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Helps to construct new knowledge, creating the prerequisites for insight


Headband — the system adapter SVETLITSA–EUREKA agree on the system of human knowledge with other knowledge systems.

SVETLITSA – EUREKA helps to construct new knowledge, creating preconditions for insight.

And also: - increases the value perception of new information;- relieves stress and fatigue during training;- allows you to better absorb new knowledge; facilitates access to various knowledge bases andbio-networks("biointernet");- helps to establish relationship between teacher and student;- simplifies the perception of new paradigms;- increases the fantasy and originality of thinking;- allows to go beyond the stereotypes and creates a unique personality due to the versatility of the presentation.

With its help, you will be able to become a generator of new ideas and unconventional solutions.

We are all in the information world. Every minute we are getting information, its analysis and the elaboration of a reaction to the results of the analysis. It seems so natural and familiar that the process of information exchange becomes completely invisible. However, we all know that words can heal.

It turns out that the information flowing through a person, it leaves a certain mark. If the information flow is clear, then a person develops, acquiring new qualities and becoming more complex and versatile. However, the information flow can carry interference, false information, and shaping the human being is not distortion.

Why information changes? And how to make this processbeneficialand not destructive?

Famous turnover — the Light of Knowledge. The process of obtaining knowledge (information) is closely linked with light, which is reflected in the culture and language. "Enlightenment", "enlightenment", "illumination". In these words you can see the features of information processes and their relationship with light.

When light falls on any physical body, it breaks into three parts. Of the light is reflected, the second part is refracted and passes through, and the third part is absorbed by the body. The absorbed part of the light is accumulated in the body and changes it energy. As a result of this cvetovete begin to emerge new connections or break old ones. So your body is changing.

All beings glow in different bands. It is a manifested part of the light system of information exchange. Part of this system can be seen with the help of machines to discharge visualization (GDV). With this light, organisms receive information and transmit it to the outside world. Interacting with each other through the light, they change.

You say that this is a very weak change, they can significantly affect a living creature, since the energy of this light is very small.

If we consider a purely physical aspect, it is, however, information interaction is not linear and subject to the laws of synergetics. In the end, you can see that the principles of self-organization of even the most mild impacts can cause very large changes.

Foroptimizationsuch light interactions and the elimination of structural distortions that occur at the same time, developed the System Adapter SVETLITSA – EUREKA.

Системный адаптер Светлица – Эврика

Most people are convinced that in the daily information exchange involves only words. In fact, people exchange images. Words only trigger mechanism for associative response when the word or sentence selected by the Association one or another way.

Imagine you read a work of fiction. From the first pages you stop noticing letters and words, begin to see the "movie", "pictures", which was painted by the author. Just as we communicate. The words, and behind them ran streams of images. When the images that come from interlocutors during communication, such, then they understand each other adequately and easily. If threads of different images, it is no understanding, although some of the pores can be maintained the illusion of mutual understanding.

SVETLITSA – EUREKAhelps to establish mutual understandingaligning the mutual flow of images, reducing them to a common semantic field.

In addition, the PARLOR – EUREKA corrects distortion in the man,prisvetlayait, creating the prerequisites for understanding the information received. This is especially important during training. The termeducationcaptures the essence of the process, but says nothing about the result.

Comingthe light of knowledgein man, whether he will be able to perceive this world as a result of the enlightenment? – this question has no definite answer.

SVETLITSA – EUREKA helpsthe success of education. It helps to manifest a greater amount of light in man through the enlightenment of the student.

The notion of information transfer does not reflect the essence of information processes, and therefore inaccurate. To speak of the generation or reproduction of information. In the process of data generation there is always new information which was not before the information interaction.

Imagine that you are a traveler, and, once at the fork in the road, do not know where to go. If a crossroads isindexyou will be able to read and make a choice. When a pointer is not, the path selection is done arbitrarily, under the influence of random factors.

Suppose you went on one road, and came to sandmA. Now you know that one road leads to the castle. That is, you have created for yourself a new information about the castle, which previously you were not.

Before You learned about the castle, he was, and in the world information about it existed. The traveler new information arose only as a result of its interaction with the material carrier of information about the castle (the castle itself). You could make the image on the map or on photos. In each case, You will create images that will generate new information.

Consider a different process. The architect was commissioned to build the castle. He was given some initial information and gave a deadline for the submission of the project. The architect studies the site of construction, topography, building materials .... thinkingthinksTHINKS. And at some moment in his head there is the image of the future of the castle.

