Svetlitsa SUPER AU. Increased energy potential

Svetlitsa SUPER AU. Increased energy potential

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Svetlitsa enhances the adaptive capabilities of a person, restoring his informational connections, relieving conflict and tension. The action of the Svetlitsa is multifaceted and holistic, and produces a healing effect on all vital systems of the body.


The Svetlitsa enhances the adaptive capabilities of a person, restoring his informational connections, relieving conflict and tension. Svetlitsa has a positive effect on all levels of life, increasing its quality. The action of the Svetlitsa is multifaceted and holistic, it produces a healing effect on all vital systems of the body.

Increased energy potential

The body stops wasting resources on processing unnecessary, unnecessary information and does not develop any reactions to it. The saved resource is used to restore the body's energy system. Svetlitsa improves all glow indicators. Most people experience this light. They feel uncomfortable communicating with people with low luminosity. At the same time, people with a good glow are attractive, noticed and paid attention to. The concept of "bright people" is not a metaphor at all, but real people with high luminosity (energy), with whom it is easy and comfortable.

Normalization of oppressed body systems

Studies carried out in various research institutes have confirmed that the main effect of using the Svetlitsa is the normalization of suppressed body systems (immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.). It manifests itself in the fact that if the controlled parameter is below the norm, then it grows, if it is higher, then it decreases.

That is, all body systems are gradually beginning to approach the norm. With normal initial values, nothing happens, so Svetlitsa cannot harm the body and has no negative side effects. However, it should be noted that Svetlitsa is not a medicine and does not replace the treatment prescribed by a doctor. It removes depression, which has not yet led to irreversible physiological changes in the body. Using the Svetlitsa in any therapy will allow you to recover faster. Fatigue decreases, sleep improves. There is self-confidence, increased psychological stability.

As a result of the restoration of information links, the Svetlitsa users begin to receive more complete information from the surrounding World. Their intuition is enhanced and the quality of the decisions made increases. The Svetlitsa user discovers new qualities that were not used before, but were available as hidden opportunities. The integrity of interactions reveals the fullness of life, filling it with new content, new connections and acquaintances. Previously impossible events become possible due to the implementation of complex system connections. The development of such a system of connections proceeds gradually and steadily, manifesting itself in the events of unexpected luck and coincidences. The coincidences become habitual, forming the background of the reality of the achievable. In other words, luck appears in business, relationships and health improves.

Ensuring the integrity of external relations allows you to correctly plan and implement your movement in space, avoiding places where a catastrophe or accident is possible. There is an increase in the safety of life as a decrease in the likelihood of accidents and disasters.

Removing barriers to understanding

One of the most striking and frequently noted effects of using the Svetlitsa is the improvement of mutual understanding between people. Goodwill grows, the level of aggression decreases. Many businessmen note that it is easier to find a common language with clients, and it is easier to sign contracts. Conflict in families decreases, children begin to learn more successfully and behave more adequately.

Application methods:

Drinking water treatment

Svetlitsa influences almost all parameters characterizing the organoleptic properties of drinking water, microbial number, even chemical composition, but basically changes the informational structure of water. To activate water, the device is placed under a container of water with the label facing up for 20-30 minutes. Such water can be drunk in unlimited quantities, cooked on it, water flowers, water animals, take a bath. Water has an energetically positive effect on the entire body. In this case, the body is cleansed.

Restoration of energy and body systems

Carry the Svetlitsa device with you, closer to your body (for example, in your pocket or like a medallion) with the label facing you, and at night you can put the device under your pillow. Thus, you clear your own space. The energy and systems of the body will begin to recover, which will gradually affect the improvement of health, increased efficiency. Colds will become rare.

To speed up recovery, fix the Svetlitsa on the problem area. The treatment process prescribed by the doctor will accelerate, pain will decrease. If you take measurements of the blood composition, you will see favorable changes (hemoglobin will increase, immunity will increase, etc.). The use of the Svetlitsa is especially important for people working with various electrical devices (computers, radiotelephones, etc.). Svetlitsa will help them compensate for the negative effects of these devices.

Compensation for the influence of geopathogenic zones

Place the Svetlitsa in the center of the discovered geopathogenic zone. Within a radius of 1-1.5 meters, the device compensates for its influence.

Plant protection

Place the device under the plant pot, label side up. In a few days you will see that the plant will get stronger and start growing faster. Such a plant improves the aura of your home, creates a special atmosphere of comfort.

How does Svetlitsa Super work?

This device does not have a power source or any known physical fields. His work is based on the latest achievements of physics - information control of the structure of space-time. Any object is immersed in space-time as a habitat and has its own structure.

But space-time is not homogeneous, it also has a structure. These structures interact, exchange information. But there are other polluting structures. They can be called interference, since they can distort information exchange, interfering with ongoing processes. The Svetlitsa Super system adapter serves as a tool for creating the future, fulfilling desires.

It is constructed as a topological structure of the Möbius projective torus (F-torus) type with a timeless characteristic. Allows you to remove distortions in the monadic interactions of the past - present - future. When shaping the future, it allows establishing new connections between the past and the future to create conditions for changing the space-time trajectory of movement towards a given future. To clarify the work of Svetlitsa Super, consider the following example.

Let's say we want to bake a cake according to a given recipe. If the recipe is written correctly and has no distortions, then we have time to read and execute everything correctly. The pie turns out to be the one they wanted to bake. If a leaf with a recipe is crumpled or dirty, then it becomes difficult to read (distortions have been made in the recipe). While we read and disassemble, it takes too much time and the cake burns, or the recipe was misread and the wrong component was put.

The taste of the pie becomes different, distorted. To remove distortions, you need to straighten or clean the recipe sheet, i.e. restore information exchange during the preparation of the pie. The usual "Svetlitsa" is just engaged in the restoration of the current distortions of space. The Super Svetlitsa performs all the functions of an ordinary Svetlitsa, but its action in time begins if the task appears to bake another cake, the recipe for which has not yet been created. But a dream, a fantasy, a goal, etc. have already appeared.

That is, the cake recipe needs to be changed. However, the recipe was created in the past, so it is necessary to establish a connection between the expected future and the past in order to form in the past, as in a database, new structural links that will lead to the appearance of a new recipe in the present.

In practice, this is an amplifier - a focusing device that distributes the space-time trail in the body and sprays the consequences of decays, like a mistake in the inharmonious life of an object. The space-time characteristics of the object acquire integrity.

Very often it is impossible to achieve a set goal or realize a dream due to the fact that the necessary structures were not formed in the past. This is not an error, but a trajectory change. Just as it is impossible to instantly turn a ship into the sea, so the life trajectory cannot instantly change. It is necessary to accumulate time for the manifestation of the structures developed by Svetlitsa Super.

Therefore it is necessary:
1. Form a Dream - Fantasy - Objective - Purpose.
2. Start to act to implement it. Actions don't have to be direct. They can be indirect and absurd, but they should reflect a simulation model of approaching the goal.
3. Be patient and note positive points (signs) that indicate movement in the right direction.

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