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Designed to increase the flow of goods and resources (including financial).


Svetlitsa-Blaga. Spatio-Temporal Resource Modulator.

The system of structural and information services for business, designed to increase the flow of dimensionality of goods and resources, incl. of a material nature.

  • Provides strengthening of systemic connectivity with the world, increasing the dimensionality of perception, expanding the personal cone of favorable events; 
  • Increases business sustainability and supports the dynamic development of resource supply systems; 
  • Encourages the realization of goals and the implementation of tactical tasks, stimulating the rejection of stereotypes and the formation of freedom of thought; 
  • Promotes the manifestation of success and the growth of well-being.

In a living person, there are continuous processes of exchange of information, energy, matter, time, both with the environment and within himself. These processes are systemic. We are involved in many complex subsystems that interact with each other and significantly affect each other. It is impossible to completely isolate any particular part from the rest of the system. Such living systems are based on certain principles of self-organization and, naturally, try to come to a state of optimal balance. The environment and contexts change. The same action will not always lead to the same result. A certain amount of flexibility is required for successful adaptation and survival. As the system becomes more complex, more and more flexibility is required. Any behavior, experience or reaction of a person can serve as a resource or a limiting factor, depending on how much they fit in with the rest of the system.

The Svetlitsa-Blaga system solves the problem of creating a more detailed and accurate "model of the world" for the user. The "updated" model responds appropriately, helping to increase its systemic connectivity with the world. A more complete perception leads to precise action, which ensures the safety of the person and, possibly, the entire world in which we live.

Many today are concerned about the lack of various benefits, the search for new resources to achieve their goals. At the same time, people themselves prevent the emergence of situations in their lives that attract health, wealth, joy and peace of mind. This happens because people themselves, willingly or unwillingly, set themselves restrictions. These are beliefs that are formed at an early age under the influence of the child's social environment. Having matured, a person continues to broadcast outside the dogmas received from parents, teachers and other environment. Now he brings into the world the prohibitions and frameworks that he once absorbed himself. And so the vicious circle of others' imposed stereotypes can be passed on to others and continue on. 

The Svetlitsa-BLAGA system helps to remove the artificially imposed restrictions that restrain the flow of benefits, and takes a person to another time layer where these restrictions are absent, or they are much weaker. You will push the boundaries of perception, and you will be able to see a chance where others cannot. Using the SVETLITSA-BLAGA system, you will receive undeniable advantages, since qualitatively new opportunities will open up for you on the way to success and well-being.

The figure shows the possible dynamics of welfare growth. The units of the card's value are located vertically. The colored lines on the graph correspond to the dynamics of the use of keys, the lower blue indicates the action of the SVETLITSA-BLAGA card itself.

Removing restrictions does not mean that a person will immediately marry them. If the door was locked, and now it is open, then it depends only on the person himself whether he will pass through it. New connections, chances and ways will appear around, but their use is entirely at your will and is associated with active actions. An active person tries to look for new opportunities, and easily goes beyond the limits, getting a noticeable and vivid effect. The effects may differ for different people - some revise goals and give birth to new ideas for implementing a business, others acquire new connections and receive lucrative offers, someone starts to do more (events are developing successfully), and someone succeeds in spending less (savings appear, as cost optimization). However, one cannot ignore the influence of environmental factors and possible losses. If a person has a decline in income (for example, during periods of financial crisis), then he may not notice a positive increase, although the SVETLITSA-BLAGA system will reduce the depth of the recession.

It should be borne in mind that it will take time for new opportunities to manifest. For some it is several days, for others it may be more. The opportunities that open up also vary - from the emergence of new ideas to the onset of a streak of luck.

How does the Svetlitsa - Blaga system work?

Svetlitsa-Blaga was developed using theoretical concepts of Physics of Structures and Synergetics of Information Processes. Its structure is based on the fractal principle of displaying multidimensional processes of temporal connectivity.

Time-Money-Information. Clearing information, regularity of time and the abolition of restrictions on the path of the flow of material wealth.

The structure Svetlitsa-Blaga implements the possibility of increasing the dimensionality of interaction in time. A person, being a reflection of a multidimensional structure in our 4-dimensional space-time, perceives time as a kind of one-dimensional coordinate, although it is a vector in a multidimensional space. The impossibility of ensuring temporal connectivity (integrity) leads to a loop in a certain temporal layer with certain restrictions. A persuasion is a mental program that is part of an information object called Human. Money, its lack or absence, is an indicator that a person has convictions that limit his access to material benefits.

With constant information interaction with the outside world, a person receives information not only through consciousness, but also bypassing the control of the mind. An environment with destructive programs can be formed in the subconscious. It is an obvious fact: it is informational interactions that determine the picture of the world and are the cause of all those events that later may not allow a person to fully realize their creative potential, lead away from the implementation of important life tasks.

In their activities, people strive to turn their time into money in order to get all the other values with their help. Many people forget that they are wasting their time of life, and money is only an intermediary. Time is rightly considered one of the main values in human life. Hence the saying "Time is money".

One of the main tasks solved with the help of the Svetlitsa-BLAGA system is to give a person the opportunity to manage time, to get into other layers of time, where there are no information distortions that affect interaction with the flow of benefits.

