Mind machine Lumina (Photosonix)

Mind machine Lumina (Photosonix)

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Audiovisual brain training. The latest PHOTOSONIX technology at your fingertips.


The latest PHOTOSONIX technology at your fingertips.

Thanks to the many sessions and precise settings that you select, Lumina offers complete control over use for reducing stress and tension.

Unique features:

Double monoural beats

Monoural beats (averaged pulsating tone) occur when closely spaced tones mix. Then the difference between the tones P1 and P2 forms a pulsation at the frequency corresponding to this difference (stimulation frequency F1).

Double monoural beats - when another pair of P1 ’and P2’ tones is fed to the second ear, also forming beats already at the frequency (F2).
This way you can stimulate the cerebral hemispheres with different frequencies. The light in the glasses, on each side, pulses synchronously with the stimulation frequencies.

LightWeaveTM Technology

Light and sound systems traditionally have the option to apply flashes of light to the eyes in phase (simultaneously) and out of phase (alternately). LightWeave technology allows you to organize flash with a phase shift in increments of 30 degrees.

It creates interesting visual effects. In the Mind machine Lumin, the LightWeave technology was extended to sound. Additionally, you can set the delay in milliseconds between the pulses of light and sound.


Mind machine Lumina can apply different frequencies of stimulation to different eyes. In order to stimulate different hemispheres of the brain with different frequencies, this is not enough (since each eye is associated with both hemispheres of the brain). For this, it is necessary to use the right and left visual fields for each eye, which are cross-linked with the left and right hemispheres of the brain. HemiStimTM glasses provide this capability.

In the Mind machine Lumina, a number of sessions are designed to use HemiStimTM glasses. They have a corresponding mark in the hemiStim manual. Of course, these sessions can also be used with standard glasses, but there will be no differential stimulation of different hemispheres of the brain.

All these techniques are a great addition to traditional light stimulation and help disperse boredom, increasing the entertainment effect. This will certainly Increases motivation for regular exercises with mind machine, which will ultimately improve your LIFE QUALITY.


Detailed description of glasses


Lumina device, glasses, PHOTOSONIX headphones, USB cable, USB charger, stereo cord, manual.

  • Compact, very easy to use.
  • An 800mAh built-in AA lithium-ion battery and USB port make it easy to charge anywhere in the world.
  • The sound system generates 16-bit sound (CD quality) with an improved volume range.
  • Informative 16-character LCD display gives better user feedback.
  • Improved playback of audiostrobe discs.
  • 50 sessions (36 of which are popular sessions of the LightWeave technology, 5 sessions with the Improv technology, first used in the InnerPulse).
  • 10 popular 5-10 minute DayDream ™ sessions.
  • 3 new function RainbowSound ™ 

Find a comfortable space, select the desired session, wear glasses and headphones, press PLAY, sit back and relax! When you find your comfort level in light intensity (LIGHT) and sound volume (SOUND), you can always set the Lumina to the same.

You can add your favorite music if you want. The new RainbowSound ™ function offers 3 different options:

RainbowSound™ – just entertaining;

RainbowSound Bright™ – for light and sound stimulation + music;

RainbowSound Solo™ – only for light stimulation + music.

Photosonix Luma 10

Light + Sound + Music =

  • Relaxed stress reduction;
  • Deep relaxation;
  • Undisturbed sleep

!! We highly recommend not using these options with anything other than regular music (without embedded psychoactive technologies).

Description of programs:


1. Calm Down

Calm your nerves and reduce emotional stress by absorbing the rolling alpha / theta waves. Use to quickly achieve balance after a busy day, or trouble.

2. Timeout

Arrange a 5-minute break and plunge into a relaxed state, following soothing rhythms and pleasant sounds that roll and float.

3. Daily Escape

Take a break, relax and turn away from a busy day. Useful instead of a smoke break.

4. Waves of Calm

Swing on the waves of peace along with this soothing, soft session. Also, like the previous ones, ideal for short breaks in hard work.

5. Power Relaxation (LightWeave)

This session is designed more for relaxation of the body after heavy physical work or exercises.

6. HappyTime Alpha (LightWeave)

Spend "happy time" in alpha state! This session uses PHOTOSONIX “LightWeave” TM technology. Microcycles alpha stimulation with in combination with binaural beats. This dance of light with a sense of flight is definitely worth trying out!


1. Quick Nap (LightWeave)

5 minute dive and 16 minute Power Dream (daytime nap) with a quick return to the energetic focused state. Improved version.

2. Sleep Tranquilizer (LightWeave)

Powerful sleep simulator with a smooth immersion in a deep Delta state.

3. TKO (LightWeave)

This is "Technological Knock Out 2", a technological knockout, an effective electronic sleeping pill. Adapted "TKO" session from NovaPro 100.

4. You are Getting Very Sleepy (LW)

Follow the light and sound into a deep sleep. The first program to sleep using the new “LightWeave” technology. Good night and sweet dreams.


1. Reset (LightWeave)

Reboot your brain, become focused and disperse boredom! Double binaural beats, a combination of smooth and abrupt transitions make this session effective for the return of high performance.

2. Sensual Magic (LightWeave)

This session uses the beta four-octave stimulation range to activate the chakra associated with sexuality. Try so that after the session you do not accidentally meet strangers (joke)!

3. Alpha semi-non Regular flicker left eye (LightWeave)

The effect of this session is provided by micro cycles of changing frequency, while the second sound generator produces binaural beats. The goal - the activation of the right hemisphere of the brain.

4. Alpha semi-non Regular flicker right eye (LightWeave)

The effect of this session is provided by micro cycles of changing frequency, while the second sound generator produces binaural beats. The goal is to activate the left brain hemisphere.

