«Protector». Products from background radiation of electrical devices

Bracelet «Protector» is a protection against the background radiation of any electrical appliance. Development - Lenar Marsovich Vildanov - candidate of medical sciences, doctor, inventor, has several medical specializations: andrologist, general practitioner, immunologist of especially dangerous infections, narcologist, psychiatrist, follicle homeopath. He is the author of 22 patented inventions.

A bracelet consists of a metal plate (stainless steel, brass), which acts as a receiving antenna of electromagnetic waves and a protective shield made of heat-resistant black rubber, which is applied to the inner surface of the bracelet. Two microchips are installed on the protective screen. Microchips are in contact with the surface of the skin of the hands of the protected person and perform the function of receiving the attenuated wave characteristic of the emitter. The «Protector» protective bracelet is comfortable and elegantly looking, but also effectively and reliably protects a person from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. The effectiveness of protecting a person from electromagnetic radiation using a protective bracelet is confirmed by a significant improvement in the readings of electropuncture points of the human body using the R. Voll diagnostic method.

Sticker «Protector» is made of a foil plate that acts as a receiving antenna, an insulating layer of opaque paper and a micro chip in contact with the surface of human skin. Thus, the multilayer plate accepts, transforms and eliminates the harmful effects on the body from the electromagnetic field of the emitter. The protective sticker is distinguished by its effectiveness and reliability, compactness, stylish design, and unlimited validity. Due to its ease of use and reasonable price, protection against electromagnetic radiation is widely popular among consumers not only in Russia but also abroad.

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