PSI-EM. Multiphase correlator. Frequency generator

PSI-EM. Multiphase correlator. Frequency generator


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PSI-EM model with microphone. The use of a microphone enhances the effect of the device, concretizes it and makes it more focused.


Multiphase correlator, model PSI-EM with microphone.

Background to the discovery

Attempts of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation to produce an unusual and rare psychic abilities are taken for a long time and in many countries. On the Internet there are many references about the use of SHF and EHF radiation.

The lack of widely available publications on this topic have generated a lot of myths, legends and horror stories: about psychotronic weapons, remote control zombie, slumber, turning people into super-soldiers, etc.

At the same time, the available data indicate that there is statistically significant evidence that SHF and EHF radiation can contribute to learning skills and techniques of lucid dreaming to change the dreams of people, to make those dreams more vivid, realistic, and faster entry into a meditative state and border States of the psyche, to achieve the accelerated development of psychic abilities and the ability to operate a stream of events, with the aim of imparting the specified vector.

In 2006-2007 in the process of working on a number of research projects in the field of electronics, there are several ranges of EMI frequencies which when integrated and simultaneous human exposure to give an unusual but well-repeatable effects that can be successfully used to treat a range of diseases and pathological conditions, as well as for the qualitative improvement and development of people available psychic and magical abilities.

On the basis of the detected effects of 2006, was developed almost 50 modifications of the devices that have been successfully tested by researchers around the world.

This series of devices has received the name PSI-E.

Some of the effects that occur when use of the devices PSI-E:

- Improve sleep.
- Removal of fatigue.
- Increase vision clarity.
- Reduction of swelling after injury.
- The relief of hangover.
- Relieve muscle and headaches.
- Improvement of cerebral circulation.
- The improvement of Gemological parameters.
- Sedative and antispasmodic effects.
- Improve the adaptive properties of the organism.
- Normalization of water-salt balance of the body.
- Improve short and long term memory.
- Acceleration of regeneration of organs and of the skin after injury.

The application of instruments PSI-E improves human performance and reduces the need for sleep and rest (without deterioration of health) when working in extreme conditions.

Based on instruments under development devices, which prevent rendering of unauthorized influence of various non-standard instrumental techniques and NLP on the psyche of the people responsible for decision making, to incline their views to the adoption of certain decisions that are contrary to their moral principles and duties, or criminal in nature.

What can the devices PSI-E?

It is much easier to say that they can't. It can be said that they did not know how to cook dinner and clean the house. They have a non-aggression Pact and the division of spheres of influence with gas stove and electric stove, a vacuum cleaner, a MOP and a fridge))
But seriously... the range of applications of the instrument are so wide that the sphere and their application limited only by imagination and mental capabilities of the human operator. To develop imagination and mental human capabilities, these devices can completely help.

Just wanted to warn against the comparison of these devices with the "spiritual crutches", as it is very like to do some people who consider themselves, or highly spiritually advanced, or confidently believe that they have extensive knowledge in unfamiliar areas with the right to pass judgement on things previously unfamiliar to them, inaccessible or incomprehensible.

Typically, such judgments are expressed by people narrow-minded, limited and stopped in their spiritual development, self-centered, afraid of losing their supposed "spiritual" influence on the adherents or others, to recognize one's own imperfection. And yet... the greedy and envious. Often not having the funds to purchase major appliances and because of this outgoing bile towards creators and owners of really working devices.

However, long-term testing instrument series PSI-E, allow to assert, that they (first) device for achieving inner peace and access of the human operator to the hidden possibilities of the brain and mind. Multi-year tests of the devices by people practicing different meditation techniques show a significant progress in the development of meditation, its acceleration a few times.

Important advantage of the devices PSI-E is the ordering and normalization of the dreams of the person who uses it. They become more meaningful, concise and tangible. Speaking greatly simplified, it ceases to have delusions and nightmares, the dreams become more bright, positive and spiritual.

A significant increase in the percentage precognitive (prophetic) dreams. And remembering the dreams themselves is greatly improved.

