Collection of audio programs for working with dreams

Collection of audio programs for working with dreams

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A large collection of audio programs for working with dreams.


OnDVDthe disc contains a complete collection of audio programs to work with dreams fromGateway Sound StudioandAnjey Satori.

The composition of the disc includes 20 individual programs (ROM):

*Set "Symphony of the brain" and "Breakthrough to creativity" taken only tracks on dreams.

Every program on the disk there are instructions. The format of the diskmp3. Now playing on DVD player and computer.

Description of discs in the collection:

Выделение астрального тела

Autostimulation lucid dreams

Stimulation of brain structures responsible for the brightness of the dreams.
2 tracks recorded specially selected acoustic frequencies, stimulating the brain stem with the simultaneous relaxation of the body, resulting in vivid dreams, in which it is easy to realize itself. Listen to this track for 0.5-1 hours before bedtime.

If it excites you too, increase the interval.
1 track used modulation audio frequency Delta rhythm (2-4 Hz). The result of listening to this soundtrack will be a quick dip in a deep sleep.

It will help people who have trouble falling asleep, as well as in the practice of meditation.

The disc is for listening only through headphones.

Выделение астрального тела

The allocation of the astral body

Disk will help You develop the skills allocation of the subtle body. The technique is based on the work of the famous masters of astral travel by Robert Monroe. Exercise is quite complicated.

It is recommended to perform it when You are able to retain consciousness in a state of “body asleep/mind awake”.

Выделение астрального тела 2

The allocation of the astral body II

The disc contains two additional exercises:
1. Feeling Local 1:
Entering the focus 12, You will get acquainted with your energy body - energy field surrounding the physical body. And will learn to manage it.
2. Immersion in Local 1:
Exercise 2 allows you to start a global study Local 1 by expanding the energy body in focus 12.

Выделение астрального тела 3

The allocation of the astral body III

The disc contains two additional exercises:
1. Starting point:
Your goal - to bring the energy body out of phase with the physical body. You will again move into focus 12, translate consciousness into the energy body and turn it 180 degrees. This is the starting point for all astral travel.
2. Invisible friends:
In the course of research at the Monroe Institute found that experimenters usually helped some invisible beings, who leave the physical body or in any other way contributed to the achievement of the task.

Музыка для путешествий вне тела

Music for journeys out of the body

Are you tired of the whirlwind of everyday life? I want to drop everything and fly to another galaxy? Then this music is for you. Put on headphones and go on a virtual journey to other worlds, led by “space” music.

Within the hour you will discover the amazing and hitherto unknown planet its internal space. What you will see depends on the “baggage” of your subconscious mind that you wittingly or unwittingly carry with you.

Perhaps these visions are so captivate you that you will forget about your body, and coming back unexpectedly finds your “double” lying in bed or resting in your favorite chair!

Практики для осознанного сновидения

Psychoactive rain

This program can be successfully used as tools for relaxation and a quick sleep. She gently leads You into a deep sleep under the soothing sounds of rain.

First, he is accompanied by a quiet melody (Ave Maria), which then disappears and leaves You alone with nature.

After a while the rain gradually turns into a "pink noise" along with special audio signals that support deep healthy sleep.

Прорыв в творчество In a lucid dream through the TRANS

This creative recycling programs Lucidity Institute (Stephen Laberge). You are immersed in the trance state, where you begin to understand what lucid dreaming — easy and simple... and then realize this truth in practice.

  • 2 exercise: morning and evening, the possibility of using together with the devices for learning lucid dreaming.
Генератор сна Generator sleep

The CD allows people to experience different phases of sleep, by listening through headphones special sound signals.

Programming a sequence track, You can specify the length and nature of your sleep short periods for a quick recovery to the deep hours of rest!

