Svetlitsa VITA 108. Reducing addictions of various nature

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It will help reduce alcohol addiction. Recovery of energetics and body systems.


Methods of using the device "Svetlitsa - VITA"

Restoration of energy and body systems

Wearing the device Svetlitsa a closer to the body (e.g. in pocket or as a medallion) with the label to himself, and at night you can put the device under your pillow. Thereby You purify your own space. Energy and body systems begin to recover, gradually will affect the improvement of health, improving health.

To accelerate recovery to fix "the Parlor" on the problem area (e.g. in the liver). Prescribed by a doctor the treatment process will be accelerated, pain reduced.
If You make measurements of the composition of the blood, you will see beneficial changes (increase in hemoglobin, increase immunity, etc.)

Structuring of drinking water

Svetlitsa influences practically all the parameters which characterize the organoleptic properties of drinking water, microbe number, even the chemical composition, but mainly changes the information structure of water. To activate the water the device is installed under a container of water with the label facing up for at least 20-30 minutes (Volume 1-2 liters. By increasing the volume proportionally increases processing time water).

Such water can be drunk in unlimited quantities, to cook, to water the flowers, watering the animals, taking a bath. Water energy has a positive effect on the entire body. When this occurs, the cleansing of the body. Washed out the toxins and decomposition products of alcohol.


This device developed by BLAGA.
In this device, no power source nor any known physical fields. It is based on the latest achievements of the theory of physical structures - the information management structure of space - time. Any object immersed in space - time as a habitat and has its own structure. But space - time fragmented, it also has a structure.

These structures interact, and exchange information. But there are other structures that are polluting. They can be called interference, since they can distort information exchange, creating interference with the current processes.
Svetlitsa – VITA reduces the effects of interference and enhances the performance of the main systems of the body. If under the influence of the environmental interference, the person begins to behave inappropriately, to use in large doses of alcohol, to show aggression, the Svetlitsa-VITA will help to remove these distortions and normalize the behavior by decreasing the craving for alcohol.

Let's imagine that You want to measure a device current or voltage. If there is strong interference, it is hard for You to do so as the device rolls over and his readings are constantly changing. What to do in this case? Zaglubljajut device. Install it on a different measurement range. In this case, we can obtain the approximate value of the measurand.

Alcohol often acts in such zaglubitelja system of human perception in terms of the distorted-interference (stressors) in the environment.
Svetlitsa-VITA, reducing the level of noise allows a person to become more adequate to the world, increases its resistance, reducing the need for alcohol or drugs. The level of alcohol dependence is gradually reduced and the person returns to normal life, finding harmony and love.

Will the parlor to reduce alcohol addiction?

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