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Device for self-development and self-improvement. Controlling the psycho-emotional state without medication, without the influence of extraneous attitudes, and without the formation of dependence.


Mind machine Navigator Photosonix is a complex device for self-development, for those who have embarked on this difficult and thorny path and took responsibility for their lives, that is, for those who are going.

Development 2017. Russia - the United States.

Additionally, you can purchase:

Сolor glasses

White glasses

User's manual

The device is based on a light-sound brain simulator (mind machine) with advanced functions as compared with analogs, it is complemented by a built-in audio player / recorder with the ability to synchronize with the mind machine by a number of parameters and a timer / alarm clock.

Compared to peers, we have tried to significantly increase the potential user’s pleasure in communicating with this device, which, of course, should affect the desire to work with it regularly. Along with this, various possibilities, in terms of the choice of signal parameters, will satisfy even the most demanding professional and researcher.

Navigator is intended:

- for self-knowledge and self-improvement,

- to improve memory and intellectual functions,

- enhance physical and mental performance,

- to enhance learning and creative opportunities,

- correction of psycho-emotional states,

- deep relaxation,

- normalization of sleep,

- safe achievement of altered states of consciousness,

- rehabilitation after severe physical and emotional stress,

- correction of psycho-physiological conditions in sports,

- leveling the effect of desynchronosis when flying to another time zone.

Therapeutic and restorative effects are manifested indirectly - through the activation of the central nervous mechanisms that regulate autonomic functions, mental and physical activity, emotions and behavior, that is, through an increase in non-specific resistance of the organism. Not a medical device.

The technology of audiovisual stimulation provides an incomparable opportunity to control the psycho-emotional state without medication, without the influence of extraneous attitudes and suggestions and without the formation of dependence.

Open glasses:

Type "field independent glasses" with six RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs for each eye.

Further, the symbol (*) marks the unique functions of the Navigator. The composition of all these options in one device today has no analogues in the world.

Each complimentary pair of LEDs can be programmed to its own frequency and color. The color can also change automatically * (at random), which creates an additional entertainment component.

There is a function of filling the period with another color * (instead of emptiness), which, along with interesting color effects, allows for a more complex effect on various areas of the brain. The color can also change automatically * (at random).

There is a choice (when programming) of 4 * types of signals:

1) a rectangle with different porosity - it gives the most vivid and diverse images, quickly captures the brain in terms of frequency synchronization, but due to the presence of high harmonics it is less effective for relaxation and almost not at all effective for theta and delta sessions;

2) the bell * with different porosity - provides the most physiological effect, has much less higher harmonics in the spectrum, quickly enough provides synchronization;

3) asymmetrical sine * (maximum shifted to the beginning of the period) - due to further reduction of higher harmonics provides a more accurate and softer effect, much better for relaxation and quite effective for theta and delta sessions, works rather quickly in terms of frequency synchronization;

4) sine - provides the most accurate and gentle effect in terms of synchronizing brain frequencies with light blinking, ideal for creating relaxation, theta and delta sessions, but requires additional time for synchronization;

There are various options for setting the phases, both between the rows *, and between the right and left channels and the slow amplitude modulation *.

Open glasses, on the one hand, make it easy to manipulate the device itself, and on the other hand, they provide an opportunity to train, read and draw. The third interesting feature of our glasses is the machine version of EMDR - eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.


Synchronized with light and represented by six * independent signal generators and a pink noise generator, which allows binaural and monaural beats, amplitude and phase modulation of various waveforms to be realized:

- rectangle (fashion term - isochronous tones),

- bell *,

- asymmetric sine *,

- sine.

There are various options for setting the phases between the rows and between the right and left channels and a slow modulation in amplitude. There is an option to choose a waveform when generating a carrier between the sine and asymmetric sine *, which, on the one hand, has interesting timbral characteristics, and on the other hand, provides more accurate values for amplitude modulation of the carrier, especially a rectangle and a bell.


It has clock buttons, the pressing of which is felt even without a beep. Linear audio input for external signal.

There are outputs for glasses and headphones for connecting two people.

There is a compartment for two Li-pol (lithium-polymer) batteries, a microSD memory card slot *, a mini USB input, a monochrome display of 128 x 64 pixels, a built-in piezo speaker (for timer and alarm tones) and a microphone.

There are numerous useful and easy-to-use settings and presets. For example, presetting the comfort brightness and volume, inverting the right and left channels, both for light and for sound - for left-handers *.

