Svetlitsa DELIGHT (​OTRADA) AU. Compensation for energy losses

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An effective tool that enhances the ability to neutralize parasitism of various nature.


Effective tool that increases the ability to neutralize the parasitism of different nature.

  • Creates conditions for the growth of Your personal energy
  • Reduces the risk of overstrain, fatigue, loss of strength
  • The system improves the quality of relationships Your relationships
  • Reduces anxiety, facilitates the way out of depression
  • Enhances the vitality and joy of life
  • Helping you transform your personal relationships
  • Helps in getting rid of pathological dependency

(physical, psychological, emotional and information)

  • Improves rapport and understanding between people
  • Increase the amount of Goodness in Your life.

Communication and "energy vampirism"

First and foremost, the system adapter joy affects relationships, energy of character, known as "energy vampirism". To better understand the features of the adapter, consider light the nature of parasitism.

Any living creature in his life is interacting with other living beings. As a result, there is an exchange of living light between them, and there may be new light connection. When this occurs, either strengthening the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of living light due to the appearance of additional light ties (optimal interaction) or decrease interference, and the accumulation of distortions. As a rule, people vary in the manifestation of the characteristics of the luminosity. In addition to differences in quantity and intensity,living lightmay be differentquality*.

The best solution is the development of a relationship between two people involves a number of tradeoffs that can provide increment their light characteristics. In this case, between the participants there is a consent, and relationsboth win. In biology, these interactions are observed in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. People - a relationship of mutual aid and mutual support. In this case, both sides people are feeling, the inspiration, warmth and security. For example, are these relationships experienced teacher and an interested student.

However, life and other situations occur. Common variant, when one party of a relationship wins and the other loses. One improves their performance glow, the other worsens. Usually this happens when a low luminance level is one of them. Not getting enough response "light", participant-donor (which glows better), feels a sense of loss and fatigue from this kind of relationship. At the household level is called "energy vampirism".

Sometimes there is a third type of interaction when both partners impair its luminosity. Usually this happens when a low initial level of luminosity both participants in the relationship.

What You get using Joy?

Joy creates the conditions for the appearance of additional light ties. It increases order in the light characteristics, reducing distortion and losses. The user transformed his Living Light "highlights" of the partner and thereby strengthens it. The nature of the relationship is changing, and it is possible to bring them to a new level of mutual support and mutual supportiveness.

That is, the user ceases to lose energy (luminosity), and begins to increase the quantity and quality of its living light, while improving luminosity surrounding people. To show this increase will be through the growth of Good. Kindness, integrity, honesty, good neighborliness in relations with other people increase.

However, these qualitative changes may not always be possible to reach quickly and immediately. Interference and limitations imposed by the environment, the lack of training, limitations of perception can slow down the game like interactions.

In this case, there is a transition period associated with the accumulation of the necessaryqualities of light*user Consolation.

*The quality of the Living Light – a generic name referring to various characteristics of Light, inherent in every living object (intensity, fractal, fragmentation, etc.). The quality of the living light, along with the amount of light, ensure the efficiency of light interaction with himself, others, objects, and relations with the outside world in General. The quality of the luminosity can be estimated with the help of modern diagnostic equipment, such as GDV-camera of Professor K. G. Korotkov.

For some time the restructuring of the relations of light, something begins to diminish, others increase. This change may manifest itself in different ways – loss of interest in communication, the emergence of more important pressing matters than contact with the "energy vampire", the change of interest (other Hobbies). In General, the attention of one object to another dramatically weakens. If the complex relationships carried the potential for mutual development, after a while can be a restructuring of the light ties would be the necessary conditions for entering the mode of supportiveness. In this case, the relationship may be resumed at a qualitatively new level in the absence of parasitism.

Joy helps to reduce various dependence to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, destructive information and psychological attachment. It reduces the level of depression and anxiety. Increases vitality and joy of life. True relationship will increase and become bole bright and sensual. Increased positive mood, more accurately priorities vital interests.

Instructions for use:

For the successful application of Refreshing should create an appropriate intention and desire. Joy will strengthen Your intention and accelerate the manifestation in Your life. To improve the efficiency of Refreshing, use different simulation models and scientific imagination.

Joy could be an additional module to any product IMX, made in the form of a plastic card.

Joy also can be used as a standalone product, securing its wearable on any convenient surface. If You are not sure of the continuous use of Consolation, or plan to change its position in the future, it is possible not to stick it to the surface, and placed in a convenient location (purse, pocket) along with a backing protecting the adhesive layer.

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