Candle «Metamorphosis» (with the program - Oracle). Harmonization of subtle energies

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Allows in the process to obtain information, or navigate the information flows.


Appointment of the candle Metamorphosis

The product is very multifunctional. Candles of the Metamorphosis series with independent radiation work “by themselves”, they can work with operator programs, and also in the series there are candles with crystals programmed using SHEMM technology (carrier - tourmaline).

The main purpose of the product is to enter the ISS and work with information flows through the structure of the candle.

The information structure of the product is multicomponent, it is created in the interaction of 4 basic elements. Depending on the task and with the help of directed attention, one or more elements can be included. To do this, there are a number of techniques for working with the Metamorphosis candle.

The artifact is very sensitive to the state of the operator, allows you to receive almost instantaneous responses to changed states, mental messages, intentions, thus, it can also be used as a tool for exploring yourself and your subtle states.
Basic elements: Wax (Hyparxis space), Tourmaline (candle's working field), Wick (Axis), Time (Rhythm space). It is possible to single out the Spiral, an element of the Axis geometry, and the Plasma, an element of the Candle Field.

Wax (space Hyparxis)

It is activated by the axis, filled with a spiral and actively interacts with Tourmaline. The crystal cell of wax is a hexagon.

In the process of making an artifact, the wax goes through a transformation stage, during which the hexagon unfolds into a line, then crystallizes into a hexagon again, turning into an energy-structuring substance capable of accumulating, radiating and redistributing energy in a certain range.

This determines the main properties of the Hyparxis space: structuring information flows and purification.

1. Working with information flows.
A working candle, in fact, gives the conceived the opportunity to be, formalizes the intention of the operator. After the candle is lit, a process similar to the process of crystal growth starts. Each space has its own language, system of signs and symbols and syntax, which define this space.

One can give such a figurative example: a person has encountered a different form of life and is trying to establish contact. This requires a translator who can understand both languages (a good example is the recently released film “Arrival”).

A person has a verbal consciousness, that is, he thinks with the help of words, and the transformed wax is such a decoder, a kind of conductor, shaping the operator's program into the structure of an energy-information field. Solidified wax crystallizes intention. This also determines the share of responsibility when working with an artifact. One must be extremely attentive to one's thoughts and one's condition with a working candle.

2. Cleansing properties.
At the same time, Hyparxis space is a universal frequency filter. A working candle draws in all the vibrations that are “heavier” than the very structure of the wax. The versatility of cleansing properties lies in the fact that wax works both with space pollution and with the entire spectrum of destructive programs located in the candle field.

Candle Metamorphosis is perfect for working with both negative psycho-emotional states of the operator, and for clearing space. Some spheres of cleansing properties: generic programs, cleansing of the creative channel, introduced thought forms, etc.

Tourmaline (candle field)

1. Energy informational properties
The field of the candle, created by tourmaline crystals heated in wax, is the main working field for the operator. The use of tourmaline in the Metamorphosis candle is due to the pyroelectric properties of the crystal.

In the process of heating, tourmaline crystals begin to radiate, releasing energy and creating an electric field around them that can interact with the operator's field (more about Tourmaline crystals can be found in the BRM section of the Tourmaline Code).

programmable element. In Metamorphosis candles with programmed crystals, tourmaline crystals, by radiating, are able to send complex waveforms (programs) to any point within the field of the candle.

This element is able to purify the subtle bodies of a person, promote the opening of chakras, develop aura vision and other superpowers, make the TS of perception more mobile and make it easier to enter the ASC, develop flexibility and mobility of consciousness, develop the second attention and train transitions from the first to the second attention.

The field performance of the candle field will depend on the condition of the operator, the cleaning performance of the candle, and also on which program has been set. Many who light candles for decorative purposes subconsciously work with the candle's plasma field to one degree or another. It is constantly changing and when working with a candle, it is desirable to register these changes. At the initial stages, this can be done with the help of hands, registering changes in the thermal field.

