«Diamond» set. 64 resonances for 1 month

«Diamond» set. 64 resonances for 1 month

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1. Aidanthe power of beauty and harmony (women and men).

Energy, Aidan is a bright, wise, the balanced, refined energy. The flow of energy (for visualization) is a bright field light lilac color. Feel the energy Aidan sparkling, joyful, bright, rousing, soft, warm. It is the energy of perfect geometry and highest, natural harmony. Allows you to see the beauty and harmony of the world, constrained with the rhythms of nature (recommend for city dwellers), it promotes thin feeling and more sensitivity. Contributes to the vision and feeling of harmony in itself, shows the relationship of internal and external. Helps to dissolve parasitic energy, everything that is not harmonious.

2. Energy baththe source of energy for power and extra cleansing.

Quick and effective cleaning from strong negative, powerful energy attacks, strong snaps, suction cups, etc. it is Recommended to connect not more than 1 time a week. Energy flow is a dense, heavy and hot Golden Orb in the solar plexus, almost instantly expanding to the size of the camera 3 – 4 m, where the effect of heat under pressure. The rapidly expanding flow kicks all current podlucky, suction Cup, sources holes, etc. Causes a temporary immobilization and a feeling of warmth or heat in the body. This is an extreme, but quick and efficient cleaning with power effect of baths, saunas, steam drums for thin bodies. Their strength the flow of energy literally scrapes with the subtle bodies of all that were the cause of the blocks, holes, or other negativity in the subtle bodies. The procedure is fast and need to improves vibration and start up the “sleeping” EN. centers. Is an emergency measure, it is not recommended to connect more than 1 time a week.

3. Golden Raycleansing, deep study.

The energy of the Golden Ray requires a certain experience with EN. flows, namely the ability to follow and not to resist the energies. The flow of energy is bright, tough, powerful and hot. For visuals – can have various shades of gold, from light white to deep reddish, depending on the state of EN. the structure of the operator and of the work produced. Energy is developing and has several stages of work. At the first stage Golden ray opens the dark passage, and comes the feeling of cold, it goes deep in subconscious information layer, clarify the deep motivations of the existing problems.

Hard time when the operator may have to face her negative traits, fears, karmic and ancestral issues, doubts and insecurities, etc. In the second phase, darkness begins to dissipate and at the end of the tunnel opened, the operator can see the bright Shine of the gold a warm beam. This period is the cleansing, which can manifest as humility, acceptance of self and others, comprehension of lessons, repentance, tears, etc., with which there is a feeling of bright, direct, uncompromising Force. In the third stage, the energy flow expands, envelops, gets hot, plotnee and becomes like thick Golden honey. During this period, the operator feels purified, light, strong (physically and spiritually), protected, invulnerable. The duration of each individual period.

4. John- new axial energy for transformation.

Brand new and actual energy source of energy appeared just a few years ago... Most important feature of the new axial energy (refers to the Central vertical axis) is the prevalence of mental component, which came to the fore as a result of a General increase in the frequency. If, before the transition aspects of axial energies lined up according to their influence as: energy level, physical, mental, the new axis of energy is the mental energy, the physical (there was a cyclic shift). Energy is extremely urgent, can say, necessary in modern conditions. Required course only for those who want through mental control of his personal reality and to influence the processes of the surrounding world. JNA energy necessary for the transformation processes in the subtle bodies and transfer of consciousness to a new level.

John acts where the body and mind are ready for transformational processes associated with quantum jump. The main channel energy John Central vertical axis (the projection on the physical body - the spine). Energy makes up our Central axis is strong and resilient, helps to sustain transformational loading and supporting the nervous tension. When receiving energy Jña possible (especially at first) is discomfort that is associated with the construction and restructuring of relationships between the major EN. centers on the axis, which is reflected in the physical body. In practice, energy is used for the development of personal energies, cleansing the integral of the field from virtual programs, the formation of an individual reality, creating a support of consciousness, the ability to set ourselves the right goals, issues, tasks, etc., allocation of a temporary resource, as the right balance between work and free time and reducing burning of energy in your free time etc.

5. The Creatorthe source of energy for purification and expansion of personal creative channel.

The energy of the Creator - Easy, active, Yang energy. Energy ideal not only for representatives of creative professions (artists, writers, actors, singers, designers etc.), but also to anyone who wants to find creative approaches in any business and outside the box to look at the situation. Energy gives inspiration, a passion, a creative approach to any business and situation, helps with the feeling of being trapped, lack of exit routine. Animates and gives meaning to any endeavor.

