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The main feature of the series The parlor 108is the increase in the dimension of time characteristics that gives the chance to improve the quality of the ordering time. The time from the point of view of the Theory of Physical Structures is a structure or displaying a certain order in our reality.

Even Wang said that it is necessary to treat not a disease, it is necessary to treat sick time. Sick time is a defect in the structure of time. Any process in our reality is in time. Defects in time will lead to defects in these processes, to break their momentum, to bring chaos and interference. Because the defect of time, is a breaker of the process. If no, then there is no action.

Most people want to live longer. That is, they want to have their time life was more. At the same time, many people do not value their life time, spend it on the vanity, conflict, struggle for survival, burn senseless dull action, stuck in the same cases.

Often is cultivated environment, which has a highly distorted structure of time and translates these distortions on people in this environment. However, we know examples of a different life, interesting and rich in variety of events full of joy, vibrant positive actions, non-adversarial, friendly, filled with love. That is, the life time can be different. What time of life You want?

The lifetime of any object or process is the time of his manifestation in reality. If there is no time of life, there is no object. It can exist in the world of structures as complex structures, but that it has manifested in reality, should begin to show a time structure his life time. Quality of life will depend on the quality of structure of time of a life time. If this time is alive, and life is alive and varied, if the time is inanimate, and the life dull and gray.

Chamber series 108 streamline the structure of the living of a life time user and create conditions for the restoration of processes and functions as the body of the user, and those events in which it participates.

The feasibility function of time in the products 108 series is the constant generation time. The ability to generate time connected with the peculiarities of human consciousness, including the manifestation of those aspects of being through the connection of the previously uncombinable processes. That is, the inclusion in the area of consideration sets a different reality.

If in previous versions of the Parlor temporary resource has been included as additional lighting event fields, the 108 series is further reallocation of this resource under criterion function. For additional flow benefits, you receive an additional resource of a life time, as a benefit for the sake.

Increases the predictability of events as a foretaste of reality. A reality filled with new meanings and new signs that can be combined in new picture of the universe and existence. This is manifested as an extension of the "memory of the future". On this basis it becomes possible not only to follow the flow of time, but also to form the desired threads that materialists in resource flows, new connections, new manifestations of life. Get a chance to become more alive, developing a new quality of life.

Reagiruet for new information increases, which allows to get rid of various dependencies of manipulation and pressure of circumstances. The user becomes more unpredictable and his actions are unexpected and creative.

Increases the ability of receive revelation, as the circulatory system becomes a network antenna with multi-dimensional characteristics of time, resulting in new knowledge, new understanding of reality and his way to her.

The structure of the Parlor 108 with a set of mental constructs with the spiritual essence of the person. This relationship greatly enhances the accuracy of decisions and the performance of the vital motives and brings a new level of enhanced projection environmental qualities, able to inspire "sleeping" souls and lost minds. The processes employ when using the PARLOR 108 to affect a new state of consciousness, the diversity of qualities of the individual and the collective consciousnesses of the environment, as well as multi-dimensional vectors of user.

The scheme of realization of decisions is as follows: mental demand (the task) to the time-space continuum (reality) is divided into many small subtasks, each of which requires a particular quality of the individual. Next is a sequential modulation of the States of this quality for the solution of subproblems. If the development level of the quality of the user is insufficient for solving the subtasks, the adjustment of individual vectors to the required level, the process takes place in a future where the subproblem is solved. Further, all the numerous solutions of the subproblems converge to the optimal, and solutions are reduced to a common decision of the whole task.

In the process of solving, thanks to vector adjustment, personality gets the possibility of additional development in a variety of ways, the mental query gets the optimal implementation, but a set of qualities of the person growing and improving.
There is a possibility of correction of his destiny as the creation of a new future in which man transcends his thoughts, opinions and ideas, accepts the inevitability of change, sets a new border, which should contain non-standard solutions implementation model gesneriaceae. Obmennoi increases the energy of Life and Creativity.

Buying a Chamber series 108 You gain the possibility of increasing the life time due to the ordering structure of time. And this time will be more alive, younger, better and more interesting. This improved quality is not because of the Room it'll do. Using them, You'll be able to improve your life, yourself will be the Director and will do a holiday.

Yourself will streamline your life, bringing in her order and this order will begin to manifest in people around you. Every day you will get better and better as life for life.

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