The field of the candle is multi-level, and contains, among other things, ... even diamond nanoparticles. Depending on the sensitivity and the level of work with the candle, you can select up to 7 candle fields: 3 main and 4 additional. Each level is able to feed one or another subtle field of a person, and most importantly, to tune the brain.

2. Physiological properties
Tourmaline is one of the multifaceted and powerful crystals with unique properties.
When heated, tourmaline emits infrared rays in the range of 6-14 microns, which enhance the energy capabilities of the body.

Infrared rays can penetrate deep into the body, activating metabolism, promoting the removal of toxins, promoting muscle relaxation and resolving chronic clamps, restoring blood circulation and normalizing the biological functions of cells.

Axis (monad space)

The physical aspect of the axis or center in the structure of the candle is the cotton wick. The axis is activated by Fire, filled with a spiral, interacts with Hyparxis and depends on Time. The qualities of the axis are centering, integrity, harmony, unity.

The space of the Monad allows you to collect the unity of yourself, to find the center of peace and balance in the chaos of internal energies, to find the real me that wants something ... or does not want it and just observes.

The Monad space allows you to enter a meditative state (and other states, a wide range of ASCs is available), dive and observe yourself, find a state of balance (a state of harmony of internal energies), streamline mental processes, and work with the central energy axis.

From the point of view of programming the candle by the operator, the axis has a distributing property from the center to the periphery and also has spiral qualities.

Time (Space Rhythm)

A cylindrical candle burns evenly. In other words, it sets its own natural rhythm of change. Previously, candles were used as a chronometer, they were a measure of time. Meditation on the rhythm of burning a candle is similar to meditation on flowing water, the movement of air and is a co-tuning with natural rhythms.

There is a calming of heart rhythms, a slowdown in personal time, and a normalization of the psycho-emotional state. There is a rest and high-quality recharging of the body, similar to the effects of being in nature.

The software package "Oracle" allows you to get information or navigate through information flows in the process of working with a candle. Our Universe is a single information system where everything is connected to everything. There are many concepts of information interactions: electromagnetic, holographic, wave, fractal, etc. Regardless of the concept under consideration, information at the atomic-molecular level is a deformation of the field.

Energy of any kind will move at different speeds, but the deformation of the field itself will exist forever. The information field can be represented as a world bank of information that is stored regardless of the statute of limitations. Thus, potentially a person has access to any information. Any person does not have this access at will due to the presence of filters for the perception of information, or tuning to certain channels of information, without which the consciousness would simply choke every second with a huge amount of information that the world carries.

If we consider the information space as a sphere, then there are more dense information channels - everyday information that is understandable to the human mind, lying on the surface of the sphere, and there are more subtle information channels passing in the depths of the info spheres.

Let's take, for example, the noopendant «Oracle» software package, it allows you to reconfigure perception to more subtle information channels, as well as several auxiliary programs:

- promotion of multivariance (viewing variant lines, probable information about the future),
- interpretation of information
- control of the imagination (setting filters to distinguish incoming information from the work of the imagination, that is, to separate the real from the illusory)
- setting (request focusing).

Unlike the work of the noopendant «Oracle», the programs are active only during the existence of the tourmaline field, that is, the burning of a candle, therefore they are traditionally used for ritual work and obtaining information in the current situation.

The basic description will be supplemented in the future based on reviews about working with a candle, because. the artifact is very versatile. For example, it is easier to work with an axial element than with a spiral element, which is not shown visually and requires more subtle concentration and explanation.

Techniques and conditions for working with a candle are not so much a strict sequence of actions as the main grid, which can be modified according to the internal sensations and prompts of the artifact itself, and into which you can also interweave your own elements of techniques (who worked with candles before).

Candle Metamorphosis has activating elements and does not require additional activation.

Techniques for working with candle Metamorphosis

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