6. Blue bird– the energy of good luck and prosperity.

Energy flow Blue Bird powerful, joyful, flowing, dense, filling, for visualization is a wide vertical stream of thick Golden color, consisting of many flowing streams, overlooking the 1.5 - 2 m beyond the operator's body. Energy flow Blue Bird gives a sense of satisfaction with life here and now, happy mood, increases the feeling of prosperity, helps develop feelings of gratitude to the Universe, to balance receiving impact energy from the outside world. Contributes to the opening of the creative channel and profitable investment of their energy. Quality energy promote prosperity in all fields: addresses the challenges in material development, attracts success and prosperity, improves mood, builds relationships, and can also be used in the field of spiritual development for cultivation of a state of gratitude, openness and sensitivity to the flow of the Universe.

7. Unconditional Love- manifestation of the energy of Love on different levels and in different spheres.

Multi-dimensional energy of Unconditional love opens up another level of love to yourself and the world. The energy of Unconditional love helps us to understand the unconditional Love as an internal state, not dependent on external factors. Establishes relationship with the world with feelings of emptiness, injustice, resentment, despair, anger, including long-standing negative emotions from the past. Helps to achieve harmony within themselves and with the outside world, increases awareness, in the space-time energy can be here and now. Opens up new ways in different areas – relationships, work, Finance, spiritual growth. In General we can say that the energy of Unconditional love nourishes and warms the Soul, helps it be implemented through the body in the physical world, helps us to understand its destiny, to find and collect themselves here-and-now.

8. Chanel –the energy of female identity and success.

The energy of Chanel is the energy of search of individuality bordering on call in their otherness and energy for a brave woman who is not afraid to broadcast their personality to the world...this is changing it. Energy contributes to the formation of an individual style, deep learning and self-discovery, increased confidence, magnetically attract good fortune and prosperity, contributes to the opening of the business, creative and social implementation of the women, however, requires a high level of self-discipline. A “separate and independent” helps to find the second half. Helps beautifully, clearly and accurately Express their thoughts, helps with public speaking. The energy of Chanel requires caution to use only if you are sure that the energy has the scope of.

9. Apollothe energy source of perfection for men.

The resonance of Apollo in the first place carries the energy of knowledge to men – knowledge is not so much intellectual as skills to navigate in the external energies and control them. Apollo is energy education, leadership, manifested primarily in the field of career and self-realization. Energy allows you to actively link the energy and space to realize themselves in outer space. Can be called energy Apollo – perfect, or “cleaned,” Yang-energies. Energy source Apollo devoid of aggression. It is the energy of knowledge, skills, wisdom, and realization. Apollo energy is a necessary “ground” the energy basis for further spiritual development and improvement of a modern man.

10. Jade massageEnergomash.

Very nice, powerful but soft energy of Energomash. Similar to the action of acupuncture, but at the level of the subtle bodies – the massage of energy channels. New energies, removing blocks and stagnant processes in the subtle bodies, improved emotional state, filling with vitality and a feeling of lightness and relaxation. In General, the feeling of energy is very similar to the state after a proper reflexology.

11. Diamond Tincturethe source of energy for protection, purification and to bring in the reference as the external energy sector.

Energy flow in the Diamond visually Tincture is a Golden, elastic and pleasant to the touch layered crystal of complex shape, extending from the region of Manipur to the periphery of EN. sphere. One of the versatile and powerful protective and cleansing energies. Cleans and protects the subtle bodies from the destructive energies and low vibrations. Energy patches and restores the subtle body, enhances the luminosity of the subtle bodies (sometimes under favorable circumstances, this energy can be perceived visually by others), allows you to fill the reference condition. Energy Diamond Color is able to eliminate stagnant energy processes in EN. field.

12. Knicks– energy source for high-quality sleep.

Energy Niks allows you to sleep efficiently in less time, helps eliminate problems with insomnia and other sleep problems. The flow of energy enveloping and relaxing, similar in feel to a soft, warm blanket. Energy reduces stress and removes mental dialogue, relaxes the body, promotes both deep night sleep and a short rest. You may receive answers in your sleep.

13. Ecstatica– energy of sensuality in all its manifestations.

Energy Ecstatica primarily directed works with 1-2 chakra, that is sexual sphere. Helps to overcome the existing sexual complexes and units, including going from childhood and associated with relationship boy mother girl father. Visual flow Ecstatics like a very thin, soft, silky, shiny, enveloping blanket of purple. Energy suitable for changing patterns of sexual behavior with the opposite sex.

Enhances self-confidence, passion, sensuality, promotes the adoption of its body, sexual emancipation, but also increases attractiveness to the opposite sex. Contributes to the magnetic attraction of sexual partners. The energy flow is very powerful, for a start it is recommended that low power level. In addition to the sexual sphere, the energy Ecstatica increases the overall level of vitality: returns the joy of life, increases the brightness and freshness of impressions, renews and exacerbates the perception (including taste and olfactory sensations).

