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Protective packages.


What is nookular?

Neocolony are the first product in the line of integrated technology SEM.

The principle of operation of neocolonial is based on a simple fact: the man is known, he is building his own reality, as himself builds constraints (for happiness, luck, health, etc.) in Other words, the Real World is large and diverse, and theoretically in the "space of variants" probably a lot, but to people like you in it to exist and interact with each other, was created some conditional concepts, principles and laws.

Being a certain kind of instrument in existence, they are limiters. Modern information technology is a stunning development of these restrictions, under the guise of convenient and comfortable for the person principles and conditions they exploit their free will, forcing in a very narrow range where any selection is in fact no real choice.

Nookular works on the principle of the extension of the current “reality” of the person and gradually removes some of the restrictions that block the natural power of man needed is not so much for its successful existence, and how to successfully manage them. In this vein, neocolony does not affect humans, they allow a person to change your life and your reality alone. Neocolony given a set of tools for self-change and self-development.

Any man who realized the need of self-development in the modern world, seeking these tools, but on an intuitive level. Except that in the modern world, these necessary tools not so much, it is necessary to know precisely what to look for.

Each software package, which operates a particular nookular, is a comprehensive and balanced set of similar tools for different range in a particular area. These “spheres” is also not accidental and was not “invented”, it is certain structural information of the region that exist as a reality in the energy-informational space, and formed for a long period of time.

What is nookular?

So, directly nookular as a physical product, does not bear the qualities and properties that can be read in the description of each neocolony. The fundamental difference between neocalanus from other products in that they do not render to man no influence, and as a result, you do not have a period of adaptation, side effects and combined with any other operator chosen lifestyle, mindset, work, practices, energy, correctional and other articles and devices, etc., i.e. its integral field.

On the contrary, nookular will be in integral field operator-defined structure that is required even for “positive” influences, and this, in turn, allows to balance the many nesochetaemoe or delayed exposure of the operator.

Nookular directly as the product is the carrier of a set of algorithms (“automation”), providing the work of direct-feedback operator software packages on the server. The control pendant includes features of “firmware operator” (natural ability, personality, current emotional state, etc.) and generates the appropriate codes that are the input for the activation/stop of a package and/or defined parameters for their work.

These packages are basic or specialized programs do not work all at once, and at the same time, numerous internal and external conditions specify a constant dynamic: something that is very useful here and now for a specific operator, is a completely useless through the day, from another operator or to another space.

How does he work?

When purchasing neocolony as the product, the operator actually receives a particular set that provides the software packages relevant to a particular neocolony:

1. Nookular as a physical product which is advisable to wear day to ensure continuous receipt and processing of data channels for direct feedback, and at night.

2.The package of basic programsincludes functional set of tools for complete, efficient travel in space. It is a system the basic features that are needed in order to navigate the space anywhere. Activated packages become part of the structure of the experience of the operator, that is saved regardless of whether the operator nookular at the moment or not.

3. The package of specialized programs that determine what direction, scope, what range of possibilities the operator can learn, using specific nookular and a set of tools, which is a package of basic programs.

4. Group domain

5. Individual domain

Domains can be called the structural part of GEIP, having both a physical component, and certain patterns of hierarchy, software packages, hierarchy of access levels to the different structural parts of GAIP and other interactions of the structural parts of GAIP. All information of the work process is in the domain, in this sense it can be called the most important part of the whole work of neocolony.

The formation of such a structural part of GEIP as the domain became possible thanks to the huge array of statistical information component of the natural processes, and their correlation, such as: growth and development of plants, the flow of water, the change in geomagnetic activity, the information component of some aspects of human life, including social, observation of processes in the Earth's ionosphere and much more.

Individual domain corresponds to selected information channel, which corresponds to the number ID is supplied with each neocolonial.

