Card Alchemy I level (2 pcs). Programs of Noopendants I level

Card Alchemy I level (2 pcs). Programs of Noopendants I level

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Includes programs of all neocolonial I level (and not only).


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Alchemy I level, what is it?

The product is systemic, universal, General software features I the level of GAIP. The main difference from nokolaev in the firmware of the card, which determines the name of the card - the possibility of activation, independently by the operator.

Full functionality of the card is recommended for advanced users, but can be used for novice users, activating all programs of one or several groups, that is, to use as nookular/s (according to statistics, the majority of users have more than 3 items from the first level).

Included multiple groups is similar to simultaneous wearing ungrouped neocolonial, but the card works more powerful and with a large dip due to a more rapid expansion of IP operator. Themselves effects from one group included the same as it corresponding neocolony, but their manifestation brighter and deeper integration into the UI of the operator.

Full functionality, that is, the optional inclusion of the 64/128 programs of different groups/systems is recommended for advanced users. Different products have different purpose and functionality, but you can define the common goal of self - development, programmatic expansion, gaining freedom of action in the real world.

These are the tools that help the operator to get out of the "boxes" in which consciousness is forced. Someone box more, someone less, the development is always individual and the way each individual. We begin to experience starting from the moment of birth, drawing the individual "picture of the world".

The physical world remains unchanged, but can change our experience of perception, as different brushstrokes in the painting world. Picture of the world is a necessary tool of existence in the world, but it can also alienate the perceived experience of reality - the whole question in its constant expansion and plasticity, variability.

The world does not stand still, and as soon as any concepts/dogmas/habits/stereotyped actions and thinking rooted in the film world, she begins to move away from reality, and this disharmony starts to lead to problems in a particular area. There are certain key points of the transformation (see the System Balance+) when the need for change confronts us more sharply than other periods.

Self-development and as a software extension for the person are projections, mental product is always beyond the scope of this constructed world. In the current framework the person sees no way out because the exit is always located outside of their "boxes".

Imagine a huge building with lots of rooms, floors and doors. The lights are on only in one room, in which the person is, and the light in the other rooms is turned on only when people will open there door.

What is in the other rooms can be known to man fantasies, attempts to model, books, and stories of other people living in the other rooms, but to get there he can, just surpassing a particular threshold. In his room is comfortable, habitable and peaceful, that the threshold is always new and it is not clear, but there is a way...including access to other floors.

Despite this, step-by-step attainment of freedom has its own system: the system of cross-relations in GAIP. These connections determine what we call the Path, karma, fate, coincidences, the meaning of life, etc. the Path is always individual because the individual is activated when a service control program.

Almost all users report some system to use neocolonial: the use of one sphere goes to in other areas. When the person opened enough doors, the path begins to be built into the system, that is, becomes clear.

It is at this point useful tool Alquimia. To describe the use of the card Alquimia as a standalone charting an individual path in contrast to the intuitive route. Full functionality of the card is self - activation programs of different groups and systems - is useful for users who clearly know their purpose, who are not afraid and even eager to open new doors and having the need for extensive and powerful software tools and their various combinations.

In fact it is a creative process aimed at the creation of himself and his own reality, meet the requirements of the self-developing structure. The number of combinations is infinite and are chosen individually for the person and his goals and objectives, because the work of complex programs of different packages is not equal to the sum of effects from each program, each combination is a new structure, as the mixing of paints to obtain the desired shade.

Working with the map Alquimia intuitive and can give a lot of new experience and discovery for users who are ready for new discoveries.

Map Alchemy I level includes:

1.packagebasicprograms (37 programs),

Questions and discussion of the package of basic programs

2.packagespecializedprograms all eight nokolaev the first level (84 program),


3.additional packagepsychicprograms (44 program).

- Increased sensitivity to subtle energies,
Activation vision
- Fractal (three-dimensional) vision,
- Opening dormant innate abilities
- Building additional energy channels of interaction with external forces,
- Connection to additional natural sources of energy,
- Increased impact on the world,
- Improving the accuracy of exposure
- The personal power,
- Increase the power of Thought,
- Increasing the power of the Word,
- Increased energy Intentions
- The spread will
- 13 the basic terms of the effects
- Manage elements
- Weather control
- Connection with nature
A psychic vision/receive information
- The program of the displacement of space/time
- Management of energy flows
- Multidimensionality
- Submission To Power
- The Structure Of Magic
- The structure of knowledge
- Perfect geometry
- Pure energy
Situational control
- Dealing with the subtle bodies
- High status
- The transformation of spiritual power
- Opening doors to dreams
- Exemption from fixed points
- Map Of Dreams
- Development of external focus
- To develop attention to dreams
- Getting information from dreams
- Life in Dreaming
Sleeping baby
- Decryption of dreams (the true information)
- Protection on the low levels
- Astral navigation
- The transition
- Closing the portal (protection from creatures other frequencies)

The control card is inpersonal accountuser.

One card can run up to64 programspackagesspecializedandpsychicprograms.

Packagebasicprograms always running and cannot be disabled.

That is, one card allows you to simultaneously run a job program from 64128 availableprograms, not counting the base.

If necessary, start-upall 128 programsnot counting the basic needtwocard.

There are three user mode using the card:auto , medium , power.

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