Resonances are connected and managed in your Personal Account on the site

If you are already registered, then log in with your account.

If you are not registered, then register. Choose a username and password in English letters, confirm the registration from your e-mail.

Click “Resonance Packages” in the “My Products” section.
Select the desired resonance package and click the "Buy" button.
Confirm the purchase and pay for the order with one of the proposed payment methods.

Tell us about payment by e-mail, indicating the order number.

After paying for the order, the system administrator will confirm the payment and the procedure for obtaining a vibration signature will become available to you.
Click on "Get Vibrating Signature," and follow the instructions.
At the end of the procedure, you will receive a vibration signature and an individual mantra.

The vibration signature is your unique identifier for connecting resonances.

In your account, the resonances of your package will be available for switching on, pausing and adjusting the power level for a period of 1 month.

After the package has expired, repeat the purchase procedure.

You do not need to receive a vibration signature again.