14. The Sword Of Intentionschannel energy clear, positive, true intentions.

Channel energy Sword intent visually is a dense and cool beam of energy stylista blue color with a diameter of 3-5 cm, which is included in the region of manipura. When connected may cause the uncomfortable feeling of “sucking in the stomach”, density below the navel, podtachivaniya, out-of-body experience. Energy helps to listen and understand the needs of his spirit, to clear the mental space in the formation of intentions from the actions of virtual programs create the true intentions (intentions that support creating inner harmony and symmetry, and harmony is formed the intention with the outside world). Such intentions are formed in the energy field of the Sword intentions, materialsource Universe faster as clean, clear, positive and supportive of the universal harmony.

15. Madonna– the female energy of harmony, elimination of negative tribal programs and the implementation of women in society.

The energy of motherhood, embracing love and soft feminine power. Absorbing, warm, but extremely dense energy. Energy feeds the sacred women's center – the uterus. The energy of Madonna helps to restore a family tree of women, eliminates the negative ancestral programs and facilitates the attainment of peace and harmony, support women in natural forces and energy. Energy helps to establish harmonious relations in the couple relationship parent-child, to work through childhood traumas and helps the woman to be realized in society and hold individual rhythms.

16. Lollipop– energy sweet women.

Energy Lollipop works on the external boundary of EN. sphere and responds to the energy exchange with the surrounding world in the field of communication women with the opposite sex. Energy Lollipop enveloping, visually perceived as an iridescent or rainbow glitter outer contour EN. cocoon with his recovery. Extends “petals” Anahata and Svadhisthana. Energy increases the attractiveness and sexuality of women, promote female charisma, makes communication with men a light, refined. The energy Candy gives boldness in thoughts and actions, gives charm and charm, the eroticism of the voice helps to make the process of chatting and flirting effortless and beautiful. Energy Candy can make a woman desirable and in demand in various fields, to increase the influence on men.

17. Big Boss (BB)– source of energy leadership and dominance.

Energy BB – powerful, rigid, vertically oriented. The energy of the BB helps to be a leader in any field, contributes to a realistic assessment of the situation and to develop strategic thinking, developing creative thinking and vision, helps to operate (structure) of the external energy, develop communication skills and the ability to understand people. The main purpose of energy is to lead others along. The energy source is suitable for business processes and for personal and domestic use.

18. The Sword Of The Warrioris a source of strength and courage.

The energy source of men's inner strength, restraint and confidence, regardless of external data. The motto of the men with the energy of a Warrior – “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Energy gives the ability to overcome internal, to be above challenges and temporary circumstances, to set goals. The energy Sword of a Warrior is not aggressive, it's quiet and calm strength, based on overcoming themselves and control their inner energies. Energy helps to gain the courage to overcome life's difficulties, and to develop speaking skills.

19. Waterfall Of Nahuati– energy source for the complex purification on different levels.

Washer, cool, fresh energy flow Waterfall of Nahuati visual and perceived - as the waterfall is huge, the vertical energy bright brilliant color. The flow cleans from the most common virtual programs perceived podlucky embedded thoughts and attitudes, impacts etc. Energy brings clarity, freedom from illusion, knowledge, an expanded perception of the World, preparation for work with high frequency energies.

20. Heavenly Keys– three aspects of the energies of good luck and prosperity.

The energy flow of Heaven the keys is a bright, milky-white octahedron, whose vertices are at a distance of approx. 15 cm have a top and below the stop, respectively. Energy is needed for linking the Earthly and the Heavenly aspects of the luck factor of the Person. In practice, the energy helps to establish a harmonious matching between desires and real circumstances, between desires and aspects of Personal Code, which is mostly space born, but also some cultural, karmic and national characteristics. The energy of the Celestial keys aimed at a specific event, increases the factor of luck, and also allows you to gently and naturally work with the order.

21. Pomegranate Ray– the energy that gives “kick” to change and work on yourself. The flow of active energy in the form of sharp beam of energy rich red, the edge included in the region of manipura. Energy for those who need a kick to action first and foremost to work on themselves. Stream Garnet light suitable for lazy people, people with weak-willed and dependent on external circumstances and others that have a weak relationship with their Spirit. The flow activates the will and karmic tasks, enhances the event thread, makes more manifest the reaction of the World on their thoughts/actions. Sometimes the process is painful, because it is often connected with the exit from the zone of comfort and lifestyle change. Relieves chronic and stagnant energy, operates on returns lodged in the process energy.

22. Ikaros– source of energy for the healing heart center.

The energy of the Icaros helps to heal the soul from resentment, aggression, negativity and negative memories of the past, and insecurity. It helps to forgive yourself and others. Brings clarity of vision and perception, helps to get rid of illusions. Stream Icros is visually perceived as lively, beautiful, pulsing crystal in the center of anahata. Creates a peaceful, clean, strong condition. Opens vision to a complex, intricate situation to give answers to the questions.