Прорыв в творчество A breakthrough in creativity(mp3 format)

The CD contains 10 exercises in visualization and meditation that will help you:

  • To learn to relax the body and calm the mind
  • Look in the theta region of brainwaves and establish contact with the deep layers of the mind
  • Learn how to turn on and off in your brain waves of different types
  • Using visualization skills to solve their health problems
  • Find nascarpedia a source of inspiration and creative ideas
  • To eliminate internal contradictions and to use intuition
  • "Leave the physical body" and normalize their work from the "outside"
  • To experience the insight and deep cleansing of the energy structures of your body
Практики для осознанного сновидения

Practice for lucid dreaming

Since the release in 1995 in the Russian language book Stephen Laberge "lucid dreaming Practice" ("Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming"), it remains one of the most inspiring to work on a print.

The author of this series of discs attempts to articulate the most interesting exercises from this book, using some modern technology.

These technologies help:

  • deeply relaxing;
  • visualize required in the course exercises images;
  • to simulate the sensations corresponding to the transition into a lucid dream.

Each exercise series will have a different efficiency for different people. Any practitioner will be able to choose 2-3 of them suitable for him.

Курс осознанного сновидения Course in lucid dreaming(mp3 format)

Exercises this Course will help You to be the rightful owner of the world of their dreams.

When writing used the technology to simulate the human brain in different phases of sleep by listening through headphones the specific sound signals.

Exercise 1: introduces You to the sleep phases. You will learn quickly and deeply to relax, sinking into a state known as hypnagogic. Robert Monroe called it “focus 10”. It is accompanied by rich visual and auditory images, and most people pass through it before loss of consciousness when falling asleep. But the technology is “X-sync” helps You keep this awareness, initially at least slightly longer than usual.

First on the disc is the sound of rain, accompanied by instructions, reinforcing Your intention. Then You will gradually sink into the 3rd and 4th phase of sleep known as deep or slow wave sleep. Here, there is also the sound of rain and instructions.

The signal “X-sync” will begin to awaken Your brain activity corresponding to the stage of dreaming (or REM sleep), accompanied by a reminder “You are dreaming”. This will happen about 1 hour and 26 minutes from the beginning of phonogram. After a few minutes, special signals will Wake You up completely. Don't forget after this to describe their experiences in the dream journal.

Exercise 2the process of relaxation and immersion into “focus 10” is faster and is reduced to simple counting from 1 to 10. Then under the rain You mentally envision a dream scenario of using the rain as an element, a starting point. For example, You just walking in the Park in the rain or watching the rain from the window, or something more intricate – let your imagination run free. At this point it is important to recreate the fullness of the experiences accompanying draw You a mental picture. Then again, You are immersed in a slow phase and at the right time get the reminder: “now You're dreaming.” Awakening tones at the end of this magazine there. Working signals of the “X-sync” gradually fade, and then You can decide: either continue to dream or stand up and make entries in the dream journal.

Exercise 3understood that embarking on it has already achieved the first positive results in a lucid dream. It remains to build on the success by making the results stable. Main assistant here – perseverance and intention. In the third uprajneniya You full master of the world of their dreams. Unlike the first two, here there is no rain, and draw You in “focus 10” the script is not particularly attached to him. Keeping the script in memory, You, as before, immersed in slow sleep, and at the end of the disk, at the stage of dreams, get a hint (“You are dreaming”).

Exercise 4: here is almost no (except the hint at the end) verbal instructions, and other background sounds – only the signals of the “X-sync”. You do everything yourself: dive into “focus 10”, drawing the scenario of the dream, the awareness stage of dreams.

Сон под шум дождя Sleep under the rain
Warm, meditative music in combination with lulling sounds of the rain, it helps to cross the border between sleep and wakefulness, and then remain in this state of normal, natural sleep.

If you practice meditation, this CD, when listening through headphones, will facilitate entry into the meditative state and diversify your meditative experience.

