Card Alchemy extra sensory (2 pcs). Programs of Noopendants extra sensory
Card Alchemy extra sensory (2 pcs). Programs of Noopendants extra sensory фото 1 —

Card Alchemy extra sensory (2 pcs). Programs of Noopendants extra sensory

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It includes programs of 9 extra sensory noopendants .


It includes programs of all pendants of the extrasensory series (155 programs).

The main difference from extrasensory series pendants is in the firmware of the card, which determines the name of the card - the ability to activate programs independently by the operator.

The full functionality of the card is recommended for experienced users, but it can also be used by novice users by activating all the programs of one or several groups, that is, use as a nocoulon / s (according to statistics, most users have more than 3 items of the I level).

Several groups included at the same time are similar to wearing ungrouped noculons at the same time, but the card works more powerful and with greater immersion, as the operator’s IP expands more rapidly. The effects themselves from the work of one included group are the same as from the corresponding noculon, but their manifestations are brighter and deeper in integration into the operator’s IP.

"Master of Magic Sciences"

Specialized software package:
- The spread of will
- 13 basic conditions of influence
- Elemental management
- Weather Management
- Connection with nature
- Extrasensory vision / information
- Space / time offset program
- Energy management
- Multidimensionality
- Submission to Strength
- The structure of Witchcraft
- The structure of knowledge
- Perfect geometry
- Removing negative programs
- Clean energy
- Situational control
- Operation with thin bodies
- High vibration conditions
- Transformation of spiritual power


Specialized software package:
- Opening the door of a dream
- Exemption from fixed points
- concentration
- fluidity
- Dream Map
- Development of external attention
- Generating dream attention
- Getting information from a dream
- Life in a Dream
- Sleeping baby
- Decryption of dreams (true information)
- Change in energy frequency
- Accelerator
- Protection at low frequencies
- Oaxaca
- Astral navigation
- Transition

“Magnet of love”

Specialized software package:
- The art of love
- Ingus
- Union (affiliate matrix structure)
- Male power
- Female power (Venus)
- Sublimation of partner energy
- Mystery of the Dark Moon
- perfect
- Enchantment
- Snap
- body acceptance
- Harmonization of the energy body (removing blocks and cleaning the main energy channels)
- rejuvenation
- Relationship protection
- Activation of the sexual center
- Sexy Yoga
- Basic attraction
- Uterus respiration (for women) / Abdomen respiration (for men)
- 7 conditions of partnership harmony
- Cleaning the sensory canal
- Adjustment of emotions
- Increase individual focus of attention
- Increased susceptibility
- Jade Body Formation
- Social orientation
The Noculon software package is suitable for both women and men.

Stop Magic

Specialized software package:
Passive protection:
- Increased energy immunity
- Getting rid of negative emotions (negative emotions are those holes in the natural defense through which most magical influences occur)
- Thor (formation of a multilayer protective sphere - torus)
- Shield for relationships
- Protection in a dream
- Fortress (home defense)
- Invisibility (impact ceases to see its “target”)
- Sphere of inattention (hides all its own magical actions)
Active Protection:
- Spiral protection (abduction)
- Magic Circle (fast and universal protection from the “average” level of the most common magical influences)
- Freezing (complete deprivation of the directed magical effect of an impulse of invested energy, which for some time exists in a passive state until natural self-destruction)
- Mirror protection (full reflection of directional impact and return to its source)
- Whirlpool (creating an addictive point of attraction, dissolving the impulse of action by closing the enclosed energy to itself)
- Closing the portal (protection from creatures from other worlds)


Specialized software package:
- Increased sensitivity to subtle energies,
- Activation of vision,
- Fractal (volumetric) vision,
- Increased ability to concentrate,
- Discovery of innate “sleeping” abilities,
- Building additional energy channels of interaction with external forces,
- Connection to additional natural energy sources,
- Increased impact on the outside world,
- Improving the accuracy of exposure,
- A set of personal strength,
- Increasing the power of Thoughts,
- Increasing the power of the Word,
- Strengthening the Energy of Intent


Specialized software package:
- Good Luck Explorer
- Mr. Green (Money Master)
- Cleaning the energy channels of the hands and arms (the main energy channels of interaction with cash flows)
- Activation of the will center
- Strengthening personal financial egregore
- Strengthening the Energy of Intent
- Money magnet
- Navigation of new features
- welfare code
- Money Karma
- Career Formula
- Stop crisis

"The circle of female power"

In every woman there is a Goddess, a perfect woman, the discovery of which for each woman is an individual way, an internal search and interaction with space. The magical power of a woman is hidden in the female energy, or female power - the basic natural force stored in a precious vessel - the female body, the center of which is the uterus.