23. Maternal palmthe source of energy to overcome the heavy conditions.

Maternal hand - enveloping, comfortable, comforting, and extremely warm energy flow of a sapphire color. The energy of light in darkness, ease, joy and meaning of life. Suitable at any severe conditions, when you want to give up, such as doubt and hopelessness, fear, insecurity, depression, difficult life situations, psychological attacks, addiction, and illusion, absence of meaning of life. Maternal hand – the energy to move forward, get answers and guidance in spiritual darkness.

24. Mens– energy source for recovery.

Mens is a flow of fresh, life-giving, healing energy. Energy helps to recover from energy attacks and other effects, transferred nervous tension, streaks, depressions, etc. Aligns the emotional background. The flow of energy mens wash the entire energy structure, enliven, fill power, improve where necessary and harmonise the vibration of the subtle bodies. the Energy comes in the form of a broad and powerful stream, which can be controlled via the mental focusing of flow in the beam and the beam is needed for a certain area of the body or the situation. In ancient Egypt, the first flow associated with the Lunar bull MINICOM, and then with the Solar bull APIs. Using energy mens restored Osiris and Dionysus.

25. Ergon– energy transmutation of the experience of past incarnations.

Energy contributes to the integration of experience and knowledge of past incarnations and implementation karmic challenges. Simply and naturally can come to the decision that once seemed difficult or even impossible. Ergon energy gives a sense of integrity here and now. Converts negative energy into a positive experience. At the same time energy has protective properties due to the upgrade and strengthening of energocascade of the outer sphere. Attention! When the resonance of Ergon, it is recommended more rest, be in nature, not favourable plenty to interact with technology, drive vehicles and make important decisions.

26. The Tone Of Amethystthe source of energy for the protection of family and property.

The flow of energy Tone Amethyst gives protection relationship from infidelity and divorce, contribute to a comfortable, harmonious atmosphere in the family, protect the family home and protects home, personal property and family source of income. Energy gives protection to children, brings the family a life of prosperity and peace, brings peace, and harmonizes the relationship parent-child. Protects from scanning the energy of the family and attempts to implement it protects against embedded virtual destructive programs operating on the disorder, the scandals and disorders in the family.

27. Infinitythe source of the continuous movement of energies.

Important resonance for self-development. Resonance is not immediately, but incrementally. It is important to capture energy for its practical use. The flow of energy in the Infinite cold white spiral shape but no clear boundaries of the shape similar to the movement of cool, viscous air space. Energy is Infinity and the energy of continuous motion, an important energy base for development. Energy allows you to be here-and-now, to be in the development process.

For real development, it is important to be able to be in the process of development, not just to declare the development: in the first case, the person increases the force vector, which leads to qualitatively different results. Without the energy Infinity man is at best self-development pays some residual from the “major social problems” time, time, which almost never happens.

The energy of Infinity is necessary for quality cleaning from virtual programs and avoiding the reactionary type of thinking. Energies balance and declared the true, internal objectives, allows to extend the practice time for the duration of your stay, control of sexual energy helps to make sense of life and find practical and socially significant aspects of practices, to go from addictions.

28. Bentleysocial setting the energy of wealth and prosperity.

29.Red velvet– getting rid of love negativity of the past.

Energy source Red velvet suitable for both women and men. Energy is fluid, soft, like a fluffy cloud. Energy to cleanse the consciousness from emotional traumas and frustrations associated with the negative love situations in the past. Suitable for people with a cynical Outlook on life, with a hardened, closed heart, lack of faith in love and negative for the opposite sex. The energy of Red velvet brings healing, softens, soothes and opens the heart to new relationships. Helps to improve existing relationships.

30. Socialitechannel women's social energy.

Multifaceted, malleable, plastic energy is a dark purple color. Energy gives the owner an opportunity to establish social contacts, find backers, to draw attention to and comfortable to be the center of attention, to develop the ability to surround (multi-level) communication. Gives a sense of inner nobility, charm, samodostoinstva, allows you to quickly develop beautiful speech and a sense of individual style. Indirectly affects the financial component.

31. Diamond Moon– new meditative energy for women.

The energy of the Diamond moon is a new source of energy that emits high levels of vibration and allows women to go to the operation of high frequency energies . Energy Diamond Moon - the power for women practitioners, as well as all women working in (or trying to do) spiritual development in the modern world. Female practices have their own characteristics that require a particular quality of energy that are in the current space is in shortage. Energy Diamond moon has its practical side, but is mostly used for meditation and practice. On the physical level the energy of the Diamond moon is working with the womb energy centre. The energy of the Diamond moon is a kind of power generator, allowing the woman to capture additional energy from the space. Is the formation of vibration having a certain tone, which is in resonance with the space, stretching vibrations from the outside. Energy helps establish natural rhythms in women and normalize the menstrual cycle. Visually, the flow of energy is a silver cone whose apex is located in the uterus. Interacting, learning and using the energy of the Diamond moon, a woman gets the chance to go to another stage of its development in conditions of modern space, that is, to generate high energy, feeds the Spirit.

