Set for express diagnostics No. 2 (for A-SCAN)

Set for express diagnostics No. 2 (for A-SCAN)

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Express diagnostics of the psycho-emotional field of a person.


For rapid diagnosis of the psychoemotional field. For use with the A-SCAN device.

The kit contains a set of 10 diagnostic schemes for the psycho-emotional field and instructions for the diagnosis of the psycho-emotional field.

The psychoemotional field reflects both the general state of the psychoemotional sphere (the degree of harmony with oneself and others, mental strength, fullness of life), and specific psychoemotional states reflected in the diagnostic schemes: self-confidence and self-esteem, fear, tightness, anger, shame, attention deficit , lack of love, sexual tension and resentment against a partner, lack of flexibility, weakness, depression, sadness, hyper control, etc.

It is known that the cause of most painful conditions, especially chronic, difficult to cure, are negative thoughts and emotions (both conscious and subconscious). In other words, more than half of all diseases are of a psychosomatic nature.

The first symptoms of a beginning psychosomatic illness are feelings of depression, tension, fatigue, irritability.

The causes of psychosomatic diseases are diverse, the most common are negative psycho-emotional states, strong emotions and stresses, an unhealthy lifestyle, negative interpersonal relationships, a weak psycho-emotional field (poor protection and a great susceptibility to negative external influences).

When the deformations of the psychoemotional field appear in the picture:

  • complex massage,
  • acupuncture and electro-acupuncture,
  • yoga and stretching and other practices.

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