Svetlitsa "Rug - BLAGA" AU

Svetlitsa "Rug - BLAGA" AU

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Promotes rapid recovery of the body, encourages an active targeted action.


The redistribution of the life potential of chasnogo in bilateral type. Promotes rapid recovery of the body, encourages active purposeful action.

Working as a network impulse adapter, capable to redistribute the tension in the person, promoting relaxation and relaxation.

Network impulse lattice of the adapter forms a background multi-modal laser beam from hasnah radiation of a man, thus concentrating its energy on the immediate priorities.

The conditions of mobilizing human potential and optimize its path. However, to prove these conditions and to optimize each individual can itself. His activity will be ensured energetically and motivated by internal States.

You should listen carefully to these States and be ready to respond to the action. Change the characteristics of the time. Time is compacted and filled with new significant events. Don't miss these events, don't freeze them, let the Holy signs of attention.


Lying on the rug or hide them in the morning after waking and evening before sleep for 10-20 minutes. The procedure can change depending on perceptions.

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