32. Hussarsthe source of the energies of masculine charisma.

The energy source for men who are the center of attention or want to be the center of attention. The spiral flow of energy moving light terracotta color that comes from the manipura (the center of the abdomen). Energy has a significant impact on the Manipur and vishudha. Energy allows the man to actively collect the attention and energies easily be the center of attention, to show their best qualities in communication and to find their own style, opens the throat chakra and promotes speaking skills. Contributes to the development of a sense of humor. Energy hussars in qualities light, energetic, inspiring, and attractive to the opposite sex.

33. Brahmanthe source of the sacred masculine energies.

The source of the Brahman energy allows a man to live and build of external space in accordance with the highest principles. The source of energy may open the man of higher knowledge that lies beyond the threshold of familiar, everyday reality. In the sacred plane of energy allows the man to hold the energy of the Earth and of Sky, it has become an important link in the sacred cosmology.

Source energy allows you to power the super-conscious, high-frequency efforts to transform sexual energy for the development of self-awareness and inner integrity. Man, unlike woman has no uterus, and therefore, he is deprived of such an important parameter as the return energy. The source of the Brahman energy allows a man to experience a special experience and to achieve a sense are not available in the usual modern format of residence.

34. The resonance immediately turningthe source of energy for raising personal vibrations.

Multifaceted and multifunctional energy immediately Turning nourishes the consciousness of high frequency energy necessary for the quality of its transformation in accordance with the requirements of a modern changing world (period of change of epochs).

Facilities to implement this energy is very wide: it is the development of clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, energy for life in dreaming, realign the subtle bodies, removing old energies from the structures, the extension of the energy range of transmission developments direct channel with GAIP, information, experiences from past incarnations and the integration of the experience in the present, etc. is Recommended as the basic energy in a modern space. Visually, the flow of energy is a spiral, thick, cool energy of purple color extending through the body and 40-50 cm outside the body widening towards the upper EN. centers.

35. Isha– the energy of self-knowledge and self-honesty.

Energy flow is silky and soft, you'll in a circular spiral around the throat of EN. center, then extends spirally up and down the Central channel. Energy helps to help to reveal the truth about himself, his purpose, identify your true desires and promotes their implementation. Also the flow helps to beautifully and clearly Express their thoughts, contributes to the development of speaking abilities, which helps to keep the attention of the audience.

36. The Elixir Of Success– source smart energy success.

Energy is the Elixir of Success in its essence represents the energy of liquid crystal with certain settings – qualities of success, luck, favorable circumstances in the most different spheres of life. It sounds simple and trite, but in fact the configuration of this liquid crystal is extremely complex and represent a specific loop buffer through which the interaction of EN. sphere with the surrounding space, which is simultaneously in three spaces – the frequency, temporal and multidimensional space of options.

This configuration of the resonance determines its mobility, versatility, manageability and, ultimately, effectiveness. So, energy is the Elixir of Success is perceived as a buffer medium, through which the operator interacts with the surrounding space. Imagine that you were put in the water bubble, only this water is less dense, but more programmable, that is responsive to the intent of the operator.

This environment subtly responds to the intentions of the operator and sent to the sphere in which there is deliberately formed intention, whether it be spiritual development, love or financial sector. Visually, this “smart” energy flow is a structured space consisting of changing geometric shapes of different colors. The Elixir of Success also has a “side” effect – protection from adverse effects.

37. Lunar cloakinvisible actions and intentions.

The flow of energy the Lunar Cloak's cold, slippery, feels like silk, is visually perceived as a pale shining (like moonlight) the downward flow of energy, beginning behind the ears and extending down to the region of the Shin and ankles. Energy Lunar Cloak possesses strong reflective properties, which allows to save in an information vacuum any actions or intentions of the operator. Energy favorable in any planning, goal setting, energy practices, energy-intensive action and any actions that the operator wishes to protect the information from scanning.

38. Hanukkah“smart” energy for work with space.

The flow of energy “Hanukkah” is the flow structuring energy to work with space. Visual flow is perceived as shimmering, beautiful crystal, coated with a special symbols on the faces located in the upper EN. centers. Passive energy forms a harmonious features of the space within a radius of 30 m from the operator and can be used for finding inner balance and harmony with the outside World.