Svetlitsa-Blaga helps to structurally clear the information coming to a person from the outside world. As a result of this, there is a positive effect on the work of the nervous system, perception improves, and new ideas are more easily manifested in the outside world.

Another important property of the Svetlitsa–Blaga system is its ability to transform pathological processes in the human bioenergetic matrix. Its owner begins to engage in activities that bring him greater satisfaction and financial stability. With its help, a person can combine his individual, private interests and goals with a universal, cosmic level of energies and vibrations, gaining the opportunity to intuitively feel “his way”, noticing prompts, experiencing insights, generating new ideas, making breakthroughs in different areas of knowledge, gaining a spiritual equilibrium.

Increased Success - Reduced Problems.

Success is the ability to be in the right place at the right time. Success is closely related to the quality of human information exchange with the environment. If a person's information connections are broken, the necessary information does not reach him. As a result, a person finds himself where he is not expected. Being in a state of constant anxiety or sadness about this, a person soon notices that the world around him begins to react to it tensely, stress and conflicts appear. As a result, problems of various levels (interpersonal and intrapersonal disagreements, frequent mistakes, disappointments that can lead to physical illness, etc.). A person begins to fight with the world, and not live in the world.

The Svetlitsa-Blaga system creates structural information links, helping to establish and strengthen business relationships, normalize personal contacts, and confidently take the path of success and prosperity. Svetlitsa-Blaga allows you to accumulate high quality life potential. A person begins to become more clearly aware of his goals and path. He becomes more holistic and more successful, a feeling of confidence appears, his own self-esteem grows. The number of conflicts in his life is sharply reduced, which makes life better and happier.

Formation of freedom of thought and goals.

Stereotypes imposed from the outside, by someone's will or for the sake of profit, lead a person away from his true goals, forcing him to spend his time on the implementation of other people's ideas and false meanings.

Sometimes the most difficult problem is the formulation of a goal - understanding what you need, why you need it, and how to go about it. For an active person, the Svetlitsa-Blaga system forms the circumstances that bring the possibility of manifestation of freedom of thought. This is the freedom to consciously form your goals, and to focus on their implementation.

When the goal is set, then the creative process of thinking begins. The structure Svetlitsa-Blaga helps to realize the goals, to clarify their truth or falsity. After the formation of the goal, the person just has to move freely towards its realization. You will be able to participate with pleasure in the process, where many new ideas come easily and everything develops, as if by itself. Thus, "Svetlitsa-Blaga" directs a person's attention to tasks with a clear purposefulness, eliminating the need to be distracted by unnecessary and unnecessary things.

Business sustainability growth.

Any business can only be sustainable if it expands. At the same time, macroeconomic processes may have a downward trend, worsening market conditions. Svetlitsa-Blaga reduces the impact of negative macroeconomic factors while maintaining the stability of individual businesses. The fractal structure Svetlitsa-Blaga projects the human consciousness onto the network mind system. As a result, an additional opportunity appears to build a stable system of synchronization of the internal processes of a particular company with the global characteristics of the macroeconomic situation. In this case, the business becomes resistant to non-equilibrium changes. For many businessmen, despite the general negative tendencies of the economic recession, new opportunities appear to avoid losses, and even increase income.

Application of the Svetlitsa - Blaga system.

The main element that the user works with is the "Svetlitsa-Blaga" card. Each card has a personal number, which is visible on the front side. In addition to it, there is one more number, which is recorded on a chip inside the card. Both numbers form a unique pair that protects the cards from counterfeiting.

The denominations of the SVETLITSA-BLAGA cards correspond to the different scale of the individual activity of the user. The scale of the dimensionality of the flow of goods depends on this, requiring adequate investments in support of the structure. Svetlitsa-Blaga-Silver, Gold or Brilliant differ from the basic structure of Svetlitsa-Blaga in the scale of the dimensionality of the flow of benefits (the relative magnitude of the increment in the dimensionality of time and the increase in the personal cone of events).

By purchasing the Keys for increasing the dimensionality of the flow of benefits, the user of the system gets the opportunity to increase the overall dynamics of the increase in benefits. It should be remembered that we are talking about the flow of goods, not the flow of money. Often there is an opportunity to enjoy the benefits, bypassing the stage of money. As a rule, a person buys Keys when he sees the effectiveness of the use of "Svetlitsa-BLAGA".

Fractal connectivity is supported through the procedure for acquiring the Keys for increasing the dimensionality of the flow of benefits. After the purchase, the client receives a confirmation of the activation of the Keys by e-mail or SMS.

The user carries the card with him, realizing the following functions:

  • Elimination of structural spatial-temporal distortions of a person (ethereal, astral, mental, casual, etc.) - you should carry the "LIGHTNING-BLAGA" with you in your pocket or on a string.
  • Clearing banknotes from the introduced information distortions - for this, the card "SVETLITSA-BLAGA" must be put in a purse or wallet.
  • Strengthening the business structure mentally.

Note: Prolonged direct contact of the card with the human body is not recommended to avoid damage to the case. The efficiency of the Structure is guaranteed while maintaining the integrity of the card.

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