At this momentwas born informationabout the new castle, which will then be embodied in various tangible media — drawings, layouts, building structures. Here we met the other process of data generation, which we call information synthesis.

Why are we talking about the generation information in the first example, when it is easier to say on the admission information? The traveler seems to know about just what to eat? The fact that the information which arose in the mind of the traveler, is not fully consistent with information about the castle. The image of the castle, which you can see opened in your mind memories of other castles and their properties, so you took the resulting image in the light of available knowledge. In this regard, one thinks of the castle on his own.

You can Refine these views approaching and entering the castle, but never this way, that is, information of the traveler (observer), will not be identical to the architect. If you start to talk about the castle to their friends, they create their own way, completely different, not like you.

Thus, we have two types of processesgenerating informationfundamentally different from each other. One corresponds toknowledgealready available, and the otherthe creation of new knowledge. But this generation processes information, not admission.

That is, any person in the process of learninggenerates LIGHT. This LIGHT can be of different nature. The difference between the types of light emitted by a difference of Light of the Sun from the Light of the moon. The Sun are a synthesis of the processes of generation of Light, and the Moon reflects the sunlight, though, and changes its characteristics – polarizes.

SVETLITSA – EUREKA helps with any typegenerating information. While obtaining knowledge it accelerates learning. In the process of creating new knowledge helps them birth —insight.

In either case, we encounter the phenomenon calledunderstanding. When people start to explain anything, at first he may not understand everything, but with time, comes understanding. The transition from misunderstanding to understanding it happenssuddenly,jump. The same happens in enlightenment.

Suddenly lit up byhow to solve the problem or how to get the desired result. Such a sharp change is seen in the transition to a new state. It was likeflash light.

For the flash you will need the corresponding energy. If energy is not enough, it is broken and the process of light exchange. SVETLITSA – EUREKA increases the energy of the process of light interaction that can be seen as an increase of the luminescence area in the GDV grams.

The transition to a state of comprehension is determined not only by energy. The important point isthe increasing complexity of information (itdimensions).The inability to perceive complex information can be the consequence of insufficientdimensionsperception.

Imagine that you are looking at a flat two-dimensional picture. It is very difficult to understand the spatial arrangement of picture elements. However, if it3-Dimage (volumetric), the situation changes. It is easy to determine which object is closer and which one farther, some more and some less.

What is the difference between a flat picture from volume? In volumetric image of not one, but two symbols, located with some offset or withdrawn from two points. Two two-dimensional images of the brain can build one more complex-dimensionality of the image. That is, the brain combines the two together"point of view".

SVETLITSA – EUREKA allowsto increase the dimension of perceptioncomplex information and combine togetherdifferent points of view. This allows you to go beyond the usual patterns of thinking and generate newthe ideanewparadigmnewreality.

However, the increase in the dimension of perception is also the possibility of makingpoints of viewother people. The ability to see a grain of truth in someone else's opinion and someone else's view of what makes a persontolerantto others, removes the blinders from his eyes, promotes the growthhumanity.

What else unites the processes of data generation?

One of the main conditions for the success of these processes isthe intention of knowledge. The intention is a condition for the setup person for the right information. If your intention is enoughpersistentit will get the necessary information. Itattracther to him.

Such person may connect to yourthe knowledge baseandtowhat you wanted.Light perceptionperson allows him to connect not only to the closest and easily accessible knowledge base, but also to distant. However, the availability of knowledge bases is very relative and depends on many factors.

One of the main factors is the abilityattunementthe desired knowledge base. For such attunement has many practices. Without going into the analysis of these practices, we note that the SVETLITSA – EUREKA increases the possibility of suchattunement. In fact, the PARLOR – EUREKAkeyto the planetary and universal BIOINTERNET. Obviously, with appropriate perseverance in mastering the essential practices it gives a significant increase in the probability of success.

How to use the system adapter SVETLITSA – EUREKA?

When you need to think about a new project, learn a new subject or learn a lesson, put on the bandage SVETLITSA-EUREKA on the head. You will feel that the process of perception of new information will become easier, decrease tension, thoughts will become clearer, the wording clearer and easier.

If wearing a bandage is not possible, then just keep a bandage (e.g. in your pocket).

The bandage can be washed in warm water by hand.

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