Built-in audio player / voice recorder:

Play MP3 and WAV files (including 48000/16);


a) Standard - playback in the headphones selected from the library located on the flash card of an audio file or folder with audio files;

b) Synchrostart * - this mode allows you to simultaneously start a session and an MP3 audio file for playback. Play time is counted by session. There is a gradual decrease in the volume of the audio file after the end of the session, if its playback time exceeds the session time;

Along with a session in this mode, not only one audio file can be selected for playback, but a folder with audio files that will be played one after the other until the session ends. If a session is longer than an audio file (all files in a folder), then both the file and the folder continue to play in a loop. This is made specifically for short files with affirmations (afformations).

c) Audio gate - playback from the library of WAV files (or from an external device) having an audio gate signal at a frequency of 19,200 Hz. The decoder provides a wide selection of color schemes *.

The strobe signal can be used as a common one — transmitted to the left and right channels in all rows (traditional scheme) or the “Accord” option * is turned on when the middle row LEDs flicker with the strobe pulse frequency, and the flicker frequencies of the upper and lower LEDs correlate with strobe frequency like chords.

They are selected when starting the strobe detector in a random order from a number of values:

1:2 (2:1),

5:3 (3:5),

8:5 (5:8),

3:2 (2:3),

4:3 (3:4),

5:4 (4:5),

6:5 (5:6),

9:8 (8:9),

13:8 (8:13),

15:8 (8:15).

d) SvetoRitm * - this mode is used to easily and easily transform any of your audio files (music, audio program for behavior modification, affirmations, training material, etc. into an effective light and sound session). The feature of the mode is that the color scheme for light stimulation depends on the frequency spectrum of the file being played and resembles the work of “light music”.

The lower frequencies of the spectrum correspond to the red color, the middle ones correspond to the green ones and the high ones to the blue ones. Each row uses its own frequency values to select a color. The brightness level of LEDs in small limits varies depending on the volume of sound in the audio channels.

For the mode, three parameters are selected / set: the frequency range for the light-stimulation, the frequency range for the audio-stimulation, and the character (figure) of the change in the frequency of the light-stimulation. Stimulation lasts exactly as long as the audio file is played.

e) Voice recorder * - when selecting the corresponding menu item, monaural recording is performed from the built-in microphone in the WAV format (sampling frequency is 8 kHz, 16-bit width). Files created are automatically named based on the date and order of recording. Files can be played in any audio player mode.

Alarm clock / timer / calendar:

Alarm clock* 

Standard alarm clock with a choice of response time and days of the week. When triggered, the melody is played from the built-in speaker and the alarm LED starts flashing.


There is a one-time operation after a specified time, or cyclic - at a specified interval. When the timer is triggered, the signal from the built-in speaker sounds and the signal LED flashes. This timer can work in the background, including when playing sessions or audio files.

There are also two separate timer modes: to start the session after a certain time, or to play an audio file. The names of the session and the audio file are selected during timer setting.

Thus, the timer can be used as a motivator, a signaling device about the need to take medicine, for practicing lucid dreams or self-hypnosis in a dream.


Allows you to set the time and date.


- carrier frequency - 20 Hz-20 kHz, in increments of 0.1 Hz;

- stimulation frequency - 0.5 Hz-165 Hz*, in increments of 0.1 Hz;

- slow modulation period*– 2-45 seconds, in increments of 0.1 seconds;

- Navigator has Nova Pro 100 adapted sessions (licensed by Photosonix) and sessions developed by Andrey Patrushev.

In the device - 169 sessions.

New sessions will also be developed and laid out for free on the site (transferred to the "Basic" with the next firmware). Downloading sessions is as easy as using a regular flash drive.

Do not be afraid of all these technical details - they are intended for professionals.

For the average user, everything has become much simpler: the usual intuitive menu is similar to phones and players, convenient settings - all sessions are divided and grouped according to everyday tasks.

In addition, only for the owners of the Navigator a free library of audio programs is created, aimed at solving standard (in our world) problems. Currently, two flash programs are presented on the flash drive for all other programs: Threshold Relaxation and Progressive Relaxation.

Programs are being developed and tested to increase the speed of reading and improve memorization of read information, a program to relieve anxiety before any public speaking (presentations, lectures, competitions, singing and playing musical instruments, etc.) and reaching the peak of its capabilities during these speeches. The next step is to improve sleep, increase self-esteem and much more.

As you can see, we tried to maximally concentrate all useful ideas from the field of light and sound training in this device, adding them with our own ideas about what a device for self-development should be.

Since software and hardware have not yet exhausted their possibilities for improvement, as new ideas emerge (and refine to a practical level a number of old ones), the Navigator will become more interesting and more useful…

Andrei Patrushev.

Description of basic sessions

The device used as a base session of Photosonix Nova Pro 100, which were appropriately modified under the advanced features of the Navigator.