  • Alpha/theta wave
  • Theta/Delta waves
Симфония мозга

Symphony of the brain(Alpha, Theta, Delta)

Every day man goes through many different States of consciousness. Usually they can be divided according to the level of wakefulness from deep sleep to active life. There is also an unusual state of consciousness that we experience only occasionally. They are remembered on the one hand, a feeling of relaxation, inner peace, peace, and the clarity of mind, the rise of the creative activity and a sense of a special "taste of life".

Each of these States peculiar to its own special pattern of brain waves that can be modeled with a special sound signal, listening through headphones.

The feature of "Symphony of the brain" is that it these signals is a wonderful combination of natural sound and music, merging into a single magic orchestra with the unique power of emotional impact.

Выделение астрального тела

The self-programming for success

Practice this exercise will help You to invest in your subconscious important goals that You would like to achieve during the month, thereby giving the magical power of Your intention. If You have achieved the desired in less than a month, put the next frontier, if not continue to perform the exercise in its present form for another month.

When listening to the programme series "x-sync" be sure to use stereo headphones.

During the exercises You will be required to represent the image of different parts of Your self and what You want to see them: physical body, emotional relationships with people of higher mental abilities, whereabouts, and personal achievements.

This exercise is common to many programs of the series "X-sync". It introduces psycho-physiological principles of technology "X-sync" and teaches a 10-step process of relaxation, followed by entry into a state of "body asleep/mind awake".

Listen to it until you remember the commands of relaxation, as well as the state of "body asleep/mind awake". In any case, the preparatory exercise needs to listen at least a few times before you move on to developing. Later you can come back as needed. It is not recommended to listen to the preparatory and developmental exercises in one day!

During the exercises you will be required to represent the image of different parts of your self and what you want to see them: physical body, emotional relationships with people of higher mental abilities, whereabouts, and personal achievements.

All the details of, say, emotional relationships with people it is impossible to imagine, so you need to present a collective image symbolizing the principle of these relations. It is not necessary to do it visual, auditory, tactile, etc. — think of it as your imagination allows — that's enough. The same applies to other qualities.

Симфония мозга

Programming dreams + the Solution of problems in dreams

The disc contains 2 exercise of series "X-sync" helping you to regulate important functions of your body. They have previously released on audio cassettes. Both exercises are based on the same scheme:

  1. The process of immersion in a state of "body asleep/mind awake".
  2. The inclusion of the "channel access" to facilities for the necessary changes in your body and "key phrase".
  3. Dive in a dream (preferably), during which low-level repeat already sounded in "access channel" installation.
  4. Return to the Wake (in the second exercise is not).


This program teaches you to control the content of the dream and remember it when you Wake up. This will allow you to take maximum advantage of the natural creative potential of dreams, and lucid dreams.

Track #2: solving PROBLEMS IN your SLEEP

This exercise will help you:

  • To focus on the problem you are interested in before falling asleep
  • Steer your mind in the search for its solution in a dream
  • Remember the response after waking up

On the drive, unlike audio cassettes, no preparatory exercise for an introduction to the state of "body asleep/mind awake". (It is on drive "Libido" or on audio cassettes).

Сон под шум дождя The path to the dream

The disc contains one long track (80 minute), listening to stereo headphones which helps to immerse in deep sleep. The beginning will sound a voice of the user, giving your body relaxed and mind focused state.

Then they disappear, leaving only the audio signals of the "x-sync" that helps promote deep Delta sleep and then sustains it as strong and healthy sleep.

In the beginning it will be necessary to visualize special "box" or "chamber energy conversion". This thing need to fold back their everyday concerns that would otherwise be swirl in my head and distract from exercises. Unlike many exercises the "x-sync", this exercise requires maintaining awareness throughout its length.

Can disconnect, at least in the beginning, though at the end of it — the sooner, the better.

Симфония мозга

Accelerated recovery during sleep

This program is a Russian version of the program "Catnapper" of the Monroe Institute.

It allows You 30 minutes to complete all stages complete a 1.5-hour sleep cycle. Ideal for quick recovery in the break between classes, after hard work, when you change time zones.

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