Mental games. Management and control of thoughts

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Mental Games are based on the principle of applying biological feedback. Thought-driven games. Suitable for both children and adults.

Biofeedback method (BFB) - the transfer to a person of additional information not provided by nature about the state of his organs and systems in an accessible and visual form. This is a learning process in which people learn to improve their health and psychological state by observing signals coming from their own body.

This is a very effective way to gain skills to manage your condition (relaxation, activation, concentration), as well as to control stress, achieve deep relaxation and maximum concentration of attention.

Mental Games analyze the subtle changes in the values of the electrical resistance of your skin (skin-galvanic reaction) and display them on the computer screen in real time.

Mental Games are specially designed to achieve the following goals:

  • fast and efficient transition between states of deep relaxation and maximum physical and mental concentration and vice versa;
  • “Fine-tuning” the ability to maximize concentration of attention;
  • remain calm in extremely stressful and difficult situations;
  • achieving a continuous state of crystal clarity of consciousness ...

After a short time, you may notice that you become able to more calmly respond to all life difficulties and can afford a longer concentration on your work, but without “burnout”. You will learn new interaction strategies that save and develop the necessary internal resources.

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