As it becomes clear nookular not have a direct impact on the operator and is not a carrier of the described qualities and properties. All the above described complex including nookular as a physical product, allows the operator to connect toreal programs-set of tools and features for both external and internal space of the operator, extends its integrated field and produces in it some “cleaning” (structuring).

What effects occur when using neocolony?

Certainly, many people famous "unified field theory" made popular by the books of V. Zeland, who introduced a convenient definition of “space” and “variant lines”. It will be convenient to explain the effect of neocolonial using this theory and terminology.

Complex tools - software packages - allows the operator to “travel” in space options, choosing one or another variant line. It is important that when using neocolony, the choice is up to man himself. That is the real change happens not so much in outer space (though some undoubtedly external changes can be observed) and not so much in the firmware of the operator, rather the control aspect of the relationship of these parts.

If before the path in the space of options for the operator was more similar to move douglad, blind, or even under the fact that the operator pushed in one direction or the other, and the one area of real change, which the operator can “move” was limited, nookular expands the scope of options available and offers the operator the opportunity to manage the movements in the variant lines. “External” and “internal” changes in this approach are practically inseparable, do not cause dissonance, and for the most part may not even be noticeable.

The operator may experience:

1. Some oddities in the behavior of others. The feeling of the events as if not really, on the playing field, or on the contrary, the failure to include external events, sense of what is happening in the theater or on the screen. These feelings are the direct result of work packages and moves the variant to the lines that previously people were not available, and therefore, may be the first time a bit unusual.

2. The small overlap my own thoughts and reactions and of other people's actions or patterns of events. This is due to the fact that if before moving on to the variant lines were rather the consequence of the reaction to external stimuli, with neocolonial the operator gets into the hands of functionality for the conscious movements and changes.

3. A sense of calmness, no bustle, a feeling of confidence that “now everything is as I want to.” This feeling is a direct consequence of the expansion of the integral field and obtain the real freedom of choice.

4. Changes the frequency characteristics of either a sense of toughness, ductility, slowness, or Vice versa quick resolution of ongoing cases and the increase in the activity of both your own and others. These sensations are the result of the operation of one of the basic programs of the package, and establish and hold their own internal rhythms, then as usual rhythms, modern humans tend to change constantly under the influence of external rhythms, or in other words, the internal rhythms are simply not available.

5. Change the mode and duration of sleep, vivid, lucid dreams; it's an unusual feeling activity or on the contrary want to rest. This is due to the work of the base packages “energy saturation of the Vertical and Horizontal energy saturation”. The job of these packages is the primary recovery of the energy of a man and the emergence of additional sources of energy. These packages are called “equipment” before the trip in the variant lines. When observing these signs, it is recommended to listen to yourself and follow the arising needs (in sleep, food, rest or activity, etc.).

6. Certain regularities in the events external events, “response”, lead to a particular behavior. Such “accidents” can be called “recommendation service” of neocolony. To follow or not, every driver decides for himself, you can try once to follow, not just one to follow and see what happens.

What is the difference neocolony and how to choose yours?

All neocolony is the same part of a package of basic programs, and wherein a part of the package of specialized programs.

The package of basic programs can be provisionally defined as “how we move”, a package of specialized programs – “where to move” in space. Any changes must occur in accordance with a certain system, otherwise they will either untimely, not having the right Foundation (base) or only temporary and will not gain a foothold own experience, this base system and meets the basic programs.

The package of specialized programs is responsible for what opportunities does the operator where and in what direction in space it can move. A certain direction must be, that is, empowerment must also occur in accordance with the system.

Of course, most often a list of objectives and goals of the operator is not in one direction, and variety, but nookular called “all at once” would lead only to the fact that consciousness is simply awash potential.

All real changes that remain on the level of consciousness, experience of the operator shouldbe gradual.

