Noopendant I level «Body». Health and rejuvenation

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Health, elimination of blocks, the joy of life, rejuvenation, emotional control and many other development associated with the body.


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What is Noopendants?

Personal account for automatic switching of noopendant modes. The switching of operating modes of noopendants in automatic mode does not occur immediately, on average it takes 10-15 minutes. (in some rare cases - up to 30-40 minutes)

To switch modes, you need:

1. Register.
2. Link the product ID to the registered name.
3. Change the mode for the corresponding product in the corresponding section.

Each noopendant with programs is available as NOOCANAL. Connection and management is also carried out in the Personal account

Noopendant "Body" - health, elimination of blocks, joy of life, rejuvenation, control of emotions and many other studies related to the body.

It is worth noting that “health” does not mean symptoms. Noopendant does not heal - it creates the conditions necessary for the formation of health (see program packages) and gives a person certain tools for this. That is, a person is given the opportunity to be healthy, and to be or not to be, this is the operator's own choice. Noopendant "Body", working with the integral field, increases the "program immunity", that is, increases the operator's selectivity in connecting to parasitic and pathogenic programs.

Noopendant I level "Body" includes:

1. A package of basic programs (Questions and Discussion)

2. A package of specialized programs:

  • Volume body (circulatory system) ver. 2_1
  • Rotation body (muscular system) ver. 3_3
  • Truncated body (endocrine system) ver. 4
  • Resonant body (nervous system and brain) ver. 13_1
  • Gathering body (ligamentous-tendon system) ver. 2_2
  • Voltage body (skeletal system) ver. 2_1
  • Tension body (skin system) ver. 1_5_2
  • Body awareness ver. 1_4
  • Rejuvenation ver. 3_5
  • Construction ver. 13_2
  • Axial symmetry ver. 2_1_2
  • 2012 ver. 4_2
  • Block detection ver. 2

3. Group domain

4. Individual domain I level  

Domains can be called a structural part of the GEIF (Global Energy Information Field), having both a physical component and certain patterns of the hierarchy of software packages, hierarchies of access levels to certain structural parts of the GEIF and other interactions of the structural parts of the GEIF. The entire information part of the work of the process is located in the domain, in this sense it can be called the most important part of the entire work of the noopendant.

The formation of such a structural part of the GEIF as a domain became possible due to a huge array of statistical material of the information component of natural natural processes and their correlation, such as: plant growth and development, water flow, changes in geomagnetic activity, information component of some aspects of human life, including social, observation of processes in the Earth's ionosphere and much more.

An individual domain corresponds to a dedicated information channel, which corresponds to the identifier number supplied with each noopendant.

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