In addition to the number of basic sessions include specifically designed for the "Navigator". In particular, this concerns the creation of sessions with different forms of modulating signals.

At the end of the names of the sessions of the Navigator, the type of the modulating signal is indicated, and the name of the sessions is formed as follows:

<session name>as - waveform - asimmetric sinus;

<session name>b - waveform – bell;

<session name>r - waveform – rectangle;

<session name>s - waveform - sinus.

Total firmware version 1.16 contains 169 sessions (with modifications to the waveform).

Table of basic sessions

I. Recreation / entertainment



Kaleidoscope of colors and geometric shapes

The body is asleep, the mind is awake.

II. Relaxation




It starts at 21 Hz and smoothly enters the theta range after 3 minutes. 9 minutes remain there, after which it returns to a refreshed and recharged wakefulness. Use instead of coffee breaks.



Relax and back

It starts at 16 Hz and smoothly descends into the alpha / theta range to relax the average level, then descends into the delta range for complete relaxation. Ends return to calm wakefulness.



Powerful relaxation

This is relaxation for the physical body. Use after heavy physical or mental work.



Stress killer

A combination of pleasant tones with alpha / theta relaxation. To relieve the effects of stress or emotional imbalance.



Gate of Peace

Classical alpha / theta relaxation with alternating modes. This is a general-purpose relaxation session.



Specific Session

Carrier frequencies & nbsp; 91.5-105.5 Hz, stimulation - from 15 Hz reduced to 8 Hz.



Endorphins evening

Evening session. Good mood and mental performance the next day: the synthesis of serotonin, endorphins and enkephalins.



Mild stimulation mainly in the range of SMR (sensorimotor rhythm)

The body is asleep, the mind is awake.

III. Learning



Quick preparation for classes

The power of binaural beats allows you to make this session short, but at the same time giving comfort and concentration. Use to create the necessary state of mind for learning.



Increased susceptibility to suggestion

This session gives a hypnagogic state in the alpha / theta range, on the verge of sleep, a state of relaxed susceptibility. Suggestions will be most effective after the first 12 minutes. Use together with your favorite positive affirmations (on disks, for example, or self-hypnosis).



Mild stimulation mainly in the range of SMR (sensorimotor rhythm)

The body is asleep, the mind is awake. Recommended before training.

IV. Visualization



Musical creativity

Pulsing chord progressions create a musical effect, providing creative excitement. The last part of the program uses phase-shifting down tones to inspire you before playing your favorite instrument or for general inspiration.



Hyperactive creativity

Starting from the middle and moving to high beta waves, this program creates a hyper-state in which your perception is excited and sharpened.



Problem solving

Variable stimulation in the alpha and beta range helps to step back from the problem during the session in order to return to it at the end and see its solution.



Stimulation of the imagination

Make an effort to increase your imagination during this session.



Active visualization

Dual binaural beats with a decreasing frequency slide into a constant alpha / theta stimulation range. Use with or without glasses.

V. Meditation



Earth Meditation

Multimodal meditation with Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz and its harmonics.



The body is asleep, the mind is awake

The program creates a dynamic state in which the body rests and the mind is awake. It is structured in a manner similar to programs that promote the exit from the body.



Kundalini meditation

Usually Kundalini in the tradition of yoga is called a secret force, enclosed at the bottom of the spine, raising it up the spinal column causes the disclosure of consciousness and the emergence of supernatural abilities. This program helps to create a deeply relaxed state simultaneously with the stimulation of the crown chakra.



Easy trance state

The ability to experience the phenomena of distortion of the space-time continuum. Recommended for advanced users, because for proper playback, you must set the full brightness.



Same as AMed1, but with random color changes.

VI. Energy



Before work

Dual beta binaural beats on low tones give an energetic effect. For mental recovery before exercise or exercise.



Morning pumping.

The transition from delta to beta stimulation with a frequency of up to 14 Hz. For a quiet transition from sleep to wakefulness.



Mild alternative stimulation mainly in the range of SMR (sensorimotor rhythm) - the body is asleep, the mind is awake.

It helps to relax and relieve the stress of the working day.



Mild stimulation mainly in the range of SMR (sensorimotor rhythm) - the body is asleep, the mind is awake.

Together with the low-frequency carrier frequency helps to finally wake up and successfully start a new day.

VII. Sleep



Relaxation in sleep

A classic program for sleep. It starts from 12 Hz and smoothly descends into delta rhythms simultaneously with a decrease in the intensity of stimulation.



Sleepy head, pleasant dreams

Feel how easy and fast you can fall asleep if you use the power of double binaural beats. Feel free to remove your glasses or headphones when you feel very sleepy.




