Svetlitsa DRIADA 108. Acceleration of plant development

Svetlitsa DRIADA 108. Acceleration of plant development

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For houseplants. It promotes better germination and plant survival.


Size 3.5 x 1.5 cm

We created a new structure for Your houseplants.

The name of this amulet was in honor of the spirits of the forest Dryads.
Driadanot only protect Your plants from attacks of pests and will help them to cope with adverse environmental factors.

It promotes better germination and survival of plants. Spreading around them an aura of safety and comfort. This, in turn, increases the comfort in Your home.

The magic of the Druids had not gone with ancient Celtic priests. The druids knew the language of plants and were able to draw the power of the forest into magic. Your knowledge of the ancient priests used to support the plants life and protect them from diseases and the elements.
Using the knowledge of the ancient priests, we have created a structure for the comfort and health of plants.

Stickers Dryad for Your green Pets:

  • Increase seed germination
  • Accelerate the development of plants
  • Increase resistance to diseases
  • Reduce the impact of negative factors
  • Strengthen vitality

Potted plants - a pledge of comfort, harmony and sense of life in our homes. The better he feels, the plant, the more comfortable we are with him. Once in the house, where a lot of healthy and beautiful plants, we immediately feel closer to nature. Green Pets are subconsciously perceived by us as a symbol of life and prosperity.

In the modern city plants, like people, are exposed to adverse factors. These include the gas content of the atmosphere, the abundance of electromagnetic fields, geomagnetic areas, the influence of human emotions, General dry air from Central heating systems. Unlike humans or animals, plants can not arbitrarily to avoid all these factors. They are not able to step back or go to another house.

Only human care and attention can help the plant to avoid the invisible influences of the environment. Even with the most attentive care is difficult to provide a plant with the totality of the living conditions. Some factors remain unaccounted for and continue to impact negatively.

Energy-structure of the labels Does tailored understanding of the needs of plants and the General environmental situation. Driada will help Your plant to cope with those difficulties which it is not possible to change or prevent. Using Driada Your plants will get additional vitality to grow and delight You with their health.

Recommendations for use:

  • Place the sticker Does outside on the flower pot.
  • It is advisable to avoid direct ingress of moisture on the sticker.
  • It is recommended to replace the sticker once a year to update and enhance the effect.
  • For large plants it is recommended that an individual sticker.
  • The scope of a single label ≈ 1 cubic meters.

Waiting for Your opinions and impressions from the use of svetlitsyDriadа.

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