Key for Svetlitsa BLAGA 108. Increased dimensionality of the flow of well-being

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The increase of dimensionality of the flow benefits.


The use of KEYS increase the dimensionality of the stream of BENEFITS

Card BENEFITS provides fractal connectivity with the system software human resources, increasing the dimensionality of the flow of wealth through the increase of dimensionality of the interactions over time. Additionally, you can increase the scale of the relationship with time, acquiring cards with higher scale BENEFITS – GOLD BENEFITS – BRILLIANT.

Additionally, you can increase the degree of fractal connectivity and also to achieve an increase in amount of benefits. The degree of fractal connectivity can be increased in different ways.

For example, the increase of fractal connectivity is provided through the acquisitionKeysthe increase of dimensionality of the flow benefits. The keys are purchased from the representatives of the developer (LIK, OOO).

After that you need to put the KEY to the map BENEFIT and leave for several hours (e.g. overnight). The activation of the key.

If the card BENEFITS we recommend you to carry close to the body (excluding prolonged direct contact with skin card), the keys do not have to wear. However, due to the fact that they have their own structure, you can apply the keys to the structuring of water purification money from distortion, matching structures of various objects with the person, etc.

Buyingkeysthe increase of dimensionality of the flow of goods, the end user receives the option to increase the overall dynamics (colored lines on the chart the use of keys, the lower blue card).
The figure shows the possible dynamics.

Vertically deposited unit cost of the card.
We should not forget that we are talking about the flow of benefits and not just about the flow of money. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of bypassing the stage of money.

If a person has a decline in income (the crisis, etc.), he may not notice a positive increment, but the system eliminates the downturn or significantly reduce its manifestation.

Differentthe scaleactivities involve different scales of dimensionality of the stream of benefits and, accordingly, investments in support structures. Card Good gold and brilliant Benefits are different from Benefits of scale, dimensionality of flow of benefits (the scale of the increment of the dimension of time). Each increases the scale of the FLOW of GOODS in 10 times in comparison with the previous one.

You need to consider that for the manifestation of new features will take time. Some – a few days before the appearance of new ideas, others may be more. Additionally, the flow of GOODS requires time to changebusiness infrastructure(temporal relations).

The KEYS provide increasing FLOW of GOODS due to the lifting of restrictions on the flow outlet. The FLOW of BENEFITS has two interrelated parts – the incoming FLOW and outgoing FLOW.

The incoming resource should be sure to invest in a GOOD cause. That is, in the case of extending the benefit to the cardholder and for the benefit of the World. It is necessary not only to GOOD but also to do GOOD (CHARITY). Attempt circuit flow of wealth in itself is fraught with the reduction of coming flow.

The KEYS increase the dimensions of the flow of benefits set up user's for a GOOD cause, providing better attachment of the resource flow. Thus, the conditions for acceleration of the total FLOW of GOODS, strengthening of the deepmeetfrom the things, events, communication.

Acquiring keys is not a compulsory procedure. If the person who bought the card is Good, make sure it is working (got the increase in the flow of goods), it can be part of the received flow feedback direct to dispersal of the total flow of private wealth. Receiving a further increment, it can acquire the next key, etc. the Frequency can be any. We recommend you to buy a key every 2-3 months.

To better understand the work of maps of different scales and keys, consider the example: there are three geographic maps of different scales 1:25, 1:250, 1:2500. It's like the scale is Good, Benefits-gold Benefits-Brilliant. But each card can also traced with varying degrees of detail and different symbols. Ie information the connectivity map with the terrain may be different.

The keys help to increase gradually the degree of connectivity. But the increase in scale of the map gives the possibility of routing all long distance. That is, the possibility of using the card is equivalent to an increase of the review on real terrain - 1:25 - Climbed the hill and saw 1:250 - climbed on the plane and saw 1:2500 - saw a satellite. That is, rise in a different dimension than the area represented. Card GOOD lift along the time coordinate perpendicular to the layer of events, which usually turns people.

This example is rather arbitrary and does not reflect all the features of the processes of interaction with the structure SB.

Let's consider another analogy. System resources can be compared with the "roads" like this: without a map GOOD - the road to the "locality" one country, winding along which you can move (and move the load) only on foot (and some weight); with a map of the GOOD - the more direct paved (you will pass the car and cargo can be moved at one time more), GOOD + keys - plus an additional convolution on this paved road other roads (can cut and, accordingly, the time and other necessary resources to the delivery). Of course this analogy is very conventional (easy to understand).

SAKE and - GOLD - different structures, or rather structures of different dimensions. Will give the same analogy. SBG is already possible to compare with the railway (increase of passenger and cargo traffic at a time) through the"settlement").

You can wear them together. They are responsible for different "roads" (adapting to different points of user interaction with the outside world, with different dimensionality and increase the regularity within them). Between a direct communication does not have (the connection indirectly through the user).

We give a review of one of the users of the system BENEFIT.

"Buying more than a year ago map Benefits (already being a user of a couple of other products LIK), tied to the confirmation of the effectiveness of a particular response to feedback, putting it (the card is GOOD) the problem of "samarskite" without my part in it (well, except for the keys) to card Good gold throughout the year.

Keys activated every 2-3 months during the arrival of the "unexpected" sums of money, with the acquisition of the GOOD - the GOLD hurry, a positive difference was noticeable, but... this problem was not me, but Good, in General, did not even think about buying and now - a year later, I had only to remember set at "acquaintance" with the BENEFIT of the task as the same day "from heaven" spontaneously fell the amount for GOOD-GOLD - for her appearance I have a finger on the finger does not hit. So in addition to all the Benefits we completed the main task... Now and see more GOOD-GOLD in action...
This is only one aspect of its manifestation.

Surprised myself:) I looked at the archive mailboxRAVNOGORSKI- the appearance of the means "fallen from heaven" in a year right in the date of my receipt of the card Benefits. "

Another way to increase the fractal connectivity system BENEFIT is the use of various techniques, involving the user in the active use of cards GOOD. The use of such techniques allows you to use the cards BENEFITS as a tool for the realization of desires and cope with life's challenges.

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