It is worth mentioning the facilitation of entry into lucid dreaming. Many people use PSI-E, the dream became controlled... spontaneously without any special efforts and practices.

Many may beg the question: if there is a connection apparatus and human consciousness, is their mutual influence, it is possible to use the PSI-E to enhance mental promises, affirmations, creating preconditions for programming the necessary events? Yes, of course, possible. After all, these devices – quite a powerful device for influencing this and other Realities. You just have to fulfill some simple terms and sequence of actions to ensure that the devices performed the functions of magical tools and mental enhancers.

To facilitate the implementation of some operations in the devices PSI-E is the possibility of management influence on the events or the relationship of events through speaking affirmations into the microphone of the device.

The possibility of installing the microphone, microphone amplifier and firmware appropriate FOR initially in many models.

It is also worth mentioning that devices allow, in varying degrees, to exercise influence on various weather phenomena, to carry out the activation of water, water solutions and products. Yes, just like orgone generators! And even... to facilitate complex and intense business negotiations, as well as to quickly restore power after.

A side effect of regular use of the devices PSI-E is their positive effect on health and overall health. We can confidently assert that they improve the quality of life!

In fact, the better health is an added bonus for owners of these devices.

How the devices in the PSI-E?

There are many different methods and devices generating electromagnetic radiation in the range of microwave and EHF from spark generators to generators on the basis of transistors of various types, electron tubes, gas discharge devices, impact avalanche transit-time and tunnel diodes, Gunn diodes, crystals pyroelectrical etc.

Regardless of the generation method of EHF extremely strongly absorbed by the surface layer of human skin with a thickness of only 0.01 to 0.1 mm. Therefore, as a rule, in medicine, the use of the devices of the millimeter waves is mainly limited to irradiation BAT (biologically active points). In fact, EHF-therapy has become the modern version of the Chinese acupuncture. Irradiation AMY NOR EHF (electromagnetic radiation of EHF low intensity) the entire surface of the human body ("squares") – it is considered virtually useless and ineffective.

However, the research was able to detect multiple combinations of frequencies in the field of microwave and EHF, the radiation of which can abnormally deeply into the tissue of the human body, including internal organs, brain, affect several body systems, including power structures and formations of the BAT class, meridians and chakras.

In fact, we are talking about the same kind of effect Hutchison, but for very high frequencies and tissues of a living organism. What was the most enjoyable and interesting in the manifestation of this effect is the fact that it is easily repeatable at different power AMY from a few milliwatts to a few watts.

There is a real opportunity to influence deep, ancient brain structures of human electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that is commensurate with the size of these structures. Naturally, with the amendment and taking into account the dielectric constant of the medium in which they are located.

Peculiarities of generation of microwave and EHF, generators and a series of PSI-E are such that the signals are generated with a set of phase shifts, the number of which reaches several million. But they are not just correlated, but have a functional link that allows the device to exert influence not only on the visible objects of the 3D world (reality), but their invisible (or visible only to the initiated) symptoms and parts that are in Higher Dimensions.

It should be noted that the device is used not just generators, but the generators are working simultaneously as receivers of signals that are generated by the human body, its energy centers, brain, consciousness and their manifestations, which are in the Higher, invisible (or undeveloped) in our Reality dimensions. The principle of operation of generators as receivers is not new, rather has long been known and is widely used in the so-called autodyne contactless fuses aircraft missiles, microwave motion sensors, etc.

However, used in the devices PSI-E the principle of operation of such generators/receivers is fundamentally different from the known fact that the generators operate simultaneously and at different frequencies, while not creating mutual interference and false signals.

In combination with the original information processing system, using digital filters, math and such used in the experiments of the Princeton laboratory for applied research of anomalous phenomena (PEAR) and the principle of "rabbits Maharishi", managed to implement a rather unusual system of biofeedback (biofeedback) devices PSI-E with a human operator.

In fact, we are talking about the fact that there is a direct connection with the consciousness of the human operator. Moreover, this device is completely wireless, non-contact, parametrically adapted and adaptive changes under the influence of consciousness.

The manual (zip)

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