Svetlitsa "COMFORT" AU

Svetlitsa "COMFORT" AU

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The device for creating comfort and coziness in the premises. Improve the quality of life.


The device for creating comfort and coziness in the premises.

What you can attract clients in commercial premises, office, restaurant? You say, quality of service, range of goods, quality equipment, and you are right. But there are no obvious factors that attract customers to the one and deters from the other. Take, for example, the notion of comfort. What is comfort? Why in one person the room is cozy and comfortable, and the other wants to leave?

Since ancient times, people carefully approached to the choice of the place where were going to settle. They distinguished between "clean" and "godforsaken" place. In net people had built their homes. Currently the builders do not pay attention to such "trifles". However, the difference between different areas exists. The thing is that space is inhomogeneous. There are natural and technogenic factors, which break the homogeneity of space (they are sometimes called geopathic zones). Person got into the area of such heterogeneities, is beginning to feel not comfortable. Its own structure is broken. He begins to fall energy, loss of attention, quickly develops fatigue.

Device COMFORT they alter the structure of the window.

The light passing through such a window is ordered, replacing the unstructured destructive chaos of the room on the favourable order of the light flux.
With the elimination of spatial structural distortions using the devices people have improved emotional state. Due to restoration and harmonization of the structure of the human and the space efficiency rises.

Front room - "COMFORT":

- Reduce the voltage.
- Reduce physical fatigue
- Enhance your concentration
- Prosperity
- Increase the adaptability of man
- Increase efficiency
- Normalize sleep
- Creating comfort and coziness

Of space heterogeneity can be locked using the apparatus. The figure below shows the measurements of space-time structure using the sensor of the Satellite and the GDV imaging.


On the left the initial distribution of energy in the room. Seen significant variation in readings at different points in the room. The right shows the improvement in the structure of space after the installation of "COMFORT". It is seen that the use of "COMFORT" significantly reduced the heterogeneity of space (20-40%). Increased overall energy.

Technology COMFORT allows to increase the structural ordering of space. This significantly reduces the influence of various factors on poliobraces person in this space. There is a coordination structure of man and the structure of space. Moreover, the new structural order is characterized by greater complexity (dimension).
In this space people are less tired. They are more calm, balanced, attentive. Customers will feel more comfortable. They will be friendly and receptive.

"COMFORT"improves the health of people.

Influence COMFORT for people were studied on the diagnostic instrument, using the Kirlian effect.

М-аBefore applying
М-окна-аAfter applying

In the pictures You see kirlianograms of the human aura before and after being in the room c COMFORT:
People have increased luminosity after finding the rooms with the COMFORT at 20 to 60 %.
This indicates increasing energy and improving health

Structuring space with COMFORT improves people's perceptions, enhances intuition.

For example: If a firm in your office, equipped with the "COMFORT", aims to convey to the user information about products and services, it is perceived naturally and easily. In the future clients will have a desire again to visit a similar facility that facilitates the transition of the client into the category of regular customers. The staff in this room makes the fewest mistakes. Growing a service culture. Reduced conflict in the team. Increasing the quality of work. Increases energy people, with the result that health indicators are also improving. People get sick less and less frequently miss work for health reasons.

Overall, the results in the COMFORT performance of the business becomes more stable, the turnover firms increase.


The positive effect of the structure of COMFORT was tested on plants. The study was performed in the standard test on seeds of radish. Noted that increases seed germination by 20-30%, increases the resistance to pests and diseases.

Length of sprouts of seeds in the experiment were 25-30% more than the control group. Such dynamics testifies to the improvement of the characteristics of the habitat for living organisms.

The photo on the left shows a significant improvement in seed germination in a room with "COMFORT" in comparison with the control. The length of stem and root is also significantly higher.

Improve the structure of water in your home:


In the interaction of water with the structure COMFORT on the water have improved crystallization and organoleptic properties. The compound showed additional axes of crystallization, i.e., crystal volume, more complex. In humans, this change leads to improved understanding of complex information, increase concentration and develop creative thinking.

Device "COMFORT" AU represents a single module, made in the form of a plastic card. Module set in the frame holder or stick on the frame.

The area of the room for one set of 25 sq.
The chamber works continuously for 24 hours. The loss of efficiency from the time the work occurs.

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