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This series continues the development of the idea of increasing the dimensionality of the structure of the lifetime. It becomes possible to generate additional life time in critical situations of its complete exhaustion.


Differences Golden structurefrom previous versions:

This series continues the development of the idea of increasing the dimensionality of the structure of a life time.

Time the Physics of the Structures is considered as a structure, manifesting in our reality, the objects, processes, phenomena. Therefore, everything that exists in our reality, there is time of life. Human life time is a self-organizing structure, matching the various components of the person into one and organized interaction with the world.

In fact, it is a resource that can be spent with varying degrees of effectiveness. The effect of different interference reduces the efficiency of this resource and reduces the time of human life. So gold series helps to further improve the efficiency of a life time.

• Opensthe possibility of the synthesis targetas the goals of higher order.
• Creates the conditionsmacro interactionsat the macro level of tolerance.
• Showsthe fantasy of the new ordercreating new traits of reality.
• Creates the conditions for enteringnew information channelsin everyday life, and in creativity.
• Increases the possibilitythe integrity of perception of realitythrough a new level of conceptual and generalizations that allows us to find unexpected solutions to everyday series of events.
• Begins to manifest in manthe quality of the Creator's life timethat complement the resource of a life time user, increasing the lifetime and quality of life.
• Includes in the structure of the luminosity of the usernew features of the glowthat opens the possibility of reformatting the luminous characteristics of objects, events, people in the direction of vzaimosoedineniya that gives the user the qualities of peace.
• Provides access to thenew levels of lovenot available in the past.

One of the main distinguishing features of the series Au is the emerging possibility of generating additional life time in critical situations it is cleared. The time of human life is not some sort of volume from which you can spend to its devastation. This is a special structure that provides the transition from the world of structures in reality (manifestation). This transition can be smooth and continuous and may be discrete. Continuous manifestation of the illusion of the resource that we spend. But it is not.

Our time of life associated with the life time of the Universe through the system of coordination of time structures. In the body the lifetime of the organs must also be coordinated with each other. This coordination is at the level of structures, such as the possibility of mutual manifestations.

If our actions begin to rassoglasovaniya these structures, it may be that the local time of any subsystem decreases sharply. That leads to the cessation of the manifestation of the entire system. For example, the heart or any other organ, can fail and the organism dies. You can inadvertently get into a system in which locally over the life time of (accident or disaster).

Ourconsciousnessis the most complex structure in reality standing in the hierarchy over the structures of space and time. Therefore, it is able to create a new life time and destroy it. It all depends on the creative attitude. In the theory of Kozyrev's time it was noted that the radiation processes lead to the appearance of time and the processes of absorption to decrease. So, the Sun is the generator of time which generates a time of life for all life on earth.

Without going into the advantages and disadvantages of Kozyrev's theory, we note that man is also a radiator. When people in the course of their activities highlight the fruits of their labor, making them with love and the heart, these results live for centuries (churches, paintings, household items, etc.). However, the activities are dull, irritating, leads to the appearance of short-lived Affairs. Such work leads to the destruction of time, of life as creation, and of man himself.

Man, as a radiating system, everywhere leaves traces, enrolling in the world. Other people can respond to these light tracks. They can change mood, biorhythms of the body, even the cells and DNA. In the course of a persons life, enrolling in the world, forms a kind of luminous crystal which has a certain influence on reality.

It can be hasnim, and can, under certain conditions, to perform a creative function. Hosny the next person leads to the destruction of their own life time, his unbalance. While wrong actions and the accumulated error can cause a bias in the time structure of human life and to reduce to zero the lifetime of the local subsystems of life-support (internal or external).

Chamber series Au allow the user to implement the script generating additional life time to eliminate distortion of its structure in time. In this case, the exhaustion of the local life time of the subsystem of life support does not occur and should be outside of the disaster zone. In some cases, the generation time of life can happen at the subconscious level that can pass secretly or with minimal manifestation. However, in particularly difficult situations requires the inclusion of consciousness to implement any simulation model.

As an analogy, consider the path of a man who comes to the brink and there's no turning back. Forward not – broken back is not a collapse on the trail. Then, the generation life time will be unexpected salvation, for example, the appearance of cable car or rescue teams.
Simulation models that implement the scenario generation life time we dismantle at our workshops.

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