Powerful exercise machine for sleep. Use this program if you have enough of what the previous one gives.

VIII. Special



Sessions OPN01, OPN02, OPN03 for work on the EMDR method - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

With open eyes. There are various colors to choose the most comfortable.







Aerobics at the bottom of the spectrum

Random frequency, tone and rhythms vary in 5 second intervals in the alpha / theta range.



Aerobics full spectrum

Same as P01N session, moved to alpha frequency range 7-13 Hz.



Aerobics at the top of the spectrum

Same as P01N session, moved to alpha / beta range 10-18 Hz.



Treatment session

Relaxation, middle of the road, mid alpha session. Use this session as a means to undo the effects of any other session.




Classic session to help reduce distractions.



Accelerate winter melancholy

The lights advance slowly as the excitation frequency decreases from 40 to 30 Hz, 15 minutes 30 Hz, easy help for the excitement in a battle with the winter blues.



Left brain

This session stimulates the left, logical hemisphere in the beta range, relaxing the right hemisphere. Try to do math or other logical and intellectual tasks.



Right brain

This session is designed to stimulate the right hemisphere, calming the left. Useful for enhancing creativity or other right-brain activity.



Sessions to work on the EMDR method

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.



Alpha trainer 2

Not later than 2 hours before bedtime. Jumps of frequencies in the alpha range contribute to the training of flexible and fast thinking and contribute to the creation of a good mood.



Alpha trainer 3

Not later than 2 hours before bedtime. The frequency swing in the alpha range helps to remove mental blocks and solve problems.



Promotes the generation of lucid dreams.

Engage immediately before bedtime. If you have difficulty falling asleep, then 1.5 hours before bedtime.




Work with negative emotions. Also useful for removing the effect of other programs.



Mind Healing

Session to remove foci of pathological activity in the brain. Result & mdash; general health effect, prevention of cardiovascular and cancer diseases. During the session, it is optimal to do light exercise for all muscle groups.

Combined sessions

Combined sessions – this is an absolutely unique option of Navigator, which is available to all Navigator users for free.

Currently, Andrei Patrushev has developed several combined sessions. The collection is periodically updated with new free sessions.

They represent a light and sound session, combined with any audio material - with music, affirmations, sessions for hypnosis and self-hypnosis, for controlled visualizations and meditations. They enable professionals to very precisely build the dynamics of frequency and light and sound changes in accordance with changes in music or sessions.

At the same time, a combined session can be made by any user of the Navigator. Using the free session editor you can combine any Navigator session you like (and save the combination under a unique name) with your existing MP3 file (of any quality), so that you can play it later with one click on the start button.

Thus, the combined sessions can not only expand the range of tools for specialists in psychocorrection, but also serve as an inexhaustible source of creativity for any user of the Mind Machine Navigator.

Additionally, A. Patrushev's disks are pre-installed on the memory card:


Healing music superimposed on the sounds of nature contains modulated high-frequency sounds, plus precisely selected (with the help of unique electronic equipment) binaural rhythms that promote entry into special meditative states in which self-healing of the human body occurs.


A professional psychologist will guide you through your inner world, using archetypical images that reflect the structure of the human psyche. In the process of working with a disk, you fill this structure with your specific purely personal content.


The disc is designed to restore its own synthesis of endorphins.

«Inner voyage»

The development of intuition, the resolution of internal conflicts, finding peace and tranquility.

Extras included audio strobe programs of Dmitry Shumov:

Audio Stimulation of Lucid Dreams - OSSNOVE1, OSSNOVE2.WAV

Quit smoking - BROSKURI.WAV

Normalization of appetite - NORMAPPE.WAV

Normalization of blood pressure - NORKDAV.WAV

Ethnic drums- ETNICDRM

Use the compositions of this disc as a background for "shamanic travels".

Complete set:

  • console;
  • AC adapter / charger;
  • Battery of two Li-pol (Li-Polymer) batteries;
  • colored glasses of light stimulation (in case) - 1 pc.;
  • cable to connect glasses;
  • Headphones - 1 pc.;
  • cable (USB А / mini USB);
  • 3.5mm stereo audio cable;
  • 8 GB microSD memory card and adapter for installation in an SD card slot;
  • bag - backpack;
  • instruction.


There is a simple user replacement software (re-firmware) as new versions are released, which will be posted free of charge in the appropriate section on the site.

The software interface is intuitive, in addition, for each mode on the screen there is a hint on the purpose of the keys.


Сертификат соответствия


When buying a Navigator — the book «Pumping the brain on money and power» - for a present.

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