Remee is a device for manipulating dreams
Remee is a device for manipulating dreams фото 1 —

Remee is a device for manipulating dreams

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A new tool that will allow you to immerse yourself in a lucid dream almost every without training, without years of practice!



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To stay in a lucid dream means to have the ability on their own to change the contents of dreams and occurring in it. The Remee mask is a new tool that will allow you to immerse yourself in that amazing as everyone is almost without training, without years of practice! And for seasoned travelers on lucid dreams, Remee is a great tool allowing you to immerse in the phase state is more stable and more likely to realize a dream.

The basis of its work, the Remee mask uses a relatively simple principle of "signs of dreams". "Signs of dreams" is the repeated images of people, objects, feelings or mood. Experienced dreamers have long known that such "signs" is the best way to enter a lucid dream. Simply put, if you know that something common in your dreams, you can learn to take this as a sign that you are dreaming, and thus to realize a dream.

The dream of every person consists of two main phases:

  • REM sleep(Rapid Eye Movement);
  • slow sleep(slow-wave).

Dreams people watching it in the stage of rapid sleep (REM), which occurs on average 3-7 times per night. It is worth noting that REM sleep is much shorter in time than the phase of a slow dream. To get into the lucid dreaming state a person must receive a certain signal directly into REM sleep.

Usually in the first 3-5 hours after you fell asleep, REM sleep occurs less frequently and lasts very long (at this time, the Remee mask is not sending you signals). After this time, Remee starts sending signals every 15 minutes, the signal itself lasts for 15-20 seconds. In this part of the signal enters in the phase of slow sleep is not providing you any effect, and some will fall into REM sleep and allows you to get into the lucid dreaming state.

The Remee mask are6 LEDswhich create a large area to emit a light signal for your eyes. And even if during the sleep mask will move, due to the size of the blinking light will still reach their goal. Also due to the large number of LEDs is possible to create many individual flashing patterns (stereo flash, running light, etc.), more suitable for you.

The diodes send signalsredfor two reasons:

1. The studies were able to establish that the red color penetrates through the eyelids of a person;

2. Under the same brightness diode red consumes less power, allowing you to use more compact batteries. In the process of developing the mask Remee was considered to mask universal fit for people with different anatomical features.

The signal mask for lucid dreaming is possibleprogramming.

To do this, go to the websiteremeeand choose the options you want to change. Among them are such as the brightness of the LEDs, the time through which it triggers in sleep mode or doze pattern flashing LEDs etc.

To save the settings, it is necessary to bring the solar cells Remee to the monitor with an open website, which will appear black and white flashing rectangle. It flashes the device and you will understand what signal characteristics you want to change.

Naturally, such "advanced" option to customize settings triggers is not the first time. If you didn't work out — increase the brightness of the monitor. So even from a simple configuration of the device the manufacturer managed to create a mini-quest with random chance of winning.

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