The choice of neocolony can occur both at the level of inferences about necessary and at the level of intuitive feelings. If you compare the travel in space to travel to different countries, select the country the traveler is also occurs at the level of information search-research-intuition-feeling-representations. Despite the fact that none of the countries the traveler was still in some country it pulls more. Basing your choice on the examination of information or intuition is an individual choice. All neocolony the same level combined with each other, so if the choice is difficult to do, all possible combinations of the 2,3,4...neocolonial. When using multiple neocolonial at once, you can wear them both simultaneously and sequentially, depending on the current task and feelings.

Custom modes:

Custom modes neocolonial different levels of access to the firmware of neocolony, or the possibility of conscious control some parameters of the algorithm.

1. ModeAuto. The best mode in which all parameters full control “firmware” of the operator, in other words, his subconscious, and some operator's software layer, such as behavioral programs.
- the possibility of the operator's management
All neocolony by default operate in Auto mode.

2. ModeMedium. The average level of access control firmware neocolony.
- the operator's speed control. This refers to the speed of the processes (frequency characteristics) at the micro level, mainly the exchange rate data is direct feedback. This is the main parameter controlling the operation of neocolony is “gas-brake” process. Default is the average speed.

3. ModePower. A high level of access control firmware neocolony.
- the operator's speed control.
- operator control density pairing. Changes in the density of the mate affects the amount of incoming data. And this, in turn, determines how thinly the algorithm will respond to real processes. Default is the average degree of mates.

call level control access to the integral field. Relatively speaking, via the operator's pendant gets access to the control programs, which are currently enabled for the operator, or the integral field. In practice, this means that indirectly, the pendant gets access to the whole area of operator interaction, from relatives to colleagues but not to their “attributes, individual performance management program.” In other words, if the operator wants to expand the scope of the pendant (for example, a Manager wants to expand a software package in their subordinates), the level of access can be improved if you focus locally on yourself – set the lowest. Default is the lowest level of access.

Personal accountfor automatic mode switching neocolonial.

To switch modes requires:
1. To register
2. Bind item ID to the registered name
3. To change the mode for the appropriate product in the appropriate section

Switching modes neocolonial in automatic mode is not immediate, on average it takes 10-15 min. (in some rare cases, up to 30-40 min.)

Nookular is a multidimensional, complex product, the manifestation of which are quite varied.

Nookular level I"Armor"includes:

I. a Package of basic programs (questions and discussion here

II. The package of specialized programs

Changing the clock frequency ver 3_1
Frequency protection ver 4
Stealth ver 2_2
Shield ver 1_2
Jump ver 2_2_1
Protective package access to information channels ver 5_1
Increase immunity software ver 3_2_1
Social marker ver 3_1
Grey camouflage ver 1_3
Protection against disconnection of power supply ver 2_1_2
Protection from blocking software packages of IP operator ver 3
Protective package from breaking and making changes to firmware ver 2_2_2
Anti-parasite ver 6_2
Frequency filter ver 2_2
Mirrored protection ver. 2_3
Navigation capabilities ver 11

Some specialized security software, the most essential and unique:

1. Protective package “Change of clock frequency”. When the program first turns on a warning system, that is, the operator is given the opportunity to notice and resolve the effects independently, but are created with certain “improved” conditions, compared to source of exposure. This stage is usually perceived as increased awareness and intuition, a sense of “dives” and the perception of reality in slow motion. The energy level is approximately the following: negative momentum operator slows down when approaching the external sphere, can virtually stop and the operator serves a certain “alarms”.

2. Protective package “frequency protection”works on the principle of a temporary departure from the channel on which the impact occurs. The most natural, simple, easy and beautiful way, but does not always work. That is, any impact occurs at specific frequencies, and if the program notices the impact on a certain frequency level, the operator temporarily switches to another range, and the effect is just passing by.

3. Protective package “Stealth”.Any impact is only possible through certain areas of sparseness (in the aura, consciousness, integral box, with different sides can be viewed). Usually “pickup” negative effects using some of the data about operator that allow the impact to send in need a weak point. At this stage the program works by substituting some of the data (usually through an information copy) so that the impact of “lost orientation”. The operator is almost not felt. The package includes specialized programs for the protection of the fundamental energy of the nodes, including the program “the cap of invisibility” and “axis of life” - specialized protection from attacks directed at the brain and spinal cord of the operator.

