Svetlitsa COSMOS 108. Structuring thoughts

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A tool for creating JOY of good mood and structuring of thoughts.


Version - the sticker on the comb.

Size 3.5 x 1.5 cm

In Your hands is an amazing invention – the embodiment of fabulous legends, backed by modern technology.

Comb – Cosmos® is not an ordinary device. It is primarily a tool for creating JOY good mood and structuring thoughts. Using the sticker Comb – Cosmos®, You new organize your life, your thinking, realize your desires and building yourself a happy Future is Bright.

The feeling of joy has always been associated with sunlight. The more light the person went, the more joy. (Starosel. "RA" is the light of the sun, "ven" - wealth, to get)

Device Cosmos, placed on the comb, massage brush, you can restore the hair structure, reinforcing the natural connection with the Cosmos.

The accepted idea of combing hair is now forever changed. Now brushing is a creative act, and the comb – a tool of the Creator, the painter's brush or poet's pen.

Use a Comb – Cosmos to strengthen your visual Perception

Device Cosmos can be combed and thoughts! Your thoughts will decrease confusion and increase order. Faster will be new, fresh ideas, decrease fears and complexes.

Device "Cosmos" when "combing thoughts" enhances analytical skills, allowing you to see the structure and "raguenet" where before it had no shades and all was uniform and gray. Hence new possibilities of synthesis, discovery and creativity.

With the help of "Cosmos" can "comb" the light of the meridians of the whole body and not just the head, separating the "stuck time" in the organs and systems, removing violations and congestion.

My dream is to live successfully and feel happy.? Must be constructively creative and to think constructively. Structure your thoughts, one begins to form a realization of their dreams directed. Well-directed plan is implemented faster and more efficiently.

The device is a Comb-Cosmos® will help You to quickly solve tasks that You set for yourself, comb tangled thoughts and give a clear understanding.


* Be calm.

* Make smooth movements with your comb, gently brush and massage the skin. head Imagine Your hair in the form of luminous filaments.

* Touch of the comb should be smooth and soft. Do not tear, do not wrap hair comb. The movement should be coherent, whole.

* (You can use a comb – Cosmos® not only for combing heads, but also to massage other parts of the body – neck, shoulders, back).

* Imagine your thoughts flow in the form of light, as You using a comb – Cosmos®
untangle them, like hair, are combined in strong light rays and directed in the desired direction.

* For a while, you can leave a comb in your hair, close your eyes, concentrate on the sensations and images in the mind. You may find in them a hint or a straight answer, if You are concerned about any issue. Your thoughts that You have configured and reinforced comb –Cosmos® can now manifest in a visual way.

* Continuous heavy use of a comb – Cosmos® reinforces the effect of a stable mental activity.

* Cosmetic effect combs Cosmos® hair look healthier,richer color.

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