The flow can be controlled by the mental – to be active - and be sent in the form of light waves emanating from one of the faces of the crystal and propagated the beam of a flashlight on the aggressive, pathogenic, inharmonious in space. The light becomes brighter where the energy of Chanukah is more active and thus energy can be used to diagnose space and detect invisible, hidden or disguised sources of pathogenic energies. In the active state, the flow of Hanukkah works regardless of distance and sizes and can be aimed at a space where there are wars, natural disasters, disease, etc. to establish harmonious characteristics on site.

39. Swan neckchannel energy to search for and retain a permanent partner.

Energy Swan neck visually represents the form of a closed spiral (symbol of infinity in volume), viscous, thick, dark-blue with Golden and red splashes of color. Energy Swan neck collects all positive experience of romantic relationships in the family and in past incarnations, forms the channel to attract a partner on the basis of co-creation. Energy helps to understand their true needs and desires in the relationship, to set requirements to the partner, to understand themselves and their needs than speeds up a meeting at the request energy level.

Energy not only helps to connect the halves, and the magnetic method attracts coincidences and happy situation conducive to the expression of deep feelings and heart opening. Gently stimulates the heart and sexual centers, promotes acceptance of oneself and others. Helps to open up and Express their feelings on the higher spiritual levels. Energy works well on the involvement of the partner in public places. The existing relationships and helps to get them to a new level, gives the relations of novelty, helps you find compromise and harmonize relationships.

40. Changes– “smart” energy-Converter to reverse any adverse processes, situations and circumstances.

The energy of Change works in a multidimensional space of options as energy Converter, applied for a situation and is not recommended for permanent inclusion. The energy Change does not as such pronounced qualities, is managed and directed by conscious intention to change any of the circumstances, situations, processes. Aimed at any unfavorable to operator, process, energy, first, blocking its further development, and secondly, the process returns to its starting point – the point of origin of the process, where the task of the operator is to make a different choice, choose a different variant line. A multi-stage process, therefore, requires from the operator a certain amount of experience of tracking and managing energy.

41. Firewall– universal protective network from any negativity.

The flow of energy in the passive state is not designed in any attacks on the operator is released from the palms of the hands in the form of a glittering network of multifaceted structures (number of dimensions and size of cells depend on the volume of consciousness of the operator). Firewall absorbs any negativity directed at the operator, and either transformerait it into neutral energy, either returns back to the source. Often when the issue of energy flow Firewall the source of the negativity loses the gift of speech, freezes, forgets about his intention. Simple, affordable and versatile protection from negativity.

42. The Path Of The Buddha– energy and softness.

The flow of energy in the form of a bright Golden sphere located in the center of anahata. Energy is the way of the Buddha is the energy of softness and contemplation, levels psycho-emotional sphere, helps to recover after hard feelings, psychological trauma, severe emotional States. Softens the rudeness, aggressiveness, removes destructive emotional expressions. By balancing the frame of EN. body improves the energy exchange with the world, improves communication, helps to open to the world, to understand love in a wide sense, energy. Could resolve the dependencies of a different plan. Helps to make a harmonious relationship between man and woman.

43. Black pillar– energy protection from envy, gossip, intrigue, anger.

The flow of energy Black Pillar makes it look like an 8-sided column of black color. Viscous, dense, cold flow energy is one of the most powerful protective energies from envy, gossip, intrigue, social bullying, anger from others and so on. Energy gives a feeling of toughness, security, psychological resistance, neprobivaemosti, comfort in environment of ill-wishers. Energy Black Pillar works well on different levels: verbal, emotional, astral, mental, software, etc.

44. Pleasing to the eye– energy visual beauty.

Resonance, which we have not found significant practical application, however, due to its showiness, decided to release. Energy please the eye is the energy of the visual beauty of the world. Energy permeates the eye color and shape, suitable for practice with mandalas and ANTRAM, visualization, development of imagination, helps get rid of depression and gives a sense of napichavanie the beauty of the world. Can be used to set the mood, and just fun.

When you connect this resonance the colors are bright, the picture of the world – interesting. Can be used in conjunction with resonance – getting rid of severe conditions, cleansing and creative resonances, the resonances enhance sensuality and sexual energy. Resonance suitable artists, designers and people of all creative professions.

45. Onna-Bugeishaenergy warrior woman.

The energy of the new time for women, developing a Yang-vector. The energy of the Onna-bugeisha transformerait sexy women's creative energy into high frequency energy, contributes to an active orientation in space, to capture the energies of space. The energy of the Onna-bugeisha is the quality of concentrated softness, subordinate compliance and directional chaos. If the feminine energy to compare with the water flow, the energy of the Onna-bugeisha is a hydroelectric power plant.

