A-SCAN. Device for registrar human biofields

A-SCAN. Device for registrar human biofields


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Short description

A device for registration of the human biofield (aura) and home express diagnostics.


What is an A-scan?

  • unlimited aura prints
  • independent health monitoring
  • balance of psychoemotional state
  • hardware diagnostics of karma
  • detection and development of hidden abilities
  • tracking the influence of spiritual practices, yoga, taking dietary supplements and other external influences
  • Your own diagnostic business

What is the aura?

It has been scientifically and practically proved that man is a multidimensional structure, and the physical body is only the first, most dense shell. The physical body of a person is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, often called an aura.

 “Aura” (lat. “Aura” - 1) breath of air, airspace, heaven; 2) light).

The aura has no clear boundaries and penetrates into every cell of the body, reflecting its characteristics at subtle field levels. Aura is a complex chemical-electromagnetic oval cloud that surrounds the average person at a distance of about five centimeters from his shoulders. In other words, the aura is a person’s energy information field. It reflects not only the state of the physical body, but also the psycho-emotional state of a person and his karmic field.

The auric membrane is mobile, its size, shape and density changes from the physical, emotional and mental activities of a person. Aura can tell us everything about the inner essence of man.

The principle of operation

The A-scan is a low-cost alternative to the GDV camera. The type and quality of the image depends on the type of discharge. The action of A-scan is based on high-voltage pulsed discharges of low frequency. The A-scan device detects weak electromagnetic fields of a person and is able to register at least three aspects of the electromagnetic field surrounding and penetrating the physical body of a person.

The test finger is placed in the center of the electrode plate. A short press (1 sec.) Of the START button activates the device field that comes into contact with the human field, as a result of which a static imprint remains on the electrode plate. A picture is developed using a special spray device.

To obtain a print we connect a reusable electrode plate to the device:

Put your finger on the plate and press the button on the device for 0.5-2 seconds:

After that, we direct the toner container to the plate and press lightly on it, we get an image:

The device does not save the image and does not transfer it to the computer, so use a camera or other device to save it.

Who needs A scan?

The imprint of the aura will be useful to everyone who strives for self-knowledge and self-improvement, and also simply watches over the health of their and their loved ones.

We all move somewhere and are constantly under the influence of various external factors. Day after day, we may experience excitement, anxiety, fear, physical and mental discomfort, and not guess the true causes of these conditions. But self-realization and harmony with oneself and the outside world are the natural aspirations of every person.

It is proved that more than 60% of all diseases are of a psychosomatic nature. The constant need to restrain emotions, overwork at work, friction with other people and other external factors cause negative emotions, and then illness. To trace these external influences is to discover the cause of the problem before it manifests itself in the physical body, and this is 99% success.

What can the A-scan device show?

The state of the physical body: the state of the circulatory, endocrine, lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous systems, the condition of the teeth, the distribution of energy in the internal organs.

Psycho-emotional sphere: balance of emotions, stability of the emotional background, degree of harmony with oneself and the world, susceptibility to stress and depression, personality strength, tendency to addictions, etc.

Karmic field: personal karma, family karma, social karma, karmic knots, the degree of maturation of karma, mental strength, level of intuition, level of individual protection and the possibility of influence on other people, the degree of spiritual development.

Aura is a volatile shell. Using the “A-scan” device, you can make an unlimited number of prints and, monitoring the dynamics of the aura, independently monitor your health status, switch to positive thinking, track the influence of spiritual practices, the effects of any healers and drugs, develop hidden abilities ... in a word, know yourself and cultivate oneself.

Interpretation of the image,diagnostics of aura

The interpretation of the image is based on the knowledge of classical medicine on a diagnostic assessment of the physical state of a particular organ, the knowledge of oriental medicine on the passage of 22 meridians through the fingertips, psychological knowledge about psychosomatics and cause-effect karmic connections.

The picture is graphic, and there is nothing easier than comparing it with the attached diagrams.

The aura changes in time. Size, density, evenness change in accordance with thoughts, mood, experienced situations. The karmic field changes with every action and every thought. For diagnosis, you need to be able to take several pictures at different times and in different situations.

That is why the diagnostic device should be:
- simple and inexpensive
- autonomous
- with the possibility of self-diagnosis
- with the ability to take an unlimited number of shots

The device is certified.


  • A-SCAN diagnostic tool (model VT-09) - 1 pc.
  • Connecting cord - 1 pc.
  • Electrode plate - 2 pcs.
  • Soft plates for the care of the plates - 2 pcs.
  • Toner - 1 pc.
  • User manual - 1 pc.

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