Svetlitsa HEALER. Acceleration of healing processes

Svetlitsa HEALER. Acceleration of healing processes

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Increases resistance to seasonal colds. Improves the relationship between body systems. Increases the density of the energy shell. Configures the structure of the future time. It enhances immunity. Increases the effectiveness of treatment.


Before starting work with the Healer structure, carefully read the instructions. You can learn detailed practical methods of working with a Healer at seminars and webinars of SVETLITSA developers.

A device for restoring the integrity of the structure of a person's lifetime

  • Increases resistance to seasonal colds.
  • Improves communication between body systems.
  • Increases the density of the energy shell.
  • Adjusts to the structure of the future time.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Increases the effectiveness of treatment.

The famous Bulgarian healer Baba Vanga said that if a person is sick, then he has a sick time. Therefore, it is necessary to heal time, not disease. What does it mean - sick time?

Time is a structure that creates orders and determines the sequence of phenomena and processes in reality (from the point of view of the theory of physical structures). Violation of this structure leads to the fact that the balance in the manifestation of certain processes is disturbed. At the level of the body, a violation of the structure of time leads to the fact that the body's defense systems begin to work with distortions and cease to perform their natural functions. For example, the immune system has difficulty recognizing pathogenic microbes and viruses and is unable to restrain their reproduction in the body.

Integrity restoration. Svetlitsa Healer helps to restore the integrity of the body's time structure. At the same time, there is a natural strengthening of the body's defense systems, the work of organs is getting better, inflammation decreases, the reproduction of pathogenic viruses and bacteria is suppressed.

Spiritual component. The interaction of the structure of the Svetlitsa Healer with a person occurs not only at the level of physiology. The healer also has a spiritual orientation. Svetlitsa Healer allows a person to see their emotional traumas, cleanse themselves of them, and feel spiritual protection. Helps to open the heart, to feel hope and joy. Enhances concentration of thoughts, restores confidence, peace, trust, self-love and spiritual awareness.

Balance and consistency. Svetlitsa Healer makes us more balanced and in this state we can more fully accept and love ourselves. In every healing, a systematic approach is important. The healer helps to mobilize the internal forces of the body to fight various viral infections. Helps prevent unnecessary loss of energy. Strengthens the immune defense and accelerates the immune response when viruses enter the body. An accelerated cure is also possible by increasing the body's energy.

How to Use Svetlitsa Healer?

First, be aware. Establish a causal relationship between symptoms and the inner state of you or the Client. Eliminating the consequence and not understanding the cause of the disease, any healing loses its meaning. Svetlitsa Healer promotes the growth of awareness to begin to improve the characteristics of the environment. A person needs to take action to change it on the physical plane. That is, a person's actions in the world around him will help him change his own structure.

Second, take a holistic approach. That is, look not at the problem, but integrally, at the entire psychological, spiritual and physical integrity of a person. It is also important to pay attention to the structure of the environment. What factors around contribute to illness, cause stress? Which of them can be removed and which can be changed gradually? If we do not take into account the environment, then the healed person returns to the same conditions where his structure can begin to deform again. Restoring the structure of a person's time, as it was before, may not be effective, because the structure of the new time, in which he found himself, has already distorted him. Such a structure will not last long and the probability of a return of the disease is high when a person again enters the environment with the same factors that caused the disease. To avoid such a return to the "before breakage" state, the structure of the Healer Svetlitsa will help.

Svetlitsa HEALER helps to adjust the structure of a person's time to the future structure of the surrounding world. Therefore, it has a margin of time and stability in relation to current structural distortions. This makes it possible to stay ahead of the curve and not return to a state of illness, even if not all external environmental factors have been eliminated. External changes will begin to manifest themselves in the internal state. This can manifest itself in a desire to streamline the surrounding space, clean a room or cleanse your environment.

Thirdly, all means are good in high-quality healing: methods of working with the body, mind, soul, wellness procedures, spiritual practices. The use of the Healer device does not replace the main treatment, but complements and strengthens it, and also consolidates the results. When using healing complexes or a course of drug treatment, do not cancel it if you or your patient feel better after using the Healer structure. Follow the advice of your healthcare professional or other therapist.

Exercise for independent work with the HEALER structure:

  • Prepare 1-2 glasses of hot drink. Pour into a glass and stand for 5-10 minutes on the card.
  • Take the HEALER card in your hand. Set yourself a clear goal for recovery, or better write it, for example "I will be healthy (a) completely and will feel great by [date and time]".
  • Drink your healing health drink. You can use hot tea, herbal teas, hot milk, water.
  • Place the Healer close to the body. You can put it on a chair, bed, where you will be, hang it on a string in a cardholder or put it in your pocket, if you have one.
  • Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes. At this time, imagine a stream of light within yourself that passes through you, taking with you everything that is unhealthy, that brought illness and the disease itself. This cleansing stream intensifies as it passes through the Healer and permeates you with a healing light that fills and supports every cell of the body.
  • After 30-40 minutes, turn the card over the other side. Repeat the relaxing procedure with a powerful light stream that cleans you of the disease.
  • Place the card again for 20-30 minutes under the container of liquid. Drink your healing drink again.
  • Repeat the entire procedure when you feel the need.

You can do 2-5 of these sessions per day. The rest of the time you can carry the card with you or lie / sit on it. It is allowed to put the Healer under the pillow at night.

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