Energy is transformative and not at all rude or aggressive. For women, standing in their Way. Allows to achieve fast and amazing results in self-development, self-realization in society, in financial terms, but requires pronounced Yan-discipline (emotional and behavioral), without which the energy of the Onna-bugeisha will only disbalancement internal processes.

46. Crystal mirrorthe source of energy for the female of the disclosure, the Transfiguration and transformation.

Suitable for women with impaired in the direction of Yang energy balance, as well as women female professions and spheres of activity – business, technical professions, activities related to brute force, etc. Energy awakens the inner femininity that is expressed as the reduction of aggression, the restoration of harmonious relationships in a couple, easy communication and management of men, playfulness, visual appeal and charm of style. Promotes the adoption of its nature, the development of spiritual qualities in a woman and restore emotional balance.

47. Machothe source of male sexual energy.

The energy source of men's attractiveness, charisma, personal power and sexuality. Energy Macho gives self-confidence, promotes sexual disclosure and control of the biological program, the release of sexual energy. Energy helps to dominate and to be aware of their social role deeply understand the nature of their own desires, promotes the active pursuit of sexual partners.

48. God Helmet– energy to power the structure of the brain

God helmet is a unit of energy necessary for high functioning of the brain. The flow of energy dense, malleable, silvery color from the top down, actively engages with Sahasrara and agnoy, fills the brain and then down the spine into the body and to the periphery, causing a feeling of warmth, heaviness, and filling the periphery of the body (hands and feet). Contributes to the development of psychic abilities, clarity of thinking, work with temporary flows, processing large amounts of information, linking information, the development of memory and attention. At first it may cause a feeling of fullness in the head, but without weighting.

49. Maria– source of energy for the development of cellular consciousness.

Multifunctional energy to enter into interaction with human DNA and affect the reproduction of the information code cells. Energy allows you to transfer consciousness at the molecular level, to consciously start the process of renewal and cell repair in the body, deliberately to program cells for a particular job, change the vibrational frequency of cells, to consciously activate the dormant codons. Energy suitable, experienced practitioners, and for domestic purposes the rejuvenation and restoration of functional integrity and of the luminosity of parts of the structures. The flow of energy Maria is a double spiral, bright, bright, Golden color. In the passive condition (automatic mode) the flow is connected with the axis of the person, nourishes and fills the whole body. Can be used for diagnosis – flow dark or cloudy in those parts of the body that have a malfunction at the cellular level. In the active state, the flow is controlled and directed mentally to the desired area of the body.

50. Shepherd– purification of necrotic.

The flow of energy Shepherd is a funnel with a narrow base in the area of Sahasrara, spirally extending and unwinding to the lower energy centers. Visually, bright yellow, yellow-orange or orange. The flow of energy the Shepherd removes necrotic binding, household cemetery damage, etc. and recovers the appropriate breakdowns in EN. field. Cleans virtuallock tied to necrotic energy.

51. Agarta– energy for the realization of multidimensionality.

Verbal is difficult to Express the operation of agarta...resonance Energy agarta is one of the sacred sources of energy, which is a three channel, forming a unified network of structures of the human and the Earth's energy grids. Visual channels trapped difficult, therefore, the resonance is perceived as an intermediate EN. the structure of complex geometry, lots of corridors, changing the direction of their perceptions. A source of energy linked to one of the sacred buildings of ancient civilizations. Such energy is quite reasonable, so agile and interact with them to some extent similar to the human contact. Using energy agarta can zoom in to perceive the multidimensionality of the past and the future through intention in the present. When ripe, energy is a significant extension of the vibrating range and the simultaneous perception of different Realities. Gives a sense of timelessness, blurring boundaries of the physical body, here, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Side effects energy possible memories of previous incarnations. To connect the resonance of agarta, you must be careful, only after complete cleaning, restoration and configuration of the structure of EN. body. When you connect possible physical effects – the sensation of pressure and fullness in the temples, the crown and centre of the brain.

52. Naked– the flow of energy miracles.

Wikipedia defines a miracle as “an unusual, rare, unexplored phenomenon, which looks like a violation of the laws of nature.” Resonance Naga is a unit of energy active in the following main areas: restoring faith and trust to the world; the content of the desires and intentions of extra energy, heart, passion, inspiration, concentration and commitment; the cleansing of the mental clarity, positive thoughts, freedom from doubt and negativity; focus vision, increased intuition; working with limiting patterns (attitudes); the power of words. The unit of energy allows the field operator to become stable in the deep layers of space options (so-called “space of rare events”) and to bring to life a piece of the miracle.

