Svetlitsa CHALICE OF JOY 108. Decreased food needs

Svetlitsa CHALICE OF JOY 108. Decreased food needs

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Help in organizing proper nutrition.


The system adapter to harmonize the structure with the structure of the food of man.

Cleaning products from information pollution. Adaptation.

The food on our table is designed to not only nourish, replenish energy and quench hunger. A good meal is designed to give us joy, to bring pleasure. Not for nothing mankind has created exquisite dishes, which are innumerable.

Its history, people with food fill my life with new experiences, expressed through the treat your senses, feel the admiration of the skilful chefs. What is the secret to such an amazing diversity of properties of the foods we eat?

Anyone who lives in the streams of substance, energy and information. These threads pass through it and leave in it a trace of memory. This memory can be useful to help the body and can be harmful, destructive.

Therefore, the process input flows and you have to manage. The main physical flow included in our food. Let us ask ourselves, how can we manage this flow? What we eat and what we drink? In what quantity? We determine the quality and quantity of the food?

At first glance it seems that yourself. "I want to eat, do not want to eat. What I want, I eat". But who can boast that fully controls the process of growing and cooking food?

Each dish and of its separate components inherent in a certain structure. The information structure of food depends on many factors. If we trace the chain of cooking, you can see that at different stages in this structure may have been distortion. The individual products before you get on the table, the first was someone grown, then picked and Packed and transported to the store and sold.

Each of these actions involved people and environment, which inadvertently got into the food. Everything else there were some growing conditions, storage, transportation, breach of which food could also obtain information distortion. Cook, which dish a recipe in the time it was created, what thought is also contributing to the information structure of food, which will transfer part of the accumulated information for our body.

There is a saying "the chef is from God." It reflects not only the skill of the cook, but that information component, which makes it harmoniously complements the food and gives it a new unique quality. Another cook can not at all desire to achieve the same taste of the same dishes.

It is no secret that even a good housewife can turn out not so tasty dish, which she conceived, if she has a bad mood or malaise.

To help in the organization of proper nutrition, Institute for simulation and design of device structures created by the Cup of Joy. This device helps to solve several problems:

  • reduction of structural distortions in the received food and semi-finished products for cooking;
  • improved gustatory and olfactory characteristics of food (taste of life);
  • reducing the need for food due to more rapid saturable and wgusenppatrol;
  • the normalization of food preferences (the preference is more useful for the organism food);
  • increase joy and pleasure from their food;
  • the growth energy of the body;
  • the increase of care in the selection of food (intuitively selected quality food).

Let's examine these tasks in more detail.

1.Reduction of structural distortions.

Any object, food including, has structural-informational component. There is structural information, which is recorded on the object during its lifetime. The body extracts this information using its system of light perception and is trying to remove structures that may adversely affect the functioning of certain systems.

This process is influenced by various environmental disturbances, and therefore not all negative structures can be neutralized. The Cup of Joy helps the body and increases the effectiveness of this achievement. In addition, in some cases, the transformation structures from negative to positive (conversion).

2.Improved gustatory and olfactory characteristics of the food.

In the mass food industry for many years there has been a trend of repression of natural and high-quality products artificial and stale. In order that the consumer did not suspect that they use different additives, flavorings, flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives.

As a result, the receptors of the person consuming such food become clogged with false information and the body can not adapt to the food. Begin to disrupt the function of the digestive system disorder. In addition, starting to be a dependency on such a set of gustatory and olfactory sensations, especially in children.

The Cup of Joy reduces the amount of information about taste, enhancing the natural taste of the food, showing that the natural taste and olfactory component, which constitutes "Taste of Life".

3.Reducing the need for food due to more rapid saturable and wgusenppatrol.

Shown natural components of food makes it easier to adapt the body to consumed food. The body receives accurate information and is able to quickly respond to the process of saturation.

Taste buds work better and contribute to the appearance of a sense of fullness and satisfaction from food in minimal time. The person thus consumes less food that is tasty and healthy.

4.Normalization of food preferences.

Food preferences are formed in humans throughout life. That like before, suddenly no longer like, and one begins to prefer anything else. This way the body is trying to get balanced meals on the microelement and amino acid composition.

However, the flows of distorted information from the external environment lead to violations of internal chemical balance. Accumulate unnecessary materials in the form of toxins or fat. And essential nutrients can be in short supply.

The Cup of joy helps to restore balance. Food preferences are normalized. The body begins to flow to foods that are more necessary substances. It also helps to reduce needs for food.

5.Increase joy and pleasure from their food.

Eating is not only physiological process, but also the opportunity to enjoy. Food is part of any culture. Food made to communicate, it can help to be hospitable, to show prosperity and prosperity, to share them.

The Cup of Joy removes the distortions that are introduced into the food and increases the pleasure from it. The joy of communication also increases. The joy and pleasure increase is not proportional to the eaten food, and non-linear, creating the special aura of the relationships at the table, creating a special spirit of understanding.

6.The growth energy of the body.

One of the main tasks of food consumption — generation of energy, but the absorption of energy from food can go with varying degrees of effectiveness.

The Cup of Joy increases the efficiency of energy exchange. At the cellular level, Cup of Joy will increase the quality of our "power plants" — mitochondria. The energy they produce will not just be more, she will be the best quality. Energy of the body increases, increases vigor and vitality.

Increases efficiency, go lethargy and drowsiness. On GDV instrument show changes in the quantity and quality of the illumination of man with the Cup of Joy. Increased area of the illumination and its brightness.

7.The increase of care in the selection of food.

When choosing food in the shops, markets, restaurants and cafes, the user is forced to evaluate a variety of factors. Very often the choice is based only on external factors such as color, packaging, smell etc. We don't know how the food was prepared in what conditions the food was grown, whether complied with all the regulations, etc.

In short, it is difficult to understand whether the chicken lived a "happy life" before being hit on the counter. Many people think that it's not important, but "the unfortunate life of" food and those who prepared them, leaves an information trail and this trail is then transferred to consumers of these products.

The Cup of Joy to diminish the appearance of these distortions in the structure of food. However, it also helps to make the right food choices. By increasing expert skills and intuition, the consumer begins to feel which product suits him more. Reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

At the stage selection it is possible to avoid confounding factors related to food. Selected benign food that carries good quality and makes the user kind.

8.Use The Cup Of Joy.

The Cup of Joy to put under food and drinks during the meal. The interaction time determine on personal feelings.

Try to protect the product from moisture.

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