The energy structure of a woman allows you to absorb and absorb energy from the outside world, they say about a woman who is nourished with energy, they say "blooming", such a woman is able to attract and inspire, has soft power and controls processes without effort.
The package of 19 pendant programs “Circle of Female Power” is a set of tools aimed at discovering, using and improving female energy.

Specialized software package:
- Mirror of Venus (a source of soft power, body relaxation, femininity and attractiveness),
- Aphrodite’s label (sexuality, emancipation, pleasure and creativity in sex, attractiveness for the opposite sex),
- Face of the Moon (synchronization with female rhythms, a source of female energy),
- Female knowledge (intuitive perception, weaving situations, fixing on high-frequency states, transformation of gross energies),
- The state of yin polarity,
- Jewel (energy opening of the uterus),
- Multi-orgasmicity,
- Grounding (connection with the energies of the Earth),
- Strength of Water (qualities of fluidity, enveloping, flexibility of consciousness),
- Absorption (allows you to absorb energy from objects or processes),
- Red Rose (self-acceptance, self-love, emotion management, harmonious expression of emotions, quality of peace),
- Communication with natural forces,
- Communication with the elements,
- The outbreak (harmonization of the relationship between a woman-man and a woman-child),
- Algiz (access to cults and female egregors, support of higher powers, search for a female teacher),
- Ansuz (self-presentation, eloquence, collecting attention, magnetism),
- Tigress (magical female combat aspects, magical female defense),
- Craftswoman (manifested female creativity, discovery and development of talents, search for ways of self-realization, monetization of creativity),
- The Art of Masks (search and formation of external images through the female body and face, makeup, hairstyles, style and clothing).

"Source of masculinity"

Solar Yang-energy, or Masculine energy, is an active natural independent form, capable of generating and actively influencing the outside world. Male energy is the source of order in the world, all the material, cultural and spiritual achievements of our world are created by it. However, male energy, active and powerful, is in constant struggle, confrontation or creation, and therefore needs a powerful energy supply.

A package of 19 programs of the Nookulon “Source of Masculinity” is a set of tools for strengthening the strength of male energies in yourself.

Specialized software package:
- Leader (leadership qualities, determination, demonstrated strength, ability to understand the true state of affairs),
- Potency (sexuality, emancipation, pleasure and creativity in sex, attractiveness for the opposite sex),
- Multi-orgasmicity,
- Grounding (internal support, material well-being, stability, ability to take responsibility),
- Opening of Manipura (quality of will and perseverance),
- The state of Yang polarity,
- The Power of Fire (qualities of activity, activity, swiftness, expansion of personal space),
- Sunny Face (synchronization with social rhythms, a source of masculinity),
- The seal of Mars (masculinity, initiative, activity, ambitiousness, determination),
- A favorite of the gods (increasing awareness of actions, expanding the perception of the world, strengthening consciousness, developing vision, acceptance of oneself and one’s body, love of oneself),
- Personal strength (increasing energy mass, strengthening social status, calm dignity, emotional stability, self-confidence),
- Creator (active creative force, development of skills, adaptation of outer space to oneself, ingenuity),
- Domination (energy power, ability to convince, self-confidence, ambitiousness),
- The social level (charisma, style, eloquence, sociability, relaxation, nobility, connecting elite families to the egregor, social status),
- Master over the Coin (success, self-realization, strengthening the material side of life, business algorithms, removing blocks of relationships with big money),
- Mental (strength and adequacy of perception and processing of information, strategic and analytical thinking),
- Strength of the Family (connection with the Family, improving the relationship between man-woman and man-child),
- Winner (setting to win, quality 7 lasso),
- The Gift of the Warrior (strength, courage, quick reaction, invulnerability, protection and capture of space, stability in stressful situations, justice).


A package of specialized programs includes programs that activate and facilitate interaction with information about already completed events, about the probabilities that determine the development of current situations and the emergence of new ones.
In other words, it is a tool for finding information about any problem or event that interests you, which acts in the field of many probabilities and helps you navigate in an ever-changing reality.

Specialized software package:
- Options space structure
- Locality mechanisms
- Read matrix structures
- Probability nodes
- Probabilistic mobility
- Time loop
- Projection connections
- Rainbow Bridge
- Patterns of space +
- Universal Key
- Read Status
- Dissolution of noise
- Scanner (setting)
- hacking
- magic window
- Information beam
- Security add-on package

The Noculon software package is suitable for both women and men.

The card is controlled in the user’s personal account.

At the same time, 80 any programs can be launched on the card. All programs require two cards.

Three user modes for using the card are available: auto, medium, power.

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