Svetlitsa "Econorm" AU

Svetlitsa "Econorm" AU

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Improving vehicle traffic safety, fuel economy, reducing CO, CH.


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More effective system adapter forIncreasesafety.Also helpsreducing the toxicityexhaustfuel economyand extending the service life of the engine.

Unlike conventional Ekonorma, Ekonorm AURUM carries the structure of a higher dimension that enhances the efficiency and reducing the time to achieve the effects. Becomes possible the generation of additional life time. Ekonorm Aurum is available teleportation mode in which one and the same way You can travel faster, avoiding traffic jams, obstacles and possible dangerous traffic situation. To enter the mode it is necessary to form the mental intent to accelerate.

EKONORM provides:

  • Improving traffic safety(due to better driver perception of the road environment, increasing attention and in this regard, increasing the total number of making quick and adequate decisions in the way);
  • Increase the resourcevirtually all components and, consequently, increase of overhaul life;
  • The power increaseof the engine;
  • Reduction of fatiguedrivers
  • The improvement in the dynamicsacceleration*;
  • Improved corrosion resistanceof the body;
  • Savingsfuel* (5 - 20%);
  • The launch accelerationof the engine;
  • Reduction of toxicitythe exhaust is more than 2 times*;
  • The extension of the life of the enginecatalytic afterburners, candles;

*The maximum effect is achieved when serviceable, tuned engine, carb and other systems of the car.

Information distortion leads to the disruption of the natural information structures. Restore natural structure allows all objects to perform their functions optimally.

Ekonorm influence human-machine system, removing the distortions in structural interactions and information exchange.

Comparative analysis of automobiles equipped with a device made in 7 taxi Park in Moscow showed that the financial results from the operation of the taxi device exceeded by more than 20% on other vehicles without the devices, by reducing the level of accidents and the number of repairs.

The graph shows some data of the test device, showing the dynamics of reducing the amount of carbon monoxide in the exhaust gases.

How does Ekonorm?

The car and the man in the way interact with each other and can be considered asa single system. The driver constantly receives and processes vast amounts of information from other vehicles, roads, pedestrians, traffic police, etc. And is handled as information from the senses and the signals going through the subconscious. A good driver might be the only one who all of the action on the road is automatic and does not think about what speed to turn, what foot to press the brake, etc.

The system of perception of the driver are a variety of factorsviolating his analytical skills for the assessment of the traffic situation. Distorted structure of man and car, and the driver may not notice these distortions. For example, there are places where many accidents occur on the road, though these places are no different from the others. Straight smooth road, good visibility. However, the statistics of accidents in such places shows that the probability of an accident is much higher there than in other places. In such placesdistorted structure of space-time.

The driver, once you are in that space for a few moments can disconnect from reality and not even know it. At this time the driver for a few moments disrupted the exchange of information with the outside world, which is enough to cause a traffic accident. Theremany factorsaffecting the structure of human interactions. Among them, electromagnetic fields of different nature (natural and anthropogenic), and technopathogenic geopathic zones, disposal and other hazardous areas.

When using the adapter Ehkonorm improve the information characteristics of the perception of the driver. Itit is adequate to the traffic situationless tired, less likely to make mistakes, which in turn reduces the probability of accidents.

When using Ekonorma in researchthe probability of the insured eventreduced by 30-40%.The car itself is exempt from the structural distortion. Due to this improved virtually all of its parameters.Increases the reliabilityimproves the combustion process,reduceditconsumption by 5-15%, reduce emissions (for examplethe decrease of co and CHin some cases 10-15 times). Change the settings of the car can be fixed devices that has been repeatedly confirmed in the course of testing the device Ekonorm.

The use of the device Ekonorm together with the device Svetlitsa-Super significantly increases its efficiency as a means of improving driving safety.

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