53. The etheric doubledetection of damages in thin bodies.

Energy works aimed at detection of damages and blocks in the subtle bodies. Desirable some level of threading energies, because the shape of the thread may scare the beginner, since a sufficiently granular way follows the shape of the human body. The flow of energy Essential dvoinie is a neutral temperature, sweet, silky body, a bit protruding beyond the physical body. The connection energy can be accompanied by a sensation of “sticking”, immobilization, rest, thoughtlessness. For the detection of damages in thin body is necessary to monitor closely the color of the thread (for vialov) or changes sensations (for cinestetico) energy of the Etheric double. A healthy Etheric double has bright, brilliant color. Fading and darkening in different areas of varying difficulty diagnose damage in the subtle bodies. At a certain level of work with EN. flow to focus the flow of the Etheric double into the beam or point at another person for diagnosis.

54. Crossroads– energy is the right choice.

Universal energy to a wide scope of application, necessary for orientation and transition in the variant lines. When the person opens many roads (contingency lines), there is a need of orientation in them. Energy allows you to maintain the amount of consciousness necessary for the existence of several variant lines at the same time. Assists in opening the ways for choosing the correct (“correct” from the perspective of consciousness development, increase the frequency and repetition of the tasks of the spirit).

Energy centers, helps concentrate on core tasks and save energy. The energy expands the energy body and improves intuition. When used properly, the source of energy Crossroads, is a qualitative shift in various fields, from financial to spiritual development. Visually, the flow of energy has a multi-vortex shape color from the waves of the sea to deep blue and emerald green, passes around the body from the feet to the top.

55. Alfthe source of high frequency energy for the removal of implants and imprints. The flow of energy is a light bright cube the size of 2-3 times more than the human body, inside of which circulates the energy to the special vibrations that help cleanse from the most embedded structures in EN. sector, such as implants and imprints (i.e. extraterrestrial origin). Cleansing is due to the special qualities of energy that are not compatible with these devices.

Roughly speaking, the cube or the cabin filled with the energy of Alphas de-energizes implants and impurity, whereby the separation of the subtle bodies from embedded devices to neutralize their impact, the return of personal energy, alignment of personal vibration, the transformation of negative situations, balancing the psycho-emotional sphere, the return of good luck etc. Gives a sense of smoothness, purity and shlifovannoe physical body (like after a bath, for example). Can be short-term soreness at locations of implants and imprints. Specific energy, high frequency and not suitable for regular use – 1-2 times a week.

56. Black Tan– extra cleaning of the new time. The flow of energy Black Tana has a multi-layered cellular structure of black colour interspersed with silver. Even some seers called this energy flow is one of the new chakras of man. Feel the flow of cool, harsh, vortex. Energy Black tan absorbs negativity of different levels: their own negativity on a mental and emotional level, and most importantly, converts it to a clean, bright energy; energy attacks, mental attacks, energy filled with a sense of calm strength, of confidence, of security, of invulnerability. It has been observed that Black tan often works ahead of the curve and event planning allows you to prevent any malicious action against the operator.

57. Jade jewelthe energy of the highest erotic enjoyment.

Jade jewel is the energy of sexuality and high sexual pleasure. Enhances and distributes the sexual energy throughout the body and primarily feeds the brain secreted during coitus energy. Gently cleanses all EN. centers on the Central axis. Jade jewel increases the overall sensitivity of the body and awaken the erogenous zones of both women and men. Energy increases the pleasure of sex, gives a feeling of freedom, relaxation and bliss. Helps to rejuvenate and increase vitality, healing energy, life-prolonging, it is recommended that all Mature in age. In addition to the sexual sphere, the jade jewel helps people unleash their creativity and potential for life, gives a feeling of joy and spice to life.

58. Living waterthe source of energy to increase the vitality of water.

odwazny energy flow Living Water is light blue or turquoise spiral shape in a passive (no mental control) affects the state of body fluids (blood, lymph, etc.), it has a cleansing and boosting vitality properties. Feel the flow of cool, refreshing, imbues. Energy flow Living Water improves the condition of skin and can be used for cosmetic purposes. In the active state, flow is focused into a beam and can be aimed at all consumed liquids and food and makes it alive. Can be directed to bath water, this bath will help cleanse the body of toxins, rejuvenation and weight loss.

59. Golden Lizardcombat business energy.

Stream battle of energy Golden Lizard visually has the shape of a large spiral cellular structure (so large that it is perceived can often only part of the flow, but it doesn't matter), feels like cold, mobile, active, dense stream of energy Golden color. Combat energy is the Golden Lizard in the first place suitable for the business processes. Energy works on fast seal, structuring and expanding personal financial egregor, works fast and powerful protection of the financial flow has a magnetic strength, stamina, mental toughness and workability of the operator. Has the properties of mirroring the return of all negative influences. Also helps to understand the essence of processes that shows the true face of people and their intentions. The martial aspect allows you to quickly absorb the energies of similar (competitive) energy flows.

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