Program Manifestation (Regarding Power™)

Program Manifestation (Regarding Power™)

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The program will add energy processes aimed at the realization of your goals and desires in life.


Program Manifestation(Energy Radionic program regarding Power™) will add energy processes aimed at the realization of your goals and desires in life.

The program comes on a flash drive capacity of 16 GB.

The purpose of the Qi-Generator is a reproduction of vital energy, or Qi energy. The purpose of the program of realization of goals (desires) for Radionic devices is to establish structural links.

The program for the realization of goals (desires) is designed to help you achieve undeniable success easily and quickly. To achieve results more effective and lasting than ever.

Use along with the Qi-Generator. This will greatly increase the amount of vital energy and assist you in implementing what you most passionately desire.

The embodiment of the desire is due to the implementation of a long powerful move forward towards your goal, to achieve the result that you have programmed on your computer.

Long life force energy becomes possible due to the establishment of a special structural link that connects your Chi Generator, the program for the realization of goals (desires), and the very purpose of your operation.

To make this possible, each program is equipped with individualized transfer card and the corresponding file in your program.

The program for the realization of goals (desires) Manifestation Program™ much more effective than other makes 4 additional settings:

(1) function transfer (transfer) to amplify orgone Energy Radionic programs (Manifestation Programs). Each program has an individual transfer diagram, plus a free transfer card;

(2) the function of the basic energy (“Basic Action”, "BasicAction"), which amplifies a bunch of trend-the objective of optimizing the natural energy field that best suits the purpose radionic processes;

(3) set up a trend energy that creates the impact on the environment objectives, which contributes to faster and more inclusive success.

(4) setting of alternative objectives. This alternative target can also be used as a "main function". This development is designed to prevent reflection, the response action directed to the user, in the case when the energy of the trend can not achieve the intended purpose by reason of interference, blockage, etc.

You will find these extremely important settings only in the Energy Radionic the program of the Manifestation Programs. The obvious lack of overall flexibility naturally makes other programs available on the market today, it is less effective than a Program for the realization of goals (desires) Manifestation Programs™ from HSCTI.

You can use the program by itself, especially if you connect it to the Qi-Generator. The program works best in conjunction with radionic orgone-devicesThe RAD 2000andRAD 2400HDespecially if you use them along with the RAD 5 with its five generators with heavy modes, one for each setting of the RI 2400 CD device.

Program RI 2400 CD Program regarding, without a doubt, a huge help to those who are experiencing difficulties with setting the desired mode on the plates radionic device.

The program comes with a set of more than 1000 images – a beautiful collection for any serious user!!! Any wizard would be delighted with the collection of talismans and symbols, including the Key of Solomon the King, the Abramelin Squares, the talismans of magic books magician and alchemist Georg Faust, Eastern wise men, the Magical Society of Goetia and many other great.

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