4. Protective package “Shield”.The package works by sealing those areas, which are presumably being exposed. The operator is perceived as a sense of readiness, increase energy levels, can occur elements of psychological study.

5. Protective package the “Jump”.Is activated only in the most serious cases, for example when there is an imminent threat to the life and health of the operator. Made the jump to another variant the line for the operator is the most energy-intensive option, but it works almost 100%. The operator can be seen as a rapid, often uncontrollable event stream. May cause temporary disable some other programs.

6. Protective package access to information channels.Package includes universal protection against information read-out and the copy protection, that is, the attempts of recreating an information copy for the purpose of further amending it, directly on the software level.

7. The protection package from infovisual – “Software immunity”.One of the most important packages, owing to the universal prevalence of infovisual in the modern world.

8. Protective package “Social marker”.Protection from exposure that occurs with levels, where one program controls from a group of people. These impacts occur at specialized universal markers and not directed at a specific person, a group of people. Basically it is a program generic, national, professional, etc. different levels of social inclusion. The package works by temporarily infobrokerage of a marker, therefore, focused on the impact temporarily “sees” of the operator that are included in this level, and excludes it from its sphere of influence.

9. Protective package “Gray camouflage”working with an information copy sent to of the operator. Sometimes their thoughts and actions man gets into areas where there are strict laws or “information rules”. Not knowing these laws, the operator may receive at least a “flick on the nose” until serious negative consequences. Typically, such situations occur in the creative, enterprising, fearless, independent-minded people, individuals who stand out from the system and sometimes the system easier to eliminate one element than to rebuild it the system itself. Defenses will not be able to neutralize such a powerful impact completely (this is not necessary because these laws also exist for a reason), but can significantly flatten them out by masking some “exceptional” data under “normal”. The package has successfully been triggered several times for the same area, but on further repetitions, the degree of protection is significantly lost.

10. Protection from disconnection of energy supply.Disconnection of energy supply of one or another of the required operator software package is one of the most subtle and sophisticated of ways negative impact. Most often the consequences of such attacks are felt as a sense of apathy, fatigue, melancholy, insecurity, associated with channel lock firmware SOUP. Not practically identified on their own because the built-in security mechanisms of the firmware – built-in protection of the subconscious – in this case, not exposed to direct immediate threat. The package uses some 4D function II level.

11. Protection from blocking software packages integrated field operator.This protection is stopping the packets, that is, protection from interference in the utility, specifying the cycles of transformations.

12. Protective package from breaking and making changes in the firmwareis protection directly from attempts to reprogram the automation operator (the so-called “brainwashing”, etc.)

13. Protective package “Anti-parasite”protects from connecting to the operator, third-party structures with the aim of connecting to energy supply operator.

14. Some superior base packages: frequency filter ver. 1_4_2 mirror protection ver. 1_3, navigation capabilities ver. 8.

III. Group domain

IV. Individual domain level I

Comments and explanations to neocolony “Armor”: it is important that any permanent protection also prevents and harmonious interaction with space, blocks of positive and necessary exchange of energy and information of the operator with the surrounding world. Security software neocolony not operate continuously, but is activated as needed each batch, starting from the minimum level to the maximum with a high level of risk. Under the “necessity” refers to a particular type of impact, which may occur at the level of matter, firmware, or solely software. Most often, any impact is not standard, any exposure is unique and happens at different levels simultaneously, so it is often activated several security packages at the same time.

Another feature of the complex of protective “Armor” that simultaneously with the protective packet triggered the alert system and alarm, that is, the operator always knows about the upcoming, even the most hidden and disguised attack, and has the ability to mobilize its defensive resources, combining them with software capabilities neocolony.

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