5. Alpha semi-non Regular flicker both eyes (LightWeave)

The effect of this session is provided by micro cycles of changing frequency, while the second sound generator produces binaural beats. The goal - activation of both hemispheres of the brain.

6. Banish the Winter Blues

Brightness increases gradually, while the frequency decreases from 40 to 30 Hz, then 15 minutes remains at 30 Hz. Designed to relieve seasonal (autumn-winter) depression.

7. Left Eye hemiStim (LW)

Stimulation of the RIGHT hemisphere at a frequency of 10 Hz (The best results are achieved with hemiStim glasses).

8. Right Eye hemiStim (LW)

Stimulation of the LEFT hemisphere at a frequency of 10 Hz (The best results are achieved with hemiStim glasses)

9. Mind Awake Body Asleep (LW)

This session creates a dynamic state, when the body rests, and the conscious goes into a higher state. It also looks like a session for inducing out-of-body experience. Guarantees that this will work specifically for you, in principle, can not be given, but if you're interested, you can try.

10. Remote viewing (LightWeave)

Remote vision fascinates the imagination of millions. It is used by US intelligence and archaeologists. This session is designed to expand the mental functions required for remote viewing, but we cannot give you any specific guarantees. Use with a background of natural sounds, such as surf, waterfall, or rain.

Improvisation (Improv)

1. Theta Improv

2. Alpha Improv

3. SMR Improv

4. Beta Improv

5. Gamma Improv


1. Cre-8-ive Flow (LightWeave)

Get in touch with your creative mind and generate new brilliant ideas or ways to solve problems. Movement in the creative stream.


1. Wired

Become super energetic with gamma waves, beta waves and exciting musical tones. This session is designed to “break up” the brain.

2. Revup

Cheer up your body with energetic beta and gamma waves on low carriers.

3. Varoom

This session motivates you to jump and run. Well invigorate the body and brain when you feel lethargic.

4. Gamma Zone (LW)

Experience a hyperactivity of consciousness with pulsating chords and frequencies reaching 42 Hz.

5. Pre-Workout (LW)

Double binaural beats on low-frequency carriers increase the body's energy. Most effective before exercise or exercise.

6. Morning Jumpstart (LW)

Get cheerfulness for the whole day. Smooth change from delta to beta, with a small peak at 14 Hz.

7. Beta SuperCharger (LW)

Recharge and move through stimulation on high beta! Anytime you need explosive energy.


1. Mr. O’s LightWeave Coaster(LW)

Ride the LightWeave “Jet Ski" ... and hold on tight!

2. Mind Spinner (LW)

Swing the block inside of consciousness! Enjoy the ride and the sensation of movement. The remaining sessions are in the Rainbow Sound ™ section.


1. Focus

Prepare yourself for tasks that require attention and concentration.

2. Unstick

Get rid of the evil infinity of repetitive thoughts and emotions. Double binaural beats, smooth change of carriers help you calm down, focus on work and create. Session provides a good mood.

3. In the mood to learn(LW)

The power of double binaural beats allows this session to be short but soothing and focusing. Use for tuning to study or with training CDs.

4. Cat Focus (LightWeave)

Cats automatically generate 14 Hz, which allows them to maintain attention to the world, even in a dream. Attack your learning tasks with this beta - SMR (Sensory Motor Rhythm) session, using the new “LightWeave” technology and smooth phase changes.

5. Hypnogogia (LightWeave)

Extends your intuition and creativity, stimulates visualization through entry into the hypnagogic state, on the border between sleep and wakefulness.

6. Attention! (LightWeave)

Classic light and sound session for focusing attention and dealing with distractions.


1. Delta Expanse (LightWeave)

Start with Alpha and for 21 minutes, slide smoothly with light and sound into a Delta state. Designed to study the delta state, but NOT for sleep.

2. Shumann’s Lo Meditation (LW)

In this meditative session, low musical tones and the frequency of the Schumann resonance are combined with a smooth transition from the wakefulness frequency.

3. Quasar U4EA - eXtacy (LW)

Take an exciting journey to the center of Quasar, with the release of euphoria! Frequencies follow through alpha, theta and delta, with a shift to the left hemisphere, which causes feelings of ecstasy and euphoria.

4. Earth Grounding (LightWeave)

Meditation on the energy of the Earth. The Schumann resonance and its harmonics on double binaural beats combined into a musical interval (fifth, quint) are used. In eastern cultures, quint belongs to the Earth and the Cosmos.

5. "OM" Meditation (LW)

Meditate with the soothing cosmic surf sounds combined with Schumann's resonance and its harmonics as carriers.

6. Cosmic Consciousness (LW)

This session is designed to help achieve mystical union with Cosmic Consciousness. This session is designed to help recreate a mystical awakening in Higher Consciousness that has been cultivated in many Eastern religions. 

7. Kundalini meditation (LW)

Kundalini in Yoga is the life energy sleeping at the base of the back, which, when awakened, enhances mental functions and intuition. This session helps to create a deeply relaxed state of the body and stimulates the crown chakra. This session is similar to the session "Out of time and space."

8. Super-Zen7 (LW)

Developed jointly with Zoe Seven, “Cyber Shaman” and the author of books on modern shamanism using mayndmashin and other technical tools. This session is intended for the study of consciousness and shamanic experiments.

9. Into the Void with Zoe Seven (LW)

Developed jointly with Zoe Seven, Cyber Shaman and the author of the book "Into the Void" (in the Void) and other books on modern shamanism using mind machines and other technical tools. This session is intended for the study of consciousness and shamanic experiments.

User manual

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