Mind machine NovaPro 100 (Photosonix)

Mind machine NovaPro 100 (Photosonix)

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Short description

A technical tool with almost unlimited possibilities for working on yourself. The model is aimed at professionals.


A technical tool with almost unlimited possibilities for working on yourself.

The model is aimed at professionals.

Special functions of NovaPro 100:

  • possibility of simultaneous connection of 2 users;
  • double binaural rhythms with smooth transitions in frequency;
  • playing special coded CDs (in AudioStrobe format).


Description of glasses

We recommend that you order a set of 6 best audio strobe discs from your mind machine.

Description of the programs Mind machine NovaPro 100:


1. Break

It starts at 21 Hz and smoothly enters the theta range after 3 minutes. 9 minutes remain there, after which it returns to a refreshed and recharged wakefulness. Use instead of coffee breaks.

2. Relax and back

It starts at 16 Hz and smoothly descends into the alpha / theta range to relax the average level, then descends into the delta range for complete relaxation. Ends return to calm wakefulness.

3. Powerful relaxation

It is a relaxation for the physical body. Use after heavy physical or mental work.

4. Stress killer

A combination of pleasant tones with alpha / theta relaxation. To relieve the effects of stress or emotional imbalance.

5. The Gate of Peace

Classical alpha / theta relaxation with alternating modes. This is a general-purpose relaxation session.

6. Calm down!

Calm your disheveled nerves, relieve emotional stress with these rolling alpha / theta waves. Use after a stressful situation.

7. Take a break from work

Take a break, relax and take a break from hard work for a moment. Good for quick recuperation.

8. Disconnect

Use this program for about the same as the previous two.

9. Waves of Calm

For quick relaxation. In particular, the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz) is used.

10. A wave of relaxation

Relaxing trip. Sea waves and low-frequency binaural rhythms are then amplified, then weakened out of phase with the signals in the glasses, creating the effect of staying on the beach.

11. Alpha zone

Go to the alpha zone for relaxation and pleasant visual experiences.

12. Easy / low relaxation

Mild relaxation session. Soothes, but not completely.

13. Alpha / theta relaxation

Classic alpha / theta relaxation session. Helps to learn how to move from one state to another.

14. Coffee break

Classic short relaxation session.

15. Deep rest

If you need complete rest and recuperation, then this program is for you. Use it after sports training and hard work. After the session, it takes some time to gradually return to normal activities. It is also useful to impose the sounds of nature on the signals of the device.


1. Earth Meditation

Multimodal meditation with Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz and its harmonics.

2. Grounding

Schumann resonance and its harmonics are used at intervals of chords (in the ratio of frequencies 3/2). Such an interval is known in eastern cultures as the “Heaven and Earth” interval.

3. “OM” meditation

Meditation with the soothing sound of the surf and with Schumann resonance and its harmonics.

4. The body is asleep, the mind is awake

The program creates a dynamic state in which the body rests and the mind is awake. It is structured in a manner similar to programs that promote exit from the body.

5. Four octave chakra balancing

The first two minutes are smooth transitions in frequency (VFR), contributing to the concentration. After a brief period without light stimulation, the signals in the headphones change to a binaural rhythm with noise, and the exercise begins.

Meditate alternately on each chakra, starting with muladhara and above, ending with the crown chakra. Each meditation period (corresponding to each chakra) is formed by a 4-octave microcycle with an interval of 1 minute. The sequence of octaves for each chakra rests on the traditional note of each chakra, and the frequency of the binaural rhythm is chosen 7 Hz, as for theta meditation. To work with the program it is desirable to have the skill of meditation on the chakras.

6. Kundalini Meditation

Usually Kundalini in the tradition of yoga is called a secret force, enclosed at the bottom of the spine, raising it up the spinal column causes the disclosure of consciousness and the emergence of supernatural abilities. This program helps to create a deeply relaxed state simultaneously with the stimulation of the crown chakra.

7. Cosmic Consciousness

No comments. Kundalini raised, the chakras are burning. There is nowhere else!

8. Square breathing

Do not start this exercise if you have breathing problems. The session begins with a short period of alpha relaxation, which ends with an irregular blinking of LEDs. Then the breathing exercise begins:

1) Inhale ascending tone (4 sec.);

2) Hold the full lungs on the top note (4 sec.);

3) Exhale while lowering the tone (4 sec.);

4) Hold your breath with empty lungs on the bottom note (4 sec.). This session should be carried out lying or sitting in a comfortable position, loosening all the clothes clips. Try using your abdominal muscles when breathing, not just your chest.

At the normal pace of this session, you will have 4 breath cycles per minute, which for most people is slow breathing. To make the breathing period shorter or longer, change the session duration in the manner described below. The rate of breathing can vary from 8 (25-minute session) to 2 (session 1h 40min) breaths per minute. You can stop the program when it is convenient for you, you do not compete with anyone.

9. Low meditation 7.83 Hz

This program combines low sound frequencies with Schumann resonance.

10. Deep meditation

Deep meditation with low carrier frequencies.

