Rings and Acu-Vac-Coils by Slim Spurling technology

The tensor ring is an endless source of energy, but neither electrical nor magnetic. This energy is beneficial and healing for all forms of life. The ring is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields, brings consistency to chaos, and has a measurable gravitational effect.

Research has shown that the light produced by the rings expands the orbital radius of all electrons in their path. This effect gives anything in the area the ability to hold more energy and more light. As a consequence of the influence of these higher frequencies of light, anything that is not from the light is displaced or removed. If you think about this, it is easy to understand why LIGHT LIFE rings have such positive healing properties...

The Acu-Vac-Coil was designed like a ring. It is also a superconductor: it differs from rings in that the one-way energy flow is selectively directed along the axis of the coil. “Negative” energy causing “pain” in the body is passed through the coil and converted into “positive” energy. In a sense, the coil acts as a vacuum cleaner for "pain," "negative energy."

Slim Spurling has developed LIGHT LIFE ™ products for:

  • cleaning the environment
  • air pollution purification
  • water improvement
  • reduction of computer radiation
  • reduce pollution from electromagnetic fields
  • improve fuel efficiency
  • improving personal life and business...

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