Svetlitsa BLAGA. Increased flow of well-being

Svetlitsa BLAGA. Increased flow of well-being

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Designed to increase the flow of goods and resources (including financial).


The system Svetlitsa - Blaga is intended for increasing the flow of wealth and resources (including financial).

Most people are puzzled by the lack of resources, benefits. Often people will impede the receipt of these benefits due to the fact that my limitations. However, in many respects, these limitations are imposed from outside the social environment.

Through the money stream these restrictions. Man takes money, and through this medium receives the information and writes down information kato luminous (radiant) system. He gets the media on which someone had recorded their attitude to money, hold them in their hands. This information superimposed on his view of what money his attitude towards money, resources, possessions.

Thus, there is a certain social environment, the output of which generates stereotypes. These stereotypes do not allow him to fully realize their creative potential, blockcash flowat the entrance or the exit constricting the flow of goods.

And the person begins to suffer from lack of resources.

The main resource is time. (Time is money).

Basically, people turn to any resources and money including time. Therefore, the main task is to give the person a release in a different time layer to relieve the restrictions and remove distortions imposed by the external environment (rise above the current situation and events).

Svetlitsa – Blaga is the system restore the temporary threading of a person. The expansion of the flow of time entails an increase in the flow of information and resources (including financial).

In a person not simply will be the possibility of something to implement, and it will come right thought (need information), before this it was difficult to implement in society due to distortions of flows.

Svetlitsa - Blaga helps you to harmonize, to clean all the flows coming to the man, in fact – the flow of information, then they will be the person to go, but not distort its structure, the structure that is responsible for thought processes, for wind component, for the generation of new ideas and their implementation.

An important feature of the system Chamber-Benefits is its ability to bring to life the cash flows necessary for concrete goals.

Transforming, using a Chamber-Good pathological processes bio-energy matrix of a man, he gets the physical and spiritual health, and as a result, begins to engage in the work that will bring him great satisfaction and financial stability.

With its help, people will be able to unite your individual particular interests and aims with the universal cosmic level of energies and vibrations, getting the possibility of attainment of knowledge of the Universe (intuitive feeling of your journey, tips, breakthroughs, insights, new ideas).

In this case, a person can comprehend and cosmic codes of abundance and prosperity and to direct the cash flows in the desired direction.

Reducing problems in human life
The basic formula of success- managed people to get the right time in the right place – success, did not – no success.

The opportunity to be at the right time in the right place is directly connected with the system handling and obtaining information by the person.

If a person has violated the information communication needs information it does not reach. As a result the person winds up where you least expect it. The world starts to displace people from this space, manifesting as tension, stress, conflicts. As a consequence, the problem of different levels (interpersonal, health, social etc.).

Man begins to fight with the world, not to live in the world. The system Svetlitsa – Blaga, establishing the structural information of communication, helps build relationships, both in business and personal.

Generates dense living quality potential, one begins to clearly understand their purpose and path. Integrity and becomes more successful, there is a feeling of confidence, growing self-esteem. The number of conflicts in his life is dramatically reduced, making life better and happier.

Formation of freedom of thought and goals
The stereotypes imposed from the outside through different sources of parasite information shown (the media) and not showing (different carriers - money, things, etc.), lead the man away from his true goals, forcing them to spend their time implementing other people's ideas and false meanings.

If the person is passive, it is in the flow of time, which is called karma or destiny. For an active person, the system Svetlitsa – Blaga forms the freedom of thinking. Freedom in relation to the implementation, to the formation of the purpose.

After all, the most difficult problem generally for humans, it is the goal to formulate. What do you want, why, and how are you going to go to this. And when the goal is set, then begins the creative process of thinking.

This structure helps to think of the goal (removing false targets), that will be suitable person's life, and life in General. Further, after the formation of the goal, a person can just freely move to achieve the goal. It's called "illuminated their way".

He was already to go to the goal will be much easier, new ideas will come, everything will go by itself.

Thus Svetlitsa – Blaga directs people's attention to the task with a clear focus, preventing "cheating yourself", that is, the distraction of superfluous and unnecessary things (although it may be prestigious), that optimizes the cost of power generated for the task.

The growth stability of the business
Any business can be sustainable only with extension. At the same time, the macroeconomic processes can have a tendency of recession, worsening market conditions. Svetlitsa – Blaga diminishes the influence of negative factors.

Itfractal structurethat projects a person's consciousness into the network of mind of life. The result is an additional opportunity to rebuild a stable time synchronization system of life business particular person with the multidimensional design of the network intelligence of life.

Definition forms of the result is not formalized and predictable. But from the global point of view, any business becomes moresustainableto the non-equilibrium characteristicsthe macroeconomic situation.

For many businessmen, despite the overall negative trends of the economic downturn, there are opportunities to avoid losses, and in some cases to increase income.

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