11. Deep Low Meditation

Carrier tones are even lower, and binaural beats are even slower.

12. Deep and back

A deep relaxation / meditation session from which you exit refreshed.

13. Delta release

The stimulation frequencies descend into the delta region. The LEDs remain flashing with this frequency, while the sound stimulation returns to the waking frequencies. The program can induce lucid dreams.

14. Perspective

Foresight (telepathy) takes the imagination of millions of people. There are known cases of its use in archeology, in exploration and scientific research. This program is designed to induce states of consciousness that promote telepathy. It is useful to impose on her natural sounds such as the sound of the sea surf, stream or rain.


1. Relaxation in sleep

A classic program for sleep. It starts from 12 Hz and smoothly descends into delta rhythms, simultaneously with a decrease in the intensity of stimulation.

2. Sleepy head, pleasant dreams

Feel how easy and fast you can fall asleep if you use the power of double binaural beats. Feel free to remove your glasses or headphones when you feel very sleepy.

3. Knockout

Powerful exercise machine for sleep. Use this program if you have enough of what the previous one gives.

4. Daytime sleep

It starts with a smooth transition to delta rhythms, where it stops for 18 minutes. Then return to the state of renewed wakefulness.

5. Mr. Sandman (lullaby)

It starts with alpha rhythms and descends into the delta. If you feel very sleepy, take off your glasses and headphones. This is a powerful and effective session.

6. deep sleep

Double monoural rhythms are used. Good night.

7. Zonko

The shining stars will help you fall asleep ..

8. Recharging

Traditional light and sound session. The session ends with stimulation at a frequency of 1 Hertz.

9. Fast recovery

5-minute descent in frequency to a light 16-minute sleep, then a quick return to active wakefulness.

10. MSW

This is a technological knockout. It is useful to those who are accustomed to sleeping pills.


1. Quick preparation for classes

The power of binaural rhythms allows you to make this session short, but at the same time giving comfort and concentration. Use to create the necessary state of mind for learning.

2. Quick rest after class

Use this program immediately after class to quickly integrate learned material. The session ends with a return to a state of calm wakefulness.

3. Increased susceptibility to suggestion

This session gives a hypnagogic state in the alpha / theta range, on the verge of sleep, a state of relaxed susceptibility. Suggestions will be most effective after the first 12 minutes. Use with your favorite positive affirmations (on disks, for example, or self-hypnosis)

4. Preparation for training

A variation of the classic light and sound stimulation program for learning. Microcycles create the necessary background for the transition to the alpha / theta range of increased susceptibility. This program is general purpose for learning and memorizing.

5. Logical learning

Approximately the same as the previous program, but is intended more for logical learning than for mechanical memorization.

6. Language learning

Gives a very deep relaxation, promoting mechanical memorization, such as foreign words. Use this program in conjunction with foreign language teaching tapes, or study languages after the session.

7. Memory / memorization

The transitions between the alpha and theta ranges are used to enter the hypnagogic state, where the most hazy memories float.

8. Concentration

Preparing for tasks that require focused attention.

9. Take a break!

Gives disconnection from vicious mind loops and obsessive thoughts. Helps calm down, concentrate, and enter into a creative state. Session to feel good.

10. Enter theta state

Session for deep relaxed learning leading to a theta state. It gives good results when used with cassettes for personal growth.

11. Full memory

Choose what you want to remember, for example, some old event, the name of someone, circumstances, etc. And move backwards in time to the forgotten event. It is useful to impose on the music of the era where you return.

12. Baroque rhythm

Some people consider Baroque music to be the ideal background for learning. This session uses double binaural rhythms in polyphony mode - the main feature of baroque music. Impose this session on the music of Baroque - such a dynamic duet is able to impress the imagination.

13. Accelerated learning

Classic light and sound stimulation for relaxation and memorization.


1. Before work

Dual beta binaural beats on low tones give an energetic effect. For mental recovery before exercise or exercise.

2. Morning pumping

The transition from delta to beta stimulation with a frequency of up to 14 Hz. For a quiet transition from sleep to wakefulness.

3. Afternoon recharge

It starts with low frequencies, then low alpha relaxation and ends with energy beta stimulation.

4. Revup

Rotate with beta and gamma waves. Low frequencies will recharge your body.

5. Full speed ahead

Get up and run! Tones the body and brain whenever you feel slow.

6. To the point!

You get a mixture of gamma and beta waves. This session is designed to disperse the mind.

7. Napnzap

Deep relaxation follows energetic explosive beta waves. Session is very effective with a strong nap. It will help you to dump the remnants of drowsiness and revive you.

8. Turbo

The low tones and high strength of the beta waves with binaural beats will make this session flawless for turbo charging. Use the session when you feel slow. Stand and revive!

9. Sports wave

The program will help to tune in to sports and active physical activity.

10. Alpha / Beta Corridor

This session will appeal to those who want to recharge continuously at animating frequencies. Use in combination with jazz and rhythmic music.

