Noopendant I level «Clouds». Ease and tranquility

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Lightness, fluidity, mobility, calm, detachment, neutrality.


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Noopendant "Clouds" - lightness, fluidity, mobility, calmness, detachment, neutrality.

Everything passes through the clouds and nothing lingers. The cloud can go everywhere and no one will feel it. Perhaps this is the most basic and versatile software package, although at first it is difficult to imagine how applicable these qualities are everywhere: from internal work to business. You can call it being at the "sub-level of level I".

Comments on the property "fluidity": at a certain stage of self-development, a person is faced with the need to synchronize (adjust) the work of consciousness and subconsciousness (instincts). The mode of operation of consciousness is more energy-intensive for a person than the level of innate or unconditioned reflexes. And the wise mother nature has invested in us the “energy saving” mode, which means that consciousness is not always included in the work, but only in certain periods of need.

If we expand these periods into one line, then the work of consciousness is a kind of dotted line with longer or shorter gaps, but still intermittent. Many people are not aware of how they move, for example, from home to work, or from home to the store, because the task of "moving from familiar point A to familiar point B" is practiced (reflexive). This "discontinuity" of the work of consciousness leads to excessive involvement in everyday problems and "ossification" of consciousness, and all this prevents obtaining a certain experience necessary for the transition to another stage.

In this case, the fluidity of consciousness acts as a "catalyst for development", helping to move away from unimportant trifles and contributing to concentration on the main thing, giving a real depth of knowledge. In creative people, the fluidity of consciousness can cause the emergence of new ideas, extraordinary approaches to various tasks, and the expansion of the horizon of possibilities.

Includes elements of the software package from the Water terminal, such as Fluidity ver. 3".
Specialized packages "Adaptation ver.9", protective program "Protection from impacts ver.1_3", "Filling ver.1_2", "Thinning ver.2", "Subtle frequencies ver.2_1_1", "Theta+" are included.
Contribute to being in a state of conscious contemplation, tracking and feeling.

Noopendant I level "Clouds" includes:

1. A package of basic programs (Questions and Discussion)

2. A package of specialized programs:

  • Fluidity ver. 3
  • Adaptation ver. 10
  • Neuroplasticity ver. 3_1
  • Filling ver. 1_2
  • Thinning ver. 2
  • Contemplation ver. 2_2
  • Protection of water (care) ver. 1_3
  • Subtle frequencies ver. 2_1_2
  • Theta+ ver. 2_1

3. Group domain

4. Individual domain I level  

Domains can be called a structural part of the GEIF (Global Energy Information Field), having both a physical component and certain patterns of the hierarchy of software packages, hierarchies of access levels to certain structural parts of the GEIF and other interactions of the structural parts of the GEIF. The entire information part of the work of the process is located in the domain, in this sense it can be called the most important part of the entire work of the noopendant.

The formation of such a structural part of the GEIF as a domain became possible due to a huge array of statistical material of the information component of natural natural processes and their correlation, such as: plant growth and development, water flow, changes in geomagnetic activity, information component of some aspects of human life, including social, observation of processes in the Earth's ionosphere and much more.

An individual domain corresponds to a dedicated information channel, which corresponds to the identifier number supplied with each noopendant.

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