Noopendant I level «Microcosm». Cleaning and filling the integral field

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For a thorough restore order in the integral field operator.


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Noopendant "Microcosm" - a package of specialized programs has been created to thoroughly put things in order in the operator's integral field as needed. The main specialized programs of this package are built on knowledge of the internal geometry of the integral field. Combines with all noopendants I level, makes a particularly powerful pair with Clouds and Armor.

The specialized programs of this package can be divided into three main parts:

I. Cleaning

a) Converter program. Software transformation of adversely affecting programs of the operator's integral field into favorable ones. The operator can feel the emergence of positive thoughts about those objects or circumstances that previously caused negative thoughts and reactions, improving relationships with the outside world.

b) A program to search for and block the energy supply of virtual parasitic programs. The unique, one might say, the main function of the “Microcosm”. The operator may feel a significant surge of energy and a feeling of expansion, release, lightness in the body and mind. In the operation of this program, one can single out a program that determines and blocks the energy supply of virtual programs that model the illusion of freedom of choice (the apparent variety of behavior and thinking patterns that differ only in attributes, although in fact there is only one model behind all this diversity).

II. Filling

a) Energetic feeding of own programs (thoughts). Some wise people say that thoughts are material, but some thoughts can cause almost instantaneous real changes, and some remain only projects of what they could materialize into. One of the reasons is the lack of energy supply associated with the work of some “strength” programs.

b) Extension of the integral field. A program that works with the individual architecture of the operator's integral field. The fact is that the individual integral field of each operator also has its own geometry, and sometimes there is simply not enough space for some positive changes (an analogue of the “RAM” of a computer). Without strong traumatic changes, by building a balanced geometric model of the operator’s integral field, the program’s operation is able to expand the amount of “free disk space”, as a result of which a number of software, energy, mental and bodily restrictions are removed. The operator can be felt as a manifestation of the scale and global thinking, the emergence of new, fresh ideas, up to a new view of the world.

c) Increasing the vibrational qualities of space. A very interesting and difficult for software implementation algorithm that uses the feedback of a person with the surrounding space. In this case, the integral field of the operator is used as a buffer, no changes are made, plus the principle is used that the higher the level of exposure, the less energy it is possible. The work of the program manifests itself as a general increase in the quality of life, the operator can feel confident, secure, and believe in his own strengths and capabilities. The surrounding space actively responds to the work of this program, especially in the power mode, up to the transformation of interaction with space to the level of continuity of thought-response (continuity of energy supply by cause and effect for step 2 - step 6 of the basic program "Balance +").

III. Structurality

a) A program that synchronizes internal energy processes. The work of the program leads to the resolution of many internal conflicts.

b) Proportion formation. This program can be partly attributed to the cleaning part of the package. Proportion can be called a program condition for the existence of physical reality. Proportion is what determines the continuity of existence. It's one thing to touch some frequencies, it's another thing to make these frequencies a part of your integral field. The work of the program consists of two parts: the current work with the integral field and filtering the incoming functions for proportionality. Filtering occurs on the basis of the criterion for the existence of function derivatives. For the human level, this means the ability to actually apply, that is, control these functions, as opposed to virtual functions that “show” only a part of the human consciousness, hiding most of the semantic part of the programs, thus simply deceiving the operator’s consciousness. The operation of the program can be felt by the operator as a sense of harmony and correctness of all current actions.

c) Data structuring. The program works mainly with horizontal levels. The operator can be perceived as deep studies from the past, associated with the structuring of experience. The work of this program can be reduced to linking past experience with the present, that is, structuring ballast programs in the key of current processes. All this sets the integrity of the content of the integral field, which for the operator can manifest itself as a sense of the integrity of oneself as a person, and the clarity of the essence of all events taking place in the past and present.

Noopendant I level "Microcosm" includes:

1. A package of basic programs (Questions and Discussion)

2. A package of specialized programs:

  • Program-converter ver. 2_2
  • Search and blocking of energy feeding of virtual parasitic programs ver. 2_4
  • Energy feeding of own programs (thoughts) ver. 2_2
  • Expansion of the information space of the integral field ver. 2_1_2
  • Increasing the vibrational qualities of space ver. 3_3
  • Program-synchronizer of internal energy processes ver. 1_8
  • Forming proportions ver. 2_1
  • Data structuring ver. 2_2

3. Group domain

4. Individual domain I level  

Domains can be called a structural part of the GEIF (Global Energy Information Field), having both a physical component and certain patterns of the hierarchy of software packages, hierarchies of access levels to certain structural parts of the GEIF and other interactions of the structural parts of the GEIF. The entire information part of the work of the process is located in the domain, in this sense it can be called the most important part of the entire work of the noopendant.

The formation of such a structural part of the GEIF as a domain became possible due to a huge array of statistical material of the information component of natural natural processes and their correlation, such as: plant growth and development, water flow, changes in geomagnetic activity, information component of some aspects of human life, including social, observation of processes in the Earth's ionosphere and much more.

An individual domain corresponds to a dedicated information channel, which corresponds to the identifier number supplied with each noopendant.

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