11. Beta 2

Ultra focusing alone with beta waves. First you will be captured by a million alpha waves. This session is a mixture of binary binaural sound beta waves and visual light beta waves.

12. High energy

It starts at a frequency of 1 Hz and rises to 20 Hz. Use for energy stimulation.

13. UMPH

In the morning before the start of all cases, turn on this session - start your engine.


1. Musical creativity

Pulsing chord progressions create a musical effect, providing creative excitement. The last part of the program uses phase-shifting down tones to inspire you before playing your favorite instrument or for general inspiration.

2. Hyperactive creativity

Starting with medium and moving into high beta waves, this program creates a hyper-state in which your perception is excited and sharpened.

3. Problem solving

Variable stimulation in the alpha and beta range helps to move away from the problem during the session, to return to it at the end and see its solution.

4. Stimulation of the imagination

Make an effort to increase your imagination during this session.

5. Fast inspiration

4-second microcycles are incrementally changed through the alpha and theta ranges to improve creativity.

6. Active visualization

Dual binaural beats with a decreasing frequency slide into a constant alpha / theta stimulation range. Use with or without glasses.

7. The development of inner vision

Modified Session 6 for a variety of different tastes.

8. Dream Images

For soothing relaxation in theta range and the appearance of dream images.

9. Hemispheric conversation on all frequencies

A series of increasing frequencies with increasing steps in alternating phases create maximum hemispheric communication. To enhance overall creativity and imagination.

10. Reboot

Reboot your mind. Do a full reset! Dual binaural beats, and fast changes make this session excellent for rebooting on the go.

11. Mind spin

Deploy your perception with this session. Twisting, turning, visual trip with exciting music.

12. Visualization

The ability to visualize is not easy. This program is designed to help you acquire deep visualization skills. Set a visualization goal using this session. Use with active music.

13. The buildup of the right hemisphere

This program is designed to develop brain activities such as drawing, music and sports visualization. Use with jazz or upbeat music.

14. The buildup of the left hemisphere

This session is designed to enhance brain activity. Use before actions requiring concentration, such as editing, working with numbers. Used for ultraconcentration. Use with upbeat music like jazz.


1. Black hole

Take your mind into a wild voyage amid circulating double binaural beats. You can use with your favorite music "space".

2. Major 3rd and 1st

Experience the mystical effects of 3 and 1 — all frequencies — 1 hertz, 3 hertz, or a multiple of 3. This program is very musical and is best used without additional music.

3. Nirvanoforiya

Binaural rhythms microcycles with surf and octave progressions lead to the final 9 minutes of blissful energy-giving relaxation.

4. Orbital movement and rotation

The adventure of microcycles movement and rhythm. While binaural oscillator 1 provides alpha / theta range relaxation, oscillator 2 generates a vibration of 7.83 Hz. Binaural beats are based on 960 hertz, at the frequency of the upper chakra.

5. Photo attraction

All aboard Photosonix photocarriage - Take a ticket and fasten your seat belt.

6. Mr. Zero Wild Run

Wild ride with the sounds of a motorcycle. Hang on and have fun!

7. Sensual magic

This program uses the excitation of the beta range of four tones. On the frequency of the chakra associated with sexuality. Make sure that the first person you see when the session ends is the one you need.

8. Kaleidoscope

An exciting session offering experience with kaleidoscopic color images.

9. Amusement park

Unexpected twists and turns give a lively feeling to this fun and games session.

10. Salt with pepper

Remember the salt and pepper cocktail? A similar effect is provided to you.


1. Aerobics in the lower part of the spectrum

Random frequency, tone and rhythms vary in 5 second intervals in the alpha / theta range.

2. Aerobics full spectrum

Same as Session 1, moved to the alpha frequency range of 7-13 Hz.

3. Aerobics at the top of the spectrum

Same as Session 1, moved to alpha / beta range 10-18 Hz.

4. Treatment session

Relaxation, middle of the road, mid alpha session. Use this session as a means to undo the effects of any other session.

5. Hut-Ten-Hut

Classic light / sound session to help reduce distractions.

6. Accelerate Winter Longing

The lights advance slowly, as the excitation frequency reduces from 40 to 30 Hz, 15 minutes 30 Hz, easy help for the excitement in a battle with the winter blues.

7. Left brain

This session stimulates the left, logical hemisphere in the beta range, relaxing the right hemisphere. Try to do math or other logical and intellectual tasks.

8. Right brain

This session is designed to stimulate the right hemisphere, calming the left. Useful for enhancing creativity or other right-brain activity.

9. Left hemisphere

This session stimulates the left hemisphere and subordinates the right. For linear / logical thinking.

10. Right hemisphere

This session will excite the right hemisphere, calming the left. Suitable for creative thinking.

11. Increase personal magnetism

Personal magnetism is increased, feel more confident and increase personal energy. This program is designed to help it, use it before social events, speeches and meetings.

Mind machine Nova Pro 100 is the most solid and expensive model. 

Designed for professional work. Warranty: 1 year.

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