond this mission, which is "written in heaven"!

Using the almost unlimited potential of ADM, you can create Your Personal "Astrological Greenhouse"! In other words, you are no longer dependent on the vagaries of "space climate" surrounding planets. This is so because now you can define your own climate of cosmic - astrological energies, and you can do it easily and permanently! Now you can transfer your destiny in the most capable hands – your own!!!

Consider another case: you on the verge of making important decisions. It can affect your personal life, business or falling on your head, the unexpected opportunities with which you're not sure how best to proceed.

So, you go to an astrologer who will tell you many important facts of your life – the basic skills, the chances of success, traits and the fate in General. This interpretation includes events that are likely to happen in your life, what you should avoid, which areas are most favorable for you, your areas of success and potential losses.

The astrologer will tell you that prepares you to your destiny, based on active astrological trends at specific points in time, and give you valuable advice. Always useful to know when you need to storm events or is it better to delay decisions and actions until better times. You can adjust their actions according to these instructions, and thus increase their chances of success.

The use of astrological predictions give you an advantage over a person who has no information about future trends. But you get even more potential success with the technology of reconstruction that prescribed you the astrological prediction!!!

With the help of technology ADM Technology of Astro-Dynamic Implementation of the Goals – you will be able to decide which type of trend should be active at the moment, but also to determine the time to implement their plans to surround yourself with the energies of the astrological trends of your success.

It will be your first step towards maximizing your success: You don't need to wisely adapt to the vagaries of space weather. You will control your destiny by generating the trends in its discretion, so to speak, in their own "astrological greenhouse of astrological energies".

It is obvious that managing your own astrological trend just attracts success!!!
Now your fate is in your hands! Because ...... Now you personally are projecting astrological energy of your choice!!! You can say, you can also define planetary climate in their own "astrological house".

And most importantly, you do not need to be a professional astrologer!!! You can use at your pleasure this great technology, even if you have no idea about astrology at all!!! All you need in order to project the energy efficient trends, this table Links to the user manual that contains all the necessary key words, with which you can easily create and project any astrological energy of your choice.

Moreover, you can do what light has never seen before: you can project energy astrological trends that were not originally programmed! To improve your ability to project energies of astrological trends, you can get free astrological online course.

Instead of figuring out which energy will determine your destiny, you are free to determine their own destiny, what you want!!! Configure extremely powerful power base of your success as easy as 1-2-3!!!

1. Using a table of references, define the astrological house that represents the area of life in which you intend to succeed.
(the inscription on the picture: the second house of material and spiritual resources).
2. Then, determine the astrological energies (planetary functions), which should be active in this area. For example, Jupiter is responsible for the development, Mars – for activity, etc. – the Value of the planets can be found in the free astrology course online.

3. Finally, consider the way in which you want to activate these energies, i.e. the influence of the astrological signs upon the planetary functions and areas of life, or astrological houses.

When you created the project the desired astrological energy field, take the corresponding cards and burn them to a disc at home, or enter the images of the planets, signs and houses in the programADM, then connect it all with the orgone generator!

As you can see, using the Technique of Astro-Dynamic implementation of the Goals, you can optimize the energy field surrounding you, and can do it consistently.

In addition, you can use this technology to project and activate the most successful energy patterns in the home or in the workplace, energize food and beverages (LPOG 2400 HD,RAD 5and especially the ATGS 3000, ATG12000).

This is a very powerful and useful technology has become possible because of using orgone generator do you generate energy astrological houses (areas of life) on your decision, and you can combine these energies, recharge your life energy, and project them over any distance – for themselves, for their environment, for example, any room in your house, etc.

The same setting, acting at a distance, and you see a "money drink", designed to help you increase welfare.

The program ADM has 12 positions that you can set up any astrological house of your choice.

Below is an example setup for success in love. This "astrological greenhouse" naturally, extremely flexible!

(the inscription in the centre on a red background: the image of a person or place, is the goal. The right cascade: the symbols of the zodiac).

Using the ADM program you can create your own perfect environment for success on all levels at home and in the workplace. For this you will use the function of "astrological greenhouse" that will allow you to generate astrological environment programmed with the most favorable astrological energies of the trends that lead to success and sustainable positive changes in life.

In traditional Feng Shui the living space adapts to the existing energy field. This, of course, limits your options.

Program ADM you can enhance an existing living space of your choice, regardless of the natural background energy of space, which is your impact. Moreover, you have complete freedom of choice when combining the astrological energies represented by the houses, signs and planets that will provide you infinite possibilities, compared to the eight corners of Feng Shui. Thus, you can use all the levels of your creative consciousness in the establishment, organization, ensuring that the energies of your living space.

You can use devices: ATGS 3000 andATG12000you put transfers the desired goals. The program Supermanifestation Program (see image below) is especially effective when used in conjunction with the ATGS 3000 and ATG12000 for large offices and for multiple operations. And competent use of appropriate success strategies and apply them for your office space gives you a huge advantage.

Now you can generate the better for the success of the energy environment because ...You can project the astrological energy of your choice, and it's very simple! Below is an example of how to energize an office using the ADM and capabilities of the Supermanifestation Program.

The same operation by projecting the energies in the office using the energies of planets, zodiac signs and astrological houses, this time with the help of the device ATGS 3000.

Quick start guide for programme astrodynamical the realization of the goals (.doc)

Complete user manual for the program astrodynamical the realization of the goals (.doc)

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