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Determination of the sleep phase by eye movement, movement in a dream and playback of light and sound prompts.


The development of a new device for lucid dreaming AstroLine has been completed.  The device replaces the generation of DreamStalker devices.

AstroLine consists of two parts:

- processing unit (it contains a processor, microphone, speaker, vibration alert, battery, USB and audio jack, microSD slot). The processing unit is installed not inside (like the previous DreamStalker), but outside the mask in the frontal part, which makes using the device more convenient, since it is located in the frontal part of the head and the mask does not press the device on the face and does not interfere with sleep.
- a flexible replaceable board in the mask itself, on which, in one version, either LEDs in front of the eyes and REM sensors (there are two of them: for each eye - its own sensor), or LEDs in front of the eyes and electrodes in contact with the forehead through a silver cloth, are located, approximately as in the AURORA device - in another version of the plug-in board. The LEDs in both board variants are not red, but multicolor (RGB), for which you can customize the color.
The mask is maximally facilitated and its main purpose is to close the eyes (and sensors) from external light, while the device is located on the forehead.

From the interface:
1. control of the 4th buttons + small display (outside). It is needed to turn on and start the device, a number of frequently used settings and visual control of the parameters and state of the device (for example, the same battery charge in the form of a scale, and not through the number of LED flashes).
2. web interface via Wi-Fi server, similar to that in DreamStalker Ultra. It is needed for more complex and fine tuning of the "expert" level, as well as updating the firmware.

In addition, a motion sensor is added to the device itself (processing unit), similar to the one used in MindTrainer with the ability to adjust the trigger threshold.
The work with the device itself has been significantly revised, although everything is discussed here and you can test different modes. But the most difficult and not very efficient (for example, duplex) was excluded.
Also, everything that was planned from the very beginning was done:

- Returned to work with mp3-files, which was missing in DreamStalker Ultra.

- The quality of recording voice messages from a microphone has been significantly improved.

- There is loading / deleting files on the memory card in the USB disk mode.

- Logging of triggering of sensors with reference to the current time + imposition of prompts on it. The real-time clock runs continuously on battery power. Everything allows you to see and understand the picture of what happened during sleep and how certain signals influenced.

The weight of the device is reduced by 20%, despite the presence of an LCD display.

"AstroLine" operating modes

  • Sleep monitoring.
  • Record from the built-in microphone and listen or delete voice prompts.
  • Play audio files in the "Player" mode.
  • Play music from the folder designed to store the alarm recordings after sleep.
  • Work in the mode of setting various parameters directly on the device.
  • Work in web-interface mode via Wi-Fi to manage settings and replace firmware.
  • Checking the operation of the device (test sensors and issuing prompts).
  • Work in USB storage mode.
  • Battery charge.


- "AstroLine" device with an eye movement sensor board;

- mask with a forehead pad;

- AC adapter / charger;

- USB cable;

- microSD memory card with a capacity of 4-8 GB;

user's manual Astroline_v1.3 ENG (.doc)

user's manual Astroline_v1.3 ENG (.pdf)

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