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A lucid dream will show you the path to self-improvement.



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“A lucid dream will show you the path to self-improvement.” Dr. Stephen Laberge

A lucid dream is a dream in which you understand that you are sleeping.

In such a dream, you can realize your dreams. Games and 3d films cannot be compared with impressions from a lucid dream. This is one of the highlights in life.

In a dream, you can fly, move to any place, overcome your fears and explore the world of your subconscious.

Many books have been written on the subject of lucid dreams and several films have been shot: “Beginning”, “Thirteenth Floor”, “Science of Sleep”, “Vanilla Sky” ...

Vivid lucid dreams occur in the quick phase of sleep (REM phase).

REM sleep phase (Rapid Eye Movement) - this is a phase of sleep characterized by increased brain activity. One of the signs of this phase is the rapid movement of the eyeballs.

Everyone is able to control sleep. The scientist Steven Laberger is convinced of this. He developed a device that helps people realize themselves in a dream.

The principle of operation of the device is based on a simple fact: "when a dream occurs, the eyes move under the eyelids."

Modern appliances are a soft mask worn over the eyes before bedtime.

Inside the mask is an electronic board with an eye movement sensor. The sensor responds to eye movement in the REM sleep phase and turns on a light and / or sound signal. The signal serves as a clue about the beginning of a dream.

How does the prompt work?

Scientific studies show that any manifestations of the environment during sleep can invade sleep and become conscious.

It is possible that you already have such an experience when the ringing of an alarm clock, phone or other sounds are interwoven into your dream, as a natural part of the dream.

Similarly, the device operates. He gives clues: soft light and sound signals. The main idea of the device is that prompts are given at the right time when you are dreaming.

DreamStalker has 3 built-in modes for people who have light, medium or sound sleep. All parameters are flexibly adjustable so that the tip gently penetrates into sleep and does not wake you.

There are 2 versions of the device: standard and Pro version.

In the DreamStalker Pro version, you can use your favorite music as a hint.

Pay attention to the comparative table of devices designed to enter a lucid dream.
The brain receives prompts and sends them to sleep. You will notice clues about changing your sleep content. So light flashes will turn, for example, into on / off light in the room or car headlights.
When you notice the prompts, you can say to yourself: “So this is DREAM!” And begin to manage it. Imagine what you could do in a dream if you had such a device.

DreamStalker will pay for itself for the first time when you experience a lucid dream. He will open the gates to a new world in which you can then travel already without the help of a device.

DreamStalker is a market leader in sleep control devices.

Examples of what you discover with the DreamStalker can be found on the forum. There you can read customer reviews, ask questions to the developer of the DreamStalker device and get advice.

Distinctive features of DreamStalker PRO (compared to the usual DreamStalker version) 

1. Record your own voice messages on the built-in microphone:

  • reproduced BEFORE the start of light, sound and vibration prompts;
  • reproduced AFTER the end of light, sound and vibration prompts;
  • used as dream scenarios with the ability to select the current scenario from the instrument menu.

Some experts in the field of lucid dreaming note that the sleeping person subconsciously experiences significant trust in his own voice, therefore, the sleeping person is more likely to fulfill his own command or accept a hint to enter the lucid dream, recognizing his voice intuitively.

2. Automatically activated voice recorder with voice instructions for recording your dreams (does not require removing the mask).

The device has the function of an alarm that works some time after issuing prompts so that a person has time to be in a lucid dream, but still has not had time to forget his dream. And waking up, I could write it down, for example, in a notebook.

However, immediately after waking up from sleep, many people who are in a drowsy state, for obvious reasons, experience difficulties in such a familiar thing as writing several lines on paper. How does this function help if you enable it in the settings menu?

Immediately after waking up, the device in a calm voice will inform that the recording of your voice message begins and will remind you that just to press the CHECK button to complete the recording. All this can be done without removing the mask.

3. Automatic (during the sleep timer) playback of high-quality MP3 files with recordings of nature's noise, light music for relaxation and improvement of sleep, with the ability to select (from the device menu) the desired directory with files for playback.

To improve sleep, you can use the counts of a sheep or elephants recorded by the voice, as well as listen to some auto-training, a story or a fairy tale, if it helps you fall asleep.

4. Vibration used as hints during a dream in addition to the light and sound wake-up signals.

The vibration in the device varies in strength, depending on the settings. Weak vibration is used to amplify prompts for entering a lucid dream. For example, in cases where a person sleeps so deeply that he does not want to notice light prompts in a dream, but cannot use audio prompts. Of course, the use of vibration as a self-hint is not excluded. Strong vibrations can be used to wake up completely in order to interrupt sleep in people suffering from nightmares.

The device will wake a person before the developing dream has yet had time to frighten him, and after waking up the person will fall asleep peacefully, but will already be plunged into a phase of deep sleep. Thus, the sleeping person will be able to avoid the climax of the nightmare in the phase of REM, cutting it off a little in time, and have a good sleep.

5. Connecting headphones allows you to use all the functions of the device without disturbing other people to sleep peacefully, and it also becomes possible to get high-quality listening to stereo MP3 files.

6. Using a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 2GB for storing music and voice files will allow you to place quite a large number of music files and various sounds of nature (for relaxation while falling asleep), and also allow you not to limit yourself in the number of voice recordings saved.

7. The built-in speaker for music and voice playback allows you to work with the device without using headphones.

8. The ability to copy ready-made files (in MP3 and WAV formats) to a microSD memory card from a computer for use in the operation of the device as voice messages, issued in accordance with the selected modes of operation. Also, all files recorded by you through the instrument's microphone can be copied from a memory card to a computer and played through any player (for example, through Windows Media Player).

We recommend to the device “DreamStalker” - a collection of audio programs for working with dreams.

Manual for DreamStalkerPRO

A